PR and event organizers, pls beware of Fake blogger representative
This afternoon, everyone were alarmed after a blog post about a scam warning posted at,its about some person who acted as an official member of the blog WheninManila, they pose as a rep. and then got the luxury of gatecrashing events and being as a fake rep.

you can read the warning here

I'm also a victim of these scammers. I just received a report earlier from a friend and this is via a complain from a PR and event organizer. There's this person who "invited himself" to attend and pose as my representative to attend that PR event. I didn't attend that event because I have some other things to do. I just can't believe that this person named dropped me infront of the PR person and told them that he is my representative. But the truth is that,  he is not an official rep. or a contributor for my blog.

I do not ride with the lightning and jumping in with the same issues revealed by, but I'm also a victim here. I just want to inform everyone that I coordinate directly to the PR or event coordinator if ever I will send someone to rep. for me. I always send my sister or another blogger friend who I trusted that will deliver great content for our blogs.

To that fake blogger rep. I hope you should stop this behavior, because the blogging community, especially in Manila is very small and we know who you are already. Pls stop and don't be blinded by events and loot bags. You can blog without attending events or receiving free meals.

I've been blogging for 10 years already and this kind of incident just repeat itself in every 2-3 years, and its like a new season of a reality series. We already encountered this kind of incident before and it keeps happening over and over again, same issues with different face and gender, I usually laugh this out but I just want to inform everyone that this kind of bad activities is happening again.

For the record, this is the 5th time I got victimized by fake blogger rep.

PR and event organizers, pls beware and just contact me for verification when someone is using my NAME and title of my BLOG just to attend your event.

thanks and happy blogging!
- azrael