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Monday, October 01, 2012

Awesome Instagram photos of Zac Efron at Penshoppe All Star Fan Con

I was drafting my post coverage of the fan con and then I just got the idea to check out Instagram for other people’s coverage of the fan con. So here they are!

@_agieleeHuhu sorry guys. Can't get over last nighttt. Paulit-ulit lang ako tumitingin ng pictures haaaay. @zefron #zefron #zacefron #zacharydavidalexander #penshoppefancon2012 #hangover

@gnivmceladaZ throwing his jacket at the audience. @zefron @ZacEfron at Penshoppe FanCon 2012

@iamericajynnAnd this! <3 :-=":-" br="br" enshoppefancon2012="enshoppefancon2012">

@alleysonlauriceZachary David Alexander Efron #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 #ZacEfronDAY #TeamZacEfron

@iamericajynnTHIS!!!! <3 br="br" enshoppefancon2012="enshoppefancon2012">

@punkycanoySucker for nice arms #ZacEfron #PenshoppeFanCon2012 | 9.29.12

@chrisnickdSorry, I'm still on a high - @zefron last night! #ZacEfron #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012

@zanessa7788"I love the Philippines" ~@zefron I'm going to fall in love with Zac Efron.

@yanalagunillaWhen will I see you again? @zefron please come back to the Philippines soon.. #Penshoppefancon2012 #cto

@lealeiiHappy fangirl heart! :"> #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012

@aviecruzCan't get over that smile @zefron

@itsmarielteeVideo screenshots from my phone.

@mielmignonWhy so hot @zefron @ZacEfron #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012

    @liradytiocoFrom my cam!!! Woooo I love you Zac!!!

    @rhea0814Such a fine young man. @zefron @ZacEfron #ZacEfron #PenshoppeFanCon2012

    @chrisnickdZac Efron, ladies and gentlemen!!! Post-Depression what a night! #ZacEfron #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 #VIP

    @nicarmeloAt home na at home daw siya dito sa Pinas!!! Awww

    @jejepop#penshoppefancon2012 @zefron @zacefron really loves his pinoy fans! #fangirl

    @jejepop#penshoppefancon2012 for @zefron @zacefron thank you for making ur fans happy!

    @dyanxelaJust got home from the Zac Efron's fan conference! I just met the most gorgeous human being I've ever laid my eyes on. 4 hours of waiting was sooo worth it! @zefron you made me really really happy! Im sort of sad because I wasn't able to touch you. : but still, Im glad you came! Thank you for coming here in the Philippines! ilove you zac!Thankyou Penshoppe! #TeamPenshoppe #PenshoppeFancon2012

    @hellokrishi baby boy @zefron #ZacEfron #PenshoppeAllStars #PenshoppeFanCon2012

    @sisterpininggercia@zac_efron_pics @zacefron_news @zefron for #penshoppefancon2012

    @hazelsolanoBOOOOM! Pregnant. #zacefron #penshoppe #penshoppefancon2012

    @aviecruzI love you, @zefron!!!

    @coleendelosreyesJust omg Zac #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012

    @amiesiocoZac Efron!!! #zac #penshoppefancon2012 @leightan @macy_34 @pauirodriguez

    @_agieleeLove you baby!!! @ZacEfron @zefron #zacefron #zacefroninmanila #PenshoppeFanCon2012 #TeamPenshoppe

    @jophaliciousWe are his lucky ones :)

    @hazelsolanoYou should be kissed everyday, every hour, every minute.. @zacefron

    @aviecruzZac Efron my love! Dream come true!!!

    @yelrivera@zefron up close #penshoppeallstar #penshoppe #zacefron #zefron #penshoppefancon2012

    @lendlfabellaSalamat!Ü -@ZacEfron #penshoppefancon2012 #gmasupportszacefron

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