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Saturday, June 29, 2013

We got free toys from Breeze Sigeland event in SM MOA

Breeze Sigeland
We're glad that we went to SM MOA the day of June 22,2013, kagagaling lang namin ng SM Megamall and buti na lang we decided to eat our dinner here in SM MOA, we love to stay here because its near to our home.

After arriving in SM MOA, we spotted this event at the Music Hall, we approached the banner and read the details..we saw the Toy Kingdom logo first and we thought that its an event from Toy Kingdom. Then we saw the Breeze logo from the banner and learned its an event from Breeze.

Breeze Sigeland
Me, wife and son stayed here infront of the banner, got the time to read the details and mechanics, then we saw the STEP 3: CHOOSE YOUR TOY... our eyes went twinkle and decided to enter and join the event.

As we approach the gate, the bouncer halt us and told us that one parent per child is permitted to join the event, we inquired if walk ins are allowed since the event needs to accommodate the pre-registered participants, then the bouncer said that the event is accepting walk ins, maybe because the pre-registered participants are not yet here.

So they entered...with no hassle and lines... yiheeee..

Breeze Sigeland
While they are inside..filling up the registration forms and having some photo ops, I went around the hall and saw lots of toys from Toy Kingdom are giving it away for free!!! oh wow!!!

Breeze Sigeland
Here's the check out counter.. the only mechanics here is..
1 Like their FB page
2. Accept the FB page app
3. check out and take home the toy

Too bad that there are some mommies who forgot their Facebook's password, I wonder how will they check out.

Breeze Sigeland
Here's our free toy of the day!!! SpongeBob scooter! we always wanted to buy that, but at a price of PHP 900, and our son is still 3 years old and can't balance yet of his own in a bicycle, we pass in buying one, but I'm glad here at Sigeland, we got it for free! yay!

Breeze Sigeland
Lots of mommies are choosing the same toy!

Breeze Sigeland
One of the sample toys

Breeze Sigeland
Here's a parent exiting with their kids and one toy

Breeze Sigeland
Mommies are busy checking in Facebook and liking Breeze's FB page

Breeze Sigeland
A cute infographic mechanics

Breeze Sigeland
New visitors are surprised to see lots of toys at the hall.

Breeze Sigeland
There's free video gaming and basket ball game inside Sigeland

Breeze Sigeland
Here's mommy Lace and baby Ashton..checking out!!!

Breeze Sigeland
Tara! we got a new toy! wohoohoh..thank you Breeze!!
Ashton is a future toy collector, I'm sure he will take care of all of his toys as soon as he grows up (like me hehhehe)

After our dinner at 7pm, we went back to the music hall to check Sigeland's status..there we saw long lines of parents and kids...and we saw that they brought more toys..and we saw bicycles!!! oh wow!! congrats to the lucky kids that will take home those bikes!

thanks to Breeze!!!!!! sakto lang at napadaan lang kami sa SM MOA..
this deserve a blog post from us! Hope this thank you blog post will reach them :)

Breeze Philippines

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