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Monday, October 01, 2012

Get out more and travel for free by paying your bill online via BPI 24/7

Traveling around the Philippines is the most cheapest way to go for an adventure, discover new experiences, try new food, learn the culture and our roots, enjoy the beauty of nature and attraction of each cities. We have many islands, beaches, festivals, tourist spots and a lot of options on how you can go there via land, sea or air, because of of these options and the beauty of our Philippines, many tourists keep coming back and travel more because traveling is much accessible and more spots are being discovered every season. We are one of the best destinations around the world and many people are saying that their adventure, stay and vacation in the Philippines are the best,but some of us who lives here are a tourist or a foreigner of our own country, I admit to myself that I haven’t been around the country and I’m an alien to other lands, but I started traveling from Luzon to Visayas already during the year 2010 and it’s a big cross out on my list of things to do but when I discover the beauty of our islands, the list started to grow more and I want to get our more.

Next year I’m targeting myself to travel around the country for 30 days, but traveling will require me to learn first on how to be convenient, cheap and also be thrifty in booking and paying airline tickets, but the only fastest way to do that is to use a reliable and secured online paying system that is available 24/7, with the top gadgets on my hand and a good mobile internet connection, my travel kit is ready with me already, but only lack is an account with BPI, why? because BPI has a 24/7 mobile banking service that can help me with my transactions and bills. It’s a first in the country for BPI to acquire the capability of mobile banking serving millions of account holders. Thanks to the BPI mobile application, its also a first in the country to have a bank app that can run in any Android and iOS devices, the innovation of BPI is here to help us to do banking much easier anytime and anywhere, and do less banking time to make our life and travel around the country more convenient, we can do a lot of things after a simple click and let the bank do the rest and while we wait for the next billing, we can get out more and enjoy the life.

I’m blogging this because I want to share this “Get out more”  of BPI 24/7 in partnership with Zest Air and Philippine Hotel Reservation Services, it’s a FREE travel with pocket money giveaway from BPI 24/7, were account holders of BPI, BPI Family or BPI direct account holder can have a chance to win a free trip to any major destinations here in our country, all they need to is enroll in any of BPI 24/7 channels, it can be Express Online, Express Mobile or Express Phone, by paying your bills regularly with any of these channels (electronic and mobile) in its most convenient way, Every Php 50.00 bill successfully paid through your account will entitle you to a raffle ticket and get a chance to win a free trip from Zest Air. This promo campaign of BPI 24/7 is way of support for the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign of our Department of Tourism.

The top destinations offered for free travel are Boracay, Puerto Princesa, Bohol, Cebu, Davao, Legaspi City and Iloilo, when you win the round air free trip, you can also get a pocket money total of Php 24,700 and plus a 3 days and 2 nights accommodation.

Traveling is a big reward for me and for everyone, it’s always our dream to go out, relax and be amazed on the beautiful scenery and always go out of the hotel room just to take a view of the sunset by the beach. Taking photos and capturing our adventure and moments just to immortalize our accomplishment of a conquered dream and later on share it in our Blog, Facebook and Instagram just to show to the world that it’s really more fun here in the Philippines.

For more details you can visit WWW.GETOUTMORE.PH

There’s also a video making application that you can edit and upload photos and be included in the campaign for promoting our beautiful Philippines. I created one and you can view it below

and here are some photos of my travel adventure during the year 2010 to present

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