Kopiko L.A. Coffee–the first low-acid coffee mix in the Philippines.

Kopiko L.A. Coffee
This is new and I like to share this new coffee mix product that was released here in the Philippines. Thanks to Kopiko for bringing the 1st ever low acid coffeemix here in our country. I’m a heavy coffee drinker and there are times that my stomach needs to quit drinking coffee because of stomach acidity attacks and I encounter that if ever I missed my meal for a day or I over ate too much. And because I love coffee and I need it every morning because it can relax my brain and also wake me up, but there are times that I drink coffee even I’m acidic, and it causes a lot of pain and also making it works.

But thanks to Kopiko L.A. Coffee for the low acid coffeemix…I already tried and its great for the acidic prone tummies, At first, It tastes blank hahaaha, but after the next day I ‘ve tried it,my taste buds already acting good with the taste of Kopiko L.A. Coffee, I shifted to Kopiko til I finished one pack of it. Its light and I won’t worry too much of stomach acid problems

“Kopiko L.A. Coffee is made from selected grade one coffee beans that undergo a controlled roasting process to reduce its acidity and make it smooth and stomach-friendly – ideal for coffee lovers who have a sour stomach.

Kopiko L.A. Coffee is available at all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide at only Php6.00 per sachet. It is manufactured by PT Mayora and distributed by TriDharma Marketing Corporation.”

Kopiko L.A. Coffee
Imagine…. I didn’t drink coffee in the morning…. yeah good luck and you might encounter a cranky me.

Kopiko L.A. CoffeeKopiko L.A. Coffee
Kopiko L.A. Coffee is now available in all leading supermarket store

Kopiko L.A. Coffee

the coffee pack

Kopiko L.A. Coffee
check out the label before you buy it… better understand first the content and also benefit of this coffee
- special low acid formula
- controlled roasting process
- high quality coffee beans

okay!! I’m sold Smile

Kopiko L.A. Coffee
Mixing it with hot water is just simple…. just like other coffeemix

Kopiko L.A. Coffee
Here’s my new partner every morning….

Kopiko L.A. Coffee
I still miss the strong taste and aroma of coffee – especially the brewed drip coffee or instant… but I love the drip coffee more. But I still go back to my old coffee habit after I finished the Kopiko, the reward of it is that the other brand’s coffee taste will turn bad to your taste buds hahahaha. But its okay, its your option to choose if you want to stick forever to Kopiko, but its an option to coffee fans.

But this is a good brand for those who misses coffee and people who are living with stomach acidic problems, I suggest you try Kopiko L.A. Coffee as an alternative and replacement to strong coffee that makes you sick for almost a week.

Accdg. to this article – coffee is good to our health
”Millions of Filipinos drink coffee every day. In fact, it is estimated that 8 out of 10 Pinoys drink at least 2 cups of coffee daily, whether they are piping hot or iced cold. So what are the benefits of drinking coffee?
Aside from perking up lazy mornings and sleepy afternoons, various studies reveal that drinking coffee in moderation helps reduce the risks for type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, heart and cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancers of the liver, kidney and prostate.”