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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bistro Group’s Taste the Love, Premiere Card and my taste of Village Tavern

We know that the Bistro Group is expanding and they are putting more restaurant concepts here in the country, my eyes are giggling because seeing new food concepts and a variety of taste makes my soul happy, I love eating and I also love foreign style of food being brought here, its like traveling around the world and these restaurants are the only airplane we can ride going to the next country.

Bistro Group owns these international casual dining restaurants, like Fish and Co, Flap Jacks, Italiani's, Krazy Garlik, Pig Out TGIFridays, Watami, Village Tavern, Bulgogi Brothers, The Stock Market, Ma Maison and Modern Shanghai.

Village Tavern in BGC
Its my first time here and I’ve been hearing a lot of good review about this restaurant, its funny that it was located at the same area and near the restaurant we usually dine in, and I didn’t even caught a glimpse of it months ago. I’m glad that there’s internet and here I am…infront of the Village Tavern.

Logo - Taste the Love
Bistro Group launches their Taste the Love promo, its not just about food, but also a way of thanking everyone and inviting for a celebration, they already opened up a total of 50 restaurants in the country with 12 concepts, last resto to join the group is Modern Shanghai, Watami, Village Tavern and Ma Maison. Villag Tavern resto here is the 1st ever branch outside of USA. But then it also celebrate the appointment of their Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood, he created new dishes for Village Tavern and its only available here in our country, he introduced to us the Black Pizza, Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wings and Fully Loaded Sweet Potato Skins. He also created the ala carte Katsu Menu at Ma Maison.

Premiere Card
Bistro Group also launches their "PREMIERE CARD" its a privelege card with multiple discounts and covers all resto of Bistro Group. The discount offer is up to 40% off the total bill and it includes complimentary appetizers, coffee, tea and birthday treats for the Premiere card holder. The privelege card offers - 20% off the total bill, 30% off the total bill every Monday, 2 40% off dining vouchers up to Php3,000, 25% discount vouchers for your birth month, 6 appetizer vouchers up to Php400 each and compli coffee or tea in every visit.

Chef Josh Boutwood 1
We got in touch with Chef Josh Boutwood and we learned from him that he owns this restaurant in Boracay and he manages it still today, now he is in focus as the Corporate Chef for Bistro Group, we have a fun chat with him and we learned that he tries to learn how to cook sisig and other Filipino dishes, the Filipino-British chef studied at the Escuela de Culinario Mojacar in Spain, and apprenticed under French Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in England. He has worked in various restaurants in Spain, Denmark, and Sweden, most notably at Noma, touted as one of the best restaurants in the world by San Pellegrinos’ 50 Best.

Chef Josh shared to us how hard he perfected the Black Pizza of Village Tavern, he said that it is not the first ever black pizza, or maybe it could be the 1st, but he wants to contribute something, a new taste and maybe people can consider it as exotic and special that is available only in Village Tavern.

During the Bistro Group launch of their Taste the Love, I sat with the whole group of medias and bloggers just to try these new food created by Chef Josh.

Shrimp Mango Quesadilla
I love the taste of this, at first I thought that it was pizza, I recognize it finally after tasting the pico de gallo layered with Monterey Jack cheese and the taste of the tortilla.

Penne with Italian sausage

more sample platters
1. Crispy Chicken Wings
2. Homemade Jalapeno Poppers – this one is like a dynamite finger food! sweety chili but yummy
3. Chorizo and Goat cheese rolls – love this and its my favorite, a crisp roll stuffed with Spanish chorizo and goat cheese, served with chipotle sauce
4. salad

Shrimp Mango Quesadilla

A slice of Black Pizza
The pizza is made of squid ink, that explains that the pizza is black, it is a weird but yummy pizza, it’s the most best seller here in Village Tavern, its also in my favorite list and must try pizza here in the resto. At first I thought that the Black Pizza might be full of fishy odor, but I’m surprised that it is not and still smell good because of the parmesan cheese on top.

My Watermelon shake…I always order this in some resto


Inside Village Tavern


Before eating Smile with tongue out

My Black Pizza

I super love their cakes…omg!!! I feel like in heaven, it’s a Double decker cheesecake and St. Barths Chocolate cake.

the cakes are perfectly pair with a hot brewed coffee

Here’s a whole Black Pizza

P1236982 - Copy
I forgot the name of this burger, but its one of my dream come true to act like one of those food eats in Man vs. Food.

more platter

Penne with Italian sausage

Shrimp Mango Quesadilla

Here’s the comfy seat and table inside Village Tavern

It’s a big space for a restaurant

seats near the wall…best seat for me.

relax…its only a replica and not the real deer horns
For more info of Taste the love and if you are interested in getting your own Premiere card, I suggest you visit these restaurants (any branches) : TGI Friday's, Italianni's, Fish & Co., Flapjacks, Pig Out!, Krazy Garlik, The Stock Market, Bulgogi Brothers , Ma Maison, Village Tavern, Watami, and Modern Shanghai.
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