Bangketa Pares



I don't know why food in the sidewalk tastes so good, these food sold on streets are a part of my life and I really enjoyed eating them, I know the hazard of eating street food and I always make sure that they are clean and safe to eat. Street food sold back in the 80's and 90's are safe, unlike today, the preparation of food up to how the food is cook are having a shortcut, but I trust some local street vendors who are still in the process of making sure the food they are serving are clean and using almost good quality ingredients.

The Pares with rice, its like a beef with saucey beef broth are a popular street food. I usually eat this during the rainy season because the beef and its hot sauce keeps my body warm. Pares are usually sold in a Gotohan or Pareshan, but now they are sold on the street and much more better to sell than porridge, lugaw or goto. For a price of Php 35, you can already have a beef pares meal with fried rice. You can add more fried garlic to your rice and green leafy onion leaves to your beef pares. There's also an option if you want to add noodles to your beef pares, for an additional P5 or P10 pesos, your beef pares will be converted into a beef pares mami.

Bangketa Beef Pares and Mami are sold in a push cart, customizably by local street vendors, here in Bacoor, Cavite, I trust the vendor as they sell this everyday infront of the village where I live in. They are the best but only serve with less meat, but lots of beef sauce.

Whenever I ate street food, I always sign a waiver with dangerous bacteria and also pray to God that I will not get sick after a few days, so far, after eating the pares so many times, I can say that it is safe to eat it. I just hope that the beef they are serving are not from double dead cows.