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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My reaction and comments after watching STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS 1st 30 min preview in IMAX

- spoiler free post-

Star Trek:Into Darkness movie will be showing in Philippine cinemas on May 15, 2013, and that's a few weeks away and we're still having some Iron Man 3 tantrums, but when I saw the first 30 minute of the movie as a preview  for the media at the IMAX theater in SM City North EDSA, all I can say that my hype for Star Trek replaces the arc reactor of Tony Stark, I don't know why, but the marketing stint for sci fi movies like Star Trek are a big hit because we Pinoys love space adventure, and in this movie they showed to us a non stop action of space exploration and adventure... I go mad whenever I see space scenes that are later on turned into reality.. Just like the space jump scene from the 1st Star Trek (2009) movie, were Kirk, Sulu and their team did a space jump back to a planet, and then jump to 2012 in reality, we got also the first man to do space jump and broke the sound barrier for the first time. Here in the 2nd movie there will be more high tech concepts that might take off to reality.

Going back to the movie, JJ Abrams showed up to the big screen and talked to us, he said that this is just a preview and all elements of the movie that we will see is just temporary, and then he mentioned that this movie can be considered as a stand alone movie, I think he like to mention that if we missed the 1st movie, you can still enjoy this 2nd movie and never worry too much about the story.

From the 1st 30 min. of Star Trek: Into Darkness, they re-introduce again the role of each characters, and important crew of the "Enterprise" ship, also introduction to other supporting characters and a bit taste of the storyline.  Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison, the main villain in the movie started a big attack in the city and this will alarm everyone. The love and hate of Kirk and Spock still continues and the 1st action scene will give you decision as a Captain and also as a Commander. (Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock)

If the 1st movie brings stunning visuals and sounds, the 2nd movie bring much better, the one they showed to us is just 3D, but I expect more great visuals on the 3D version, plus watching it in IMAX 2D is already awesome! I'm already comfortable with it, but I'm interested to watch the 3D version. In IMAX everything is the movie review that I made last 2009 about the Star Trek movie, I can say that if you  are in IMAX, you'll feel that you are in space too and feel the adrenaline of the action scenes and AWESOME, planets, city, explosions, under water and etc.

We are still puzzled with Benedict Cumberbatch's character as John Harrison, I think its a new villain for this NEW ALTERNATE world of Star Trek, not sure if it will connect to the main timeline, but as they say...going to the past via time travel, it doesn't mean you went to the main timeline,but you landed into a parallel dimension of the same world of a different timeline.

Star Trek: Into Darkness 30 minutes preview..left us shouting for more..the cliffhanger scene already gave us some dreams of continuing it hahahaha. I hope its May 2013 already.

Thanks to Solar-UIP and SM Cinema for the special preview

Star Trek: Into Darkness is released thru Solar-UIP and will be showing in Philippine cinemas on May 15, 2013.






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