new photos: Sarah Jessica Parker in Manila to grace opening of SM Aura

Sarah Jessica Parker in Manila
Sarah Jessica Parker and Jason Alvarez of SM Store ( ikaw na!!!!)

I'm scouting for news and photos of Sarah Jessica Parker here in Manila, but I get new contents from Jason Alvarez of SM Store.

he said - "Sarah Jessica Parker & Me after a very long and tiring day. We are both exhausted and hungry, but it was worth it!

She is the most professional and effortless photo shoot I have ever attended to. Not to mention extremely humble. We ate at a Filipino restaurant and she tried everything and anything. I am an every bigger Sarah Jessica Parker fan now! :o) "

ohhh I'm excited later for the press con and also meet and greet

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Sarah Jessica Parker in Manila
After the photo shoot and TVC taping, they ate lunch in a Filipino restaurant and drop by here in San Augustine Chuch... hmm my guess is that they ate lunch at Barbaras restaurant near the church

Sarah Jessica Parker in Manila
Sarah's arrival in Manila airport
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Sarah Jessica Parker in Manila
more paparazzi pic!
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