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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Watami: a Japanese casual restaurant in SM Mall of Asia

Watami in SM MOA
Our plan that day was...attend a meeting, eat lunch and go to SM MOA to watch the weekend fireworks and eat our dinner there. Me and my wife and son, went there and found Watami restaurant in SM Mall of Asia, when my wife saw this for the 1st time 2 days ago before we dine here, she throws a lot of ohhh ahhhh. I know she's interested to try this, but for me.. I heard of Watami before and I missed some of their opening launches few months ago.

Now here's my chance!!! lets try it and see how tasty their food

Watami in SM MOA Watami in SM MOA
We ate here and waited for an hour before the fireworks, its a best spot in SM MOA if you want to dine and then watch the weekend fireworks show, my little son is so excited and hyper when the menu came in and his first order is.... ice cream hahahah.

Watami in SM MOA Watami in SM MOAWatami in SM MOA Watami in SM MOA
lots of Japanese food to choose...

Watami in SM MOA
and here's the dessert menu!
for a detailed list of their menu - visit -

Watami in SM MOA
Vanilla Ice Cream (PHP 75)

Watami in SM MOA Watami in SM MOA
combo meal!
Cold Soba with Tempura (PHP 295)

Watami in SM MOA
Here's the whole look of the Cold Soba with tempura
You have to dip the cold soba noodles to that temoura sauce and then eat it!
best with tempura...yummy!

Watami in SM MOA
Food monster mommy and baby! hahahah
We also ordered Tuna Brisket Roll Sushi (PHP 215)

Watami in SM MOA
Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki (PHP 295)

Here's what we came for... Okonomiyaki!
There are two kinds of Okonomiyaki that I know- Tokyo and Osaka., but I haven't heard yet that there's Hiroshima sya.

But I forgot already the look of the two Okonomiyaki.. my guess is that...this is similar Tokyo Okonomiyaki. I'm lazy to google it... but the Osaka version is full of veggies.

Watami in SM MOA
Beef rice bowl with hot spring egg in Tokyo Style (PHP 195)

After our snacks..we have 40 minutes to go before the grand fireworks display... my tummy is still not yet satisfied... I ordered this again for my last meal of the night.

Honestly.. I'm not yet happy... there's a lack of taste in Watami's food. Maybe I'll order other meals in my next visit.. but the price is competitive and for me affordable. I will give them another chance.

Watami in SM MOA
Milk tea with black tapioca (P145)
Our final order....and after we finish all food.. it rained so heavy and the last minute the rain stop..the fireworks display started!! ahahahaa..

For Watami SM MOA branch...see you soon.. hope you can make me happy with your other meal.

Watami Philippines
with two branch - SM Mall of Asia and Glorietta 1
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