Iron Man new animated movie - Rise of Technovore Trailer

The new animated movie or Iron Man coming this April 16 to home DVD release will tickle us before the big thing of Iron Man 3. The new animated movie (features the Iron Man Anime version) will battle another tech villain that looks like a Pokemon!  yes... it reminds me of Pokemon movie 1. But its okay, its just a tech virus bot thingie, but the most interesting here is that Black Widow and Punisher will turn the whole Marvel Anime-verse upside down hmm. I hope they get their own series too. I'm sure torrenters are waiting and itchy to watch this new movie.

Watch the trailer below

If you want to own an orig copy, just place an order via our local comic book store like Comic Odyssey, Comicxhub, Comic Quest or maybe in Fully Booked