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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ocean’s Harvest "seafood buffet" at Marriott Hotel Manila every Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m for Php 2300

I super love and enjoy the food that Marriott Cafe in Marriott Hotel Manila offers in their daily buffet. I'm a fan of their buffet and I always recommend it to my family and friends, because the service and food are always the best. I just get lucky that I'm invited always to try their new buffet set up every season, and I'm comfortable to go back there again and pay for my own buffet. I keep on coming back because they prepare the food well.

They offer the OCEAN'S HARVEST buffet, its a seafood and fresh catch of the day buffet, every Friday and Saturday from 6PM to 10:30PM, the entire buffet section is transformed into like a Ocean Surf Market Buffet. For only Php 2300, you can enjoy all kinds of seafood and fresh catch of fish, all chefs and staffs are there to help you cook your fresh catch fish and to your preferred recipe. But if you are not sure or clueless on what's the best cooking for the fish, the chefs can assist you to decide and choose the best recipe.

Enjoy the fresh salmon, tuna loin, local tanigue, pompano, talakitok, lapu-lapu, maya-maya, shellfish, jumbo prawns, half shell local scallop, local clams, jumbo squid, suahe shrimps, blue marlin, and local gindara. Just pick your selection and let the chef add more magic flavor. Best cooking is fried and steamed in soy sauce or in sweet and sour sauce.

Also on the other side of the buffet, enjoy the ready to eat seafood - slippers lobster, local blue sea crab, curacha crab, prawns, mussels, and white shells. I always request to the chef to grill my lobsters, but they refused it in the first place because they told me that the lobster get over cooked and hard to chew, I told them its okay, because I like it grilled.

I arrived an hour late for the buffet feast, but Im glad that everyone are still in the middle of digesting the seafood hahaha. I'm here with my wife Lace,  bloggerMeikah and husband and Marriott Hotel Manila Marketing Michelle Garcia aka HolaMitchy in Twitter and Instagram.

here's my wife Lace taking home a nice crabby doll

Photo 3 Chef preparing grilled lapu lapu, adds a dollop of Bernaise sauce
Chefs are on their station to help you cook your seafood and fresh catch of the day

Photo 6 Sushi chefs ready to transform diner’s choice into fancy sushi or sashimi rolls
There are times that I'm clueless on what's good to my fish, I just ask them and let them surprise me...

Photo 5 Marriott Manila’s kitchen brigade manning the wok-fry station of the buffet
The big boys of the kitchen.. I trust them my food and they always amaze me when the food is delivered to my table.

Here's the Catch of the Day buffet. its an icy area with lots of seafood

There's no limit in getting your own seafood, but be responsible and get the right serving for your meal

I'm not familiar with those fish...the parrot fish for example.

Parrot fish

Maya Maya in steamed and soy sauce

Here's a whole Salmon fish

Kitang (salt water fish)

here are the chefs at work

Cooked seafood section...the lobsters are in here!!!

So I let them cooked three kinds of seafood - 2 fish and one lobster, the chef will give you a number and later on they will just deliver the food to your table.

Salmon at the soup section..oh my..perfect for a sinigang na salmon

Here's the boiling soup...and choose your own seafood

all kinds of sinigang... I prefer prawns

Here's my number in the table...waiting for the food to be delivered.

Here's my grilled lobster

Sinigang clams

the best!!!!  - steamed fish with soy sauce

Grilled Kitang Fish

Another the best!!! - creamed lobster... I forgot the name of the dish
but you should request this... the lobster is served with no shells...ohh ready chomp it!

Also at the buffet area, you can cross over to many dishes..if you love to eat meat or pasta or other cuisine. The best part of the buffet is the gelato section! I tried the Palawan Walnut... really yummy.

More photos below

Photo 3 Chef preparing grilled lapu lapu, adds a dollop of Bernaise sauce Photo 6 Sushi chefs ready to transform diner’s choice into fancy sushi or sashimi rolls Photo 5 Marriott Manila’s kitchen brigade manning the wok-fry station of the buffet P4112858 P4112859 P4112860 P4112861 P4112862 P4112863 P4112864 P4112865 P4112866 P4112868 P4112869 P4112870 P4112872 P4112874 P4112875 P4112877 P4112879 P4112882 P4112884 P4112885 P4112886 P4112887 P4112888 P4112889 P4112890 P4112891 P4112892 P4112893 P4112894 P4112895 P4112896 P4112897 P4112899 P4112901 P4112904 P4112909 P4112910 P4112912 P4112913 P4112914 P4112915 P4112916 P4112918 P4112919 P4112920

Marriott Hotel Manila’s Marriott Café
For Reservation call (02) 988-9999

 btw,as a bonus... Marriott shared to us some recipe
check it out below

Steamed lapu-lapu

•    300g  Cleaned Lapu-Lapu
•    10g leeks sliced
•    5 g ginger minced
•    30 ml soy sauce
•    salt and pepper
•    stuff the belly with leeks and ginger then season with salt and pepper
•    wrap the fish in foil then steamed for 20 minutes or until cook
•    transfer into a clean plate then pour over the soy sauce

Sweet and sour lapu-lapu
•    300g  Cleaned Lapu-Lapu
•    50g flour
•    Salt and pepper
For the sauce:
•    100 ml tomato catsup
•    50 ml pineapple juice
•    15ml white vinegar
•    30g sugar
•    20g cornstarch
•    50g garlic minced
•    30g ginger minced
•    Season fish with salt and pepper then coat with flour
•    For the sauce, sauté, garlic and ginger until brown
•    Add vinegar, then pineapple catsup and sugar, bring to a boil
•    Season with salt and pepper then add cornstarch dissolve in water as need
•    Put the cook fish on the plate then pour the sauce on top

Shrimps in garlic butter
•    100g Garlic minced
•    60ml white wine
•    500g tiger prawns
•    200g Butter
•    Salt and pepper
•    1 tsp sugar
•    Heat butter, sauté garlic until brown
•    Deglaze with wine then add the shrimps
•    Season with salt, sugar and pepper
Baked scallops
•    500g local scallops (capiz)
•    Salt and pepper
•    100g grated quick melt cheese
•    Blanch scallops for 30 sec
•    Transfer the scallops in a tray then season with salt and pepper
•    Add the cheese then bake for 5 minute 180 0C or until golden brown

Seafood lasagna

•    500g cooked lasagna sheets
•    100g dory fish diced
•    100g peeled shrimps
•    100g squid rings
•    100g mussel meat
•    200g garlic minced
•    300g onions minced
•    200g butter
•    500ml Tomato sauce
•    200 ml all purpose cream
•    300g quick melt  cheese
•    Sauté onions and garlic in butter
•    Add the seafoods then the tomato sauce
•    Season with salt and pepper
•    Using a deep baking pan, lay the lasagna
•    Put the seafood mixture then top with cream then cheese
•    Repeat the same procedure until the tray is full
•    Bake for 15  minutes at 180 ̊C
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