The week was....

"busy" as usual.. Toycon Philippines 2013 is coming and we have to finalize everything. Last Saturday was our event launching in Resorts World Manila... I just don't remember how Jeff Limbauan took this photo hahahaha. sneaky guy ha!

McDonalds dinner at home
The food arrived after 15 minutes, I think that was the fastest food delivery service that I experienced.. earlier we ordered food in Jollibee and it took them 2 1/2 hour to arrive here at home, weird...

ash bukol
Ashton's first bukol
2 days ago... Ashton fell down and accidentally hit his head on the floor.. he cried and mommy Lace take care of him by pressing the injured forehead with an ice. I'm glad that the bump on his head didn't turn swollen after, thanks to mommy's care!

pick up her passport
I went to Robinsons Galeria this afternoon to pick up my wife's passport...looks like we're ready to fly out for my blog updates this June 2013

its a wrap!! in Starbucks
I'm so tired...alone and want to go home, but before I wrap up my day, I need to enjoy first this cold drink in Starbucks plus my favorite Italian Chicken Wrap.

more busy body mania coming til the mid of June 2013.