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Saturday, September 22, 2012

3 day sale event at SM City San Lazaro this Sept 28-30, 2012

I visited SM City San Lazaro last week and I'm starting to love the set up and size of that mall. Here's a news that they will be having their 3 day sale this Sept 28-30, 2012.

for event details and other info, pls visit their Facebook at

Shopping for lifestyle brands with discounts at The Off Price Show Manila 2012

Me and my wife saw that tv ad at the back of a public bus in EDSA and she mentioned me that the title “The Off Price Show” is very familiar to her and this is widely popular in North America and Europe, and she’s asking if this is the same shopping event that 1st organized in N.America. But then after a couple of readables, I learned that the – The Off Price Show is now here in Asia and having its new sale event branch here in the Philippines.

I didn’t know that for this year, it will be their 2nd event, I’m not familiar in shopping and sale events outside malls,but this version is very interesting. There are 50-80% off discounts on top lifestyle brands and also offers products and brands for kids and adults aging from 5 – 50 years old.

There are activities like Raffle draws, that you can have a chance to win goodies from BDO, a yearly subscription from ROGUE magazine and prizes from participating brands. There's also a fashion show which will be hosted by The Fashion Academy of Manila, showcasing outfits from participating brands and will be worn by ELITE top modes. There's also a styling session, style experts will be there to help and also give advice to shoppers. For the food, CIBO will be there for your tummy and taste buds  and it will make sure that you will not be hungry during the shopping mania.

I’m excited to check this out and expect a coverage here in my blog.

The Off Price Show Manila 2012
Sept 28-30, 2012
World Trade Center Tent

entrance to this sale event is P100 per head
but you can get in for free, just read the details here at

for details visit :

Boys Night Out x Ramon Bautista x Anne Curtis = #SmartFreedom

Freedom baby!!

Have you seen this new tv ad from SMART ???  oks ba?
basta ako..I want more!

I'm subscribed to SMART's Freedom plan and this is my first ever postpaid plan in my life. Its very affordable and I monitored that I pay only P400 a month only, and thanks so much for the data plan packages offer, I subscribed using that 200 pesos package of having a 2000 text to all network + 150mb data that is good for 15 days. Yeah! it saves money and I have no worries in spending too much on load again. And if ever I txt and used only P10 for a month, my bill will just say that I'll pay P10 for that month only.... oh di ba?
Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan is the new postpaid plan from Smart that would liberate you from fixed monthly plans. It's Quite simply the easiest, lightest, and the most hassle-free postpaid plan ever created, ‘Freedom’ plans let you pay only for what you use or consume. There is no fixed monthly fee, no lock-in, no obligation, and plans start at the unbelievable price of zero Pesos.
details here -

My brother bought the iPhone 5

**Inggit mode is on!

oh my!!! LTE speed is awesome for the iPhone 5. I hope the LTE of SMART can work with the iPhone 5 when they launch it here locally. I just heard a news that the LTE we have here will not work on the iPhone 5.  But its okay, I'm sure the LTE pocket wifi will do the work for us here in the Philippines, check this  -- 

Komrad: Mao’s Hunan and Sichuan Kitchen restaurant in Q.C.

I love eating Chinese cuisine and Its already a part of my life and childhood years and thanks to my parents for bringing us in a Sunday lunch or dinner in some Chinese restaurant in Ongpin in Binondo, Banawe in Q.C. and in Manila. I can name some of the classic restos that serves Chinese cuisine that we visited during the 80’s and 90’s and I’m proud to say that I still eat there and introduce it to my new family. I also discover some new resto serving the same food but I learned that there are kinds of Chinese cuisine and this was introduced to me by Komrad restaurant in Q.C. The new restaurant serves Hunan and Sichuan cuisine, the food mostly came from the province of Hunan and Sichuan, both province’s specialty is a hot and chili food and can you recognize the word “Szechuan” ? we know that from other restos and I didn’t know that it is Chinese in origin.

Komrad: Mao’s Hunan and Sichuan Kitchen restaurant stay in a new constructed dining venue in Tomas Morato called Il Terrazo, at first I thought that its just a small complex in Q.C., but I’m surprised that restos that stood there are very familiar and a crowd favorite, Komrad stand beside it and the discovery continues.

Let’s eat!
I arrived that night for the food tasting session with the media and bloggers and I’m glad that Mr. Leo and Ms. Xchose prepared a new round of plate for us to try, and I’m glad that there are other medias who arrived and there we dine in together and try the chilliness of Hunan and Sichuan cuisine. I learned that the two provinces shares the same title in hot or chili but the hot or chili and its aroma are very different. They say that the Hunan cuisine’s hot flavor stays in our mouth only and while the Sichuan cuisine’s spicy and chili flavor go directly and stays in our tummy, hmm that’s why I love the Sichuan because it keeps me warm up during a cold weather (or me overstaying inside an aircon room)

Fokien noodles (Php 225)
This is my favorite at Komrad, I love noodles and pancit but this version is different for me. I can taste the salty and spicy flavor of the noodles, added with seafood and veggies that gives more flavor to beat the saltyness yum and spice.

Hunan steam fish head (P455)
I checked their menu and this is the most expensive food in Komrad. They steamed a head of a fish and added with Hunan hot flavor, the sauce or soup coming with the fish head is very tasty and very hot. Check out those floating pepper and chilis.I forgot what kind of fish is this, but it looks like a big Maya Maya fish.

Siomao (P125)
A crowd favorite and its become the most common dimsum food after siopao. We see them in all MRT station here in Manila, but eating a siomai in restos are much more tastier and porky.

Kung Pao chicken (P198)
I love their Kung Pao chicken and they say that this is the most ordered food in their menu. A spicy take on our chicken, it looks like sweet and sour but the taste is much more hot and chili. I think this is a Hunan cuisine style, don’t worry the hot flavor in your mouth can easily be extinguish with a cold water or a munch of rice.

Xiao long bao (P164)
Its become a craze last year that pinoys went over with Xiao long baos and thanks to some resto for brining this to our table, but I just can’t remember if I ate this kind of dimsum during the 80’s, well I’m happy that Komrad is bringing in the mighty soupy Xiao long bao to us (and outside Greenhills and Mandaluyong hahaha). If you will eat this, make sure you use a spoon and not a chopstick. There’s a yummy soup inside the Xiao long bao and you need to dip it in a soy-vinegar before eating it. Bite, suck the soup and then chew!

Sichuan pata tim (P535)
I thought that the fish head is the most expensive, but the crispy pata reigns the main menu under the Mao’s porky friends category. The version of pata tim is the same but added with Sichuan flavor so expect a chili and salty flavor. I love their take on the pata tim and this includes in my favorite too. Also the pata tim sauce is sooooooo chili. It’s the most chili sauce for me. But I love it!

Kenya beans with minced pork (P198 )
One of the best seller in Komrad, the kenya beans is rare and I think this is imported from other countries. Crunchy veggie added with chili flavor and chewy porks. We order this whenever we visit Komrad, because this is one of their specialty.(also this is served too in their partner resto  in Kung Fu Kitchen)

Sichuan mixed seafood with pig’s blood (P385)
no photo
My first time to try a seafood soup with Sichuan flavor and I didn’t noticed the pig’s blood when I ate this, the soup is not black but it has the pig’s blood blocks floating. Very creamy and chili. It’s the chilliest soup on the menu, that’ why they have a different serving spoon so that you can get the seafood contents only and not the soup. I dared myself to try the soup but it was so chili grabe!!!

Happy Birthday noodle (225)
I don’t know why they call it Birthday noodles. An ordinary pancit or noodle with Hunan spice, veggies and egg. The noodles is not impressive to me, looks like a think pancit canton, too soft noodles.

Thai ice tea
It’s weird…where did this come from? hahaha . You know that Komrad also serves refreshing ice tea. The Thai ice tea is a must try.
Sichuan friend eggplant with pork strips (P198)
When I tried this here in Komrad, I told myself… why didn’t tried cooking this at home. Its just simple friend eggplant top with Sichuan flavor and pork strips. I don’t like eggplant especially if they are cooked this way or boiled, but this kind of cuisine makes me eat all of it because its yummy or I just love Sichuan flavor.

Braised Pork belly with preserved vegetables (P228)
I think this is the weirdest but yummy food on the menu. People should try this, the pork belly is wrapped around the preserved vegetables composed of Kimchay leaves, petsay and cabbage. Its so soft and the kimchay leaves is tasty thanks to its sweet sauce.

Now that you saw the food and here you can see the lovely design of their interiors of the restaurant.

Komrad displays and shows the life and Chairman Mao Zedong. Komrad Kitchen is inspired from the life of Mao and the province of Hunan and Sichuan.

Komrad resto have two branches here in Q.C
to know more. visit their Facebook page at


My review:
It’s a new flavor for me, a flavor that I already tried in the past but I didn’t know where it came from. I tested this resto to my wife who is also an expert foodie when it comes to taste, so I’m impressed that she likes the flavor and kitchen style of Komrad. Some food experts say that their Hunan cooking style is not authentic,because the food was cooked by a pinoy chef and not a Hunan chef, I got an info that their chef are really from Hunan province, but they lessen the chili and spice flavor of their food because customers can’t take a lot of spicey and chili here in Manila  because of our hot and humid weather, I suggest that you eat here at night or in a rainy day. Komrad is a new name in my taste buds and I will visit this regularly because I love Sichuan and also Hunan food.

The super winner here is that the food is not that expensive.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Font nightmare last night

My story started when I downloaded that Facebook font and installed it here in my Windows 7, I needed the Facebook font for an upcoming graphic design that I'm making for a client. Everything is okay and after doing the design job, I decided to log in to my Facebook and then I saw that my font in Facebook profile and pages changed and it became so small and the bold letters are awful. The text and words are readable so I let the font change stay for some hours, but then when I decided to delete the Facebook font that I installed, I have a big guess that the font text within Facebook will go back to normal and maybe Facebook thinks that they want to use that font I installed. So its based in a lot of "what if" from my end.

After deleting those 6 kinds of Lucida fonts, there are 2 other fonts that can't be deleted, so I let them stayed for awhile and check my Facebook. After a quick refresh, my Facebook fonts changed into the worst font for a website hahahahah. It was like viewing the Facebook page from the year 1990s. I researched online and found some tips on how to change back the font. There are so many ways but I'm not sure which of them are the most effective. But after doing a restore to default click in Fonts control panel,  I run it for awhile and turned off my laptop after I saw that it didn't restored its original font, I slept the whole night and blame myself for the stupidity in installing and deleting some fonts and wasted a lot of time and instead of using it for my blogging hour.

When I woke up in the morning, I loaded my laptop again and saw that my Facebook font is back from the 2nd generation font (the one that installed is recovered and Facebook used it) I think that's the better solution and instead of using the old small text.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Claw Daddy’s Great American Picnic in Subic in morning and at night

I found myself riding the van with a couple of bloggers and we headed to Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and our agenda is to visit the new branch of Claw Daddy located there. I remember that my last visit in Subic was around college, when I stayed for an overnight with an indie film director friend and our plan is to pitch this film festival for SBMA. My earliest visit is around high school when imported goods and groceries are in its cheapest price and people from Manila visits SBMA and went into its panic buying state and hoarding those chocolates and even appliances, its much more cheaper here than buying it from regular shopping stores, but there’s always a rule you should follow and an agreement with the fine print. The SBMA is formerly a US Naval Base and operated by Americans in the past, all road signs and traffic are much more strict and different, many drivers who aren’t familiar with the rules are mostly victimized by the SBMA patrol who are waiting in the other side of the street, but I’m glad that they are very friendly and much organized than the traffic enforcers and MMDA that we have here in Manila.

SBMA is not a paradise, but it’s an outdoor and sea adventure venue for thrill seekers and for the foodie like me, I consider it as one of the finest dining destination in Zambales. Shopping malls and restaurants are popping like mushrooms, the old resto and shopping stores are gone but they are replaced with new restaurants and the other empty lots in the past are now being vacated by shopping mall developers. I just can’t believe that there’s a giant SM Olongapo standing near the entrance of SBMA, this gave them a challenge that the shopping mall giant that can offer almost anything but not the outdoor and sea adventure and view of the seas, you still need to enter SBMA in order to see the scenery and awesome sunset. But going to SBMA is a great experience but the most convenient way to go there is to bring your own vehicle.

Claw Daddy opened their new branch in SBMA, and I discovered that this Claw Daddy branch is much more different from the Claw Daddy that we have here in Manila. According to Restaurateur Raymond Magdaluyo, managing partner for the Red Crab Group, that this version of Claw Daddy is based on the American style of breakfast in Baltimore, Maryland, a breakfast that offers cocktails and yummy breakfast meals and not only offering seafood from Claw Daddy. My impression to Claw Daddy is cute and nice, I like the interiors and the ambiance they gave to the diners. Its all American style! and adding to the feeling of eating a yummy seafood by the bay.

Claw Daddy in the morning
A very detailed interior design of the wall, it felt like a that other resto from Manila with lots of displays and goodies for the eyes, almost all displays are very educational and have humor.

In the morning, they served an American style breakfast, with large sausages, pancakes and lots of meat. It’s early in the morning and I declined drinking this hehehe.

An orchestra group was invited to perform inside the resto and they played cool jazz music

The bar is located in the middle of the resto, it really reminds me of another resto, but in their version the bar is very open and you can sit there or even dine.

Claw Daddy resto is the best place to eat yummy crabs and seafood with out making a lot of mess, they provided a nice bib for the person and a bucket for your shells disposal after eating.

The bucket!

I raided the souvenir displays and I posed infront of my camera and took this shot for my own souvenir.

Army veterans who live near and served the former base were invited to join in a brunch with their family and friends.


The big man of restaurants Raymond Magdaluyo shares to us some information about Claw Daddy in Subic.

And for our grand meal time for lunch  is to wear this bib for adults, take a look at Myke Soon who  baby himself and being helped by a Claw Daddy waitress hahahaha

I laughed when I saw our food, then I asked why our seafood is inside a hot steamy plastic bag, the waitress cut the plastic bag open and it oozes a steam with spice flavor, then I realized that this is our food. At first, I thought that the seafood will be boiled infront of us like a Shabu Shabu hot pot.

My first time to see the Boiling Bags seafood, one of the major food offering here in Claw Daddy

Here are the price list of the Boiling Bag

Seafood Boil in  bag – P1,495
A seafood feasts of crabs, fresh water prawns, South Pacific clams, green mussels, Manila clams, Andouille sausage, potatoes and corn

All Shrimp boiling bag – P995
Baby shrimp and fresh water prawns, Andouille sausage, corn and potatoes

Shellfish boiling bag – P995
All kinds of clams, mussels plus the sausage, corn and potatoes

Maryland Crab boiling – P1495
Fresh water crabs, Andouille sausage, potatoes and corn

Louisiana crab and shrimp boiling bag – P1,495
Fresh water crabs, Andouille sausage, potatoes and form

The boiling bag flavors that you can choose are : Seafood boil spice, garlic butter, creole cajun, Claw Daddy spice. And you can also request for the degree of heat of the bags if its in MILD or SPICY.

Here’s a prawn and me, our fate has been sealed

Myke’s yummy facial expression plus the prawn, he did this for the photo op.

My favorite here is the Andouille sausage, so spicy and meaty. (and also heavy)

I saw the bright light after tasting their yummy baby back ribs… it’s the best ribs in town!

Oh crap, there’s a copy of the price list of the boiling bags… nag type pa ko hahahaha

Tres leche cake, our dessert after lunch time, looks sweet but its taste just right. One of my most recommended desserts here in Claw Daddy.

And after our lunch we went to a short journey during the day and visited Zoobic Safari, we were planning to go surfing but the weather decides to keep us out of the bay.

Chinky and Krstyle.  And then the my favorite cat!! in my close encounter moment in Zoobic Safari. omg!! I know that this big cat can eat humans, but I really want one cub as a pet at home, so cute! I love cats!

Claw Daddy at night

The night came and we are back again in Claw Daddy, this time we need to experience their night life version. All of us are busy blogging and tweeting our adventure that day.

I also ran out of juice and I’m glad that I have my battery pack with me

And the fun starts……

Bands and disco music warms up the night

Ahahaha! we ate lots of baby back ribs during our dinner, it was the best!

And now a photo op for the success of the Claw Daddy launch in Subic with resto owner Raymond and their marketing person Ms. XChosa

Its great to hang out with friends

Americans photo op time!!! cheese!!!!

Our waitress for the entire day… thank you so much!

Time to go back to Manila.

There are lots of stories, laugh and chikka that I brought it home with me, the weather is not cooperative but I’m glad that we arrived home safe and perfectly stuffed. Claw Daddy restos are booming and changing and this kind of version that I experienced here in SBMA is a must visit if you are visiting Zambales or Subic. Non-Americans can enjoy a different kind of setting, menu and food, but remember that their inspirations are very American so expect with the big serving and pricey mark, not that expensive, but the price that you pay for is just right for the size of the food or meal.

Visit Claw Daddy in Manila and in Subic. (also in SM Mall of Asia)
join their Facebook page at

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