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Saturday, November 03, 2012

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The long weekend will come to its end and my drama with internet connection, browser issues, laptop speed tantrums will be over too. November 2012 will be the start of the busiest month for me til the end of 2012.
I hope that God will help me to stand still and I make the best performance ever.

and yep! this blog will restart in 10 seconds... 9 ..8..7..6..5.....4...3.....2............

Some tips for the Toy Kingdom toy warehouse sale year 6 today
The big toy warehouse craze is back!

if you are planning to visit this event, here are some tips (in random listing)

1. Go there early, as early as 930am
2. Bring lots of money or bring your credit card
3. Bring lots of eco bag
4. As soon as you enter, head first to the toy section that you want
5. Bring your toy list
6. Visit Toy Kingdom Facebook and Twitter page for updates
7.  Get a toy hunting buddy
8. If you spot a nice toy, grab it!
9. If you are exceeding to your budget, you can drop the toys before going to the counter
10. If you have a non toy collector buddy, let him stand in line for you
11. Have a shopping time of 2 hours, quick shopping is the best!
12. Toy hunt for your wants only
13. No chit chatting to other people, just hunt for toys
14. Make sure all your valuable items are secured and safe
15. Enter the event with a full stomach

PR details

What: Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale
When: November 2 to 4, 2012
here: Megatrade Hall 1 & 2, SM Megamall

Find amazing toy deals at Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale, now on its 6th year! Get up to 70% off on branded toys, gadgets and games during this event. Mark your calendars, November 2 to 4, 2012 at Megatrade Hall 1 & 2 of SM Megamall. For more information, like us at, follow us at or call our hotline at 638-TOYK (638-869).


Here's a FAQ about the toy sale event
I lifted this from :

Question: When and where is the event?
Answer: Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale is on Novemeber 2 to 4 at Megatrade Hall 1 & 2 SM Megamall. We shall have other selling events but you have to contiue visiting our page for announcements of these future promos :)

Question: What time will you open Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale?
Answer: We operate the same time as mall hours. We open at 10 am and close at 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 9 pm on Sunday.

Question: Is the event for free?
Answer: There is no entrance fee or registration required to enter the venue.

Question: What are the toys that will be sold? How many percent off?
Answer: We can't disclose the speciific toys that will be part of the sale nor can we say how many percent each item will be. But it is a warehouse sale so expect to see toys that are discounted 70% off its original price :) For the brands, here are just some (we repeat, some) of the brands that are part of the sale:

Angry Birds l Antics l Auldey l Baby Alive l Baby Company l Barbie l Burago l Ben 10 l Bratz l Brickrodz l Clementoni l Cartoon Network l Disney l Fischer Price l  Hello Kitty l Hotwheels l Learning is Fun! l Lego l Leapfrog l Marvel l Mattel l Megcos l MJX RC l Moxie Girlz l Nerf l Nickelodeon l Pet Express l Play Go l Potex l Redbox l Road Rats l Sesame Street l Speed-Tech l Thomas & Friends l Transformers l 4M l Voila l Vtech l Wii l Wild! Science l Xbox 360 l Zip Bin

Question: What are the acceptable modes of payment?
Answer: We accept cash and credit card payments. We also honor Toy Kingdom gift cards, SM gift cards, SM gift pass and Sodexho gift certificates.

Question: Will there a 2 hour special for SM Advantage Card users?
Answer: There will be no 2 hour special during Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale. But of course, you can earn points from your purchase if you present your Toy Kingdom Amazing Card or SM Advantage Card.

Question: Is there a special day for BDO cardholders?
Answer: Kindly confirm this with your credit card provider.

Question: Will there a special area for children or an area where can leave our belongings?
Answer: There is limited area during Toy Kingdom Toy Warehosue Sale. There is no special area where customers can leave there children or belongings inside Megatrade Halls 1 & 2. It is advisable not to bring anything bulky or big so that you can have a pleasant shopping experience during the event.

Question: Will there be a lot of people during Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale?
Answer: Yes! :) We are now on our 6th year and each year the number of people keeps growing. It's a just a testament to how amazing the toy deals are during this event. Refrain from bringing anything valuable and as always lease take care of your belongings and children :)

 Question: Is there gift wrapping service during Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale?
Answer: This service is not provided during Toy KIngdom Toy Warehouse Sale.

Question: Do you accept reservations?
Answer: In the spirit of fairness, there is no reservation allowed during Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale. We are selling limited quantities of particular items because it is a warehouse sale so we cannot reserve pieces for customers. Best to come in early to avoid the crowd.

Question: Will there be an extension of the sale?
Answer: There will be other sale events in the coming months so continue to follow us here on Facebook and on Twitter for announcements and updates :)

Question: How many cashiers do you have?
Answer: We've allocated 11 counters all accepting cash and credit payments. The speed of each counter is determined by the number of toys bought by each customer. Since the toys are really bargain price, a lot of people are buying cart full of toys and we appreciate a little patience and understanding from everyone in line. :)

Question: Should I bring the whole family at Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale?
Answer: This is a warehouse sale and there will be lots of people in the venue who have only one thing in mind: shop and get the possible toy deals. As much as we want to accomodate everyone, we highly suggest that you do not bring your babies and small kids for their own safety and convenience too :)

We'll continue to update this if there are other important announcements. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you at Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Get your advance ticket to the live viewing of Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez boxing match 4 this Dec 9

The 4th battle and final boxing fight of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will get its last dance on December 9, get your advance tickets at SM Cinema, this will be a sure blockbuster and I'm sure everyone are excited to see the real turn out of the boxing match.

Check the poster above for details

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nickelodeon Fright Fest today at 3pm in SMX

Nickelodeon Fright Fest
October 31, 2012 @ SMX

me and my little prince will attend the party at 3pm in SMX. We're going to the doctor first to check up for my son, and if he's okay, we will go straight to the party after the doctor visit. I hope Ash is fine.

SM Store pre-holiday sale this Oct 30-Nov 4, 2012

SM Store or also formerly known as SM Department Store will have its pre-holiday super grand sale starting Oct 30 to Nov 4, and oh... Its Oct 31 today and we still have 5 more days to take the sale advantage. I wonder if the toys and coat for men will be on sale too, hmmm I must check out the nearest SM Store today and report back here in my blog the 50% off price tagged items.

If you will go shopping, just don't forget to bring your re-usable eco bags.

Team Muzang mall tour in SM Supermalls
Check the poster above for details and venues of the mall tour of Futsal Team Muzang.

also, check out the blog coverage of Iris  from SM Masinag tour at

and my sis post

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bangketa Pares



I don't know why food in the sidewalk tastes so good, these food sold on streets are a part of my life and I really enjoyed eating them, I know the hazard of eating street food and I always make sure that they are clean and safe to eat. Street food sold back in the 80's and 90's are safe, unlike today, the preparation of food up to how the food is cook are having a shortcut, but I trust some local street vendors who are still in the process of making sure the food they are serving are clean and using almost good quality ingredients.

The Pares with rice, its like a beef with saucey beef broth are a popular street food. I usually eat this during the rainy season because the beef and its hot sauce keeps my body warm. Pares are usually sold in a Gotohan or Pareshan, but now they are sold on the street and much more better to sell than porridge, lugaw or goto. For a price of Php 35, you can already have a beef pares meal with fried rice. You can add more fried garlic to your rice and green leafy onion leaves to your beef pares. There's also an option if you want to add noodles to your beef pares, for an additional P5 or P10 pesos, your beef pares will be converted into a beef pares mami.

Bangketa Beef Pares and Mami are sold in a push cart, customizably by local street vendors, here in Bacoor, Cavite, I trust the vendor as they sell this everyday infront of the village where I live in. They are the best but only serve with less meat, but lots of beef sauce.

Whenever I ate street food, I always sign a waiver with dangerous bacteria and also pray to God that I will not get sick after a few days, so far, after eating the pares so many times, I can say that it is safe to eat it. I just hope that the beef they are serving are not from double dead cows.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hang over from the Enchanted Halloween party

It's a tiring day for me after attending the kids Halloween party at Edsa Shangri La Hotel. Its our 1st time to attend a party as a family. 1st time for our 2 year old Ash to party the whole day and do trick or treating,  we chose to party in a hotel because there are lots of goodies and freebies for all attendees,  I lined up always in that Orbitz and snow ball drinks, Ash got lots of candies and chocolates from booths and establishment inside the hotel. Wife also in her nutcracker outfit and me as the minion from Despicable me movie, I decided to be a cartoon character and not be the barbarian.

 Here's our trick or treat line going to the bakeshop of the hotel
 a panoramic photo of kids in costume before dancing Gangnam style

 Ash the dragon slayer

 panoramic photo of Isla ballroom

Here are the cute kiddies in costume!

more blogging kwento in my next blog post!
I'm going to rest for now and head back to work after.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Attending the Enchanted Halloween today

We're going to attend the Enchanted Halloween event for kids today in Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Manila. I'm glad that I went to the hotel yesterday to buy the tickets, the reservation we placed via phone is not really honored, but its so weird that they accepted our reservation few days ago when my wife called them. I told her not to inquire in Facebook, because the holder of the page is not helpful for our reservation, but then when I went to the events desk yesterday, our reservation didn't make it to the list..or there's really no reservation. We learned this trick from last year, book early, or buy your tickets early or book in advance just to avoid hassle. There are lots of "takaw tingin" people in Facebook, they will ask for reservation but they will not pay for it or will not be present on the day it self.  The hotel is strict and I know his kind of procedure, hehehehe.. good luck to some people later, I know it will be a riot, just like the New Year booking and buffet reservation every December 31.

Ash will be a little king, my wife will be a nutcracker princess and me will go out as a TROLL hahahahaha

Astroplus Blog Connect 2012 yebahhh!!!

Thanks everyone for attending the Astroplus Blog Connect 2012 event yesterday in Astroplus Podium!
It was a tiring day and information overload about the lastest DVD, Audio CD, headphones and gadgets!
We will email for some updates and also the blogging contest guidelines. Congrats to all of us! yay!!!

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