Haunted Clark Air Base Hospital– I really wouldn’t go in there! (Natgeo blog post)

Haunted Clark Air Base Hospital feat. in Natgeo’s new series “I Wouldn’t Go in There” this Aug 23, 2013 at 9pm

I joined the press screening for the new series of National Geographic Channel titled “I Wouldn’t Go in There”, the location of our press screening is inside the haunted Clark Air Base Hospital, located in Angeles City, Pampanga. Can you imagine, that we watched a scary series of Natgeo inside a haunted place, and the 1st episode for the new series is the haunted hospital. After that experience, I can say that “I really wouldn’t go in there…ever again” why ? because its haunted by ghost and we experienced lots of eerie things, from ghostly whispers, pssstt calls, shadow figure, and some tech difficulties we felt that gave us a lot of scare. And I can say that this press screening is a lot more spookier than watching a premiere night of a movie of The Conjuring.

Clark Air Base Hospital is now an abandoned hospital, but it looks alive and well, without walls and interiors, the hospital was used during the world war 2 and most of the patients here are soldiers who are casualties of war, and not only from the world war but also during the year of Vietnam War. Haunted hospitals are the most scariest place ever, because it’s a tug of war place for life and death.

For those naysayers who want to have a 3rd eye or want to experience some ghost encounters, I suggest you go here alone.

i wouldn't go in there - natgeo new series
The new series “I Wouldn’t Go in There” that will premiere this Friday, August 23, 2013 at 9:00pm in National Geographic Channel (in Asia) , is a documentary tv series about the haunted places around Asia, the main agenda of the documentary is not to scare the viewers, but it’s a documentary about the place why it became haunted, and digging in to the history bit by bit crashing those urban legends and superstitions.

We saw the episode..we got spooked inside a haunted hospital.. but what else we can say?
Hmm.. watching the series in your living room is quite okay, but in my experience at the haunted hospital, I got bothered by those ghost whispers and blurry smoke floating infront of us. The ghost encounter re-enactment in the episode sounds so cheesy for you..but you wouldn’t know that there might be a friendly invisible guest behind you watching tv with you… I hope you won’t get any nightmare after you read this blog post and also watch the new series.

i wouldn't go in there - natgeo new series
The host of the new series is Robert Joe, a 35 year old American-Korean blogger and urban explorer, I got interested to this series because a blogger is the main star here who do the investigation and also interview some people who can help him understand about the story, history and connection of a haunted place. Robert Joe said that he doesn’t believe in ghost, but he believes that this Clark Air Base Hospital is not haunted by ghost, but it is haunted by its grim past and history.

i wouldn't go in there - natgeo new series
It’s not a complete coincidence that where you find a large concentration of ghost sightings and reported hauntings, there is often an even more traumatic history to be uncovered. In working on “I Wouldn’t Go In There”, I’ve often found some kind of connection between the events in ghost stories and reality. My quest is not to find out if ghosts are real, but what these stories can tell us about our past after the layers are peeled back.” - Robert Joe
I think I should change the topic here in blog, like put up a paranormal category…. you know that I have this paranormal blog that is been floating in the web since 2004, and I haven’t posted a new update, because I just quit on writing about the paranormal encounters because it drives me crazy back then, I chose to let my 3rd eye go away, and live a life in coexistence with the invisible friends. From Robert Joe’s journey and investigation, it inspired me more on the investigative approach and becoming your self own detective, I’m sure the new series and Robert Joe will inspire many people and also bloggers.

I tried googling down to check Robert Joe’s blog, but its hard to located his blog site, not sure if he do this only for Natgeo, I saw one entry about the episode here at the website - http://www.iwgit.com/

here some photos of the site – Clark Air Base Hospital

The place is very spooky, lots of trees and tall bushes, it looks like that the entire area is untouched and the only way go here is to cross that small road sheltered by big trees and tall bushes of grass.

Here’s the view from the other side of the hospital… very creepy.

I felt very uncomfortable when I saw the haunted hospital, my feeling is a mixture of excitement and fear. I just can’t explain what’s going on to me, but there are lots of disturbances here and my body is trying to reject something. Good thing is that we are there in one large group.

We didn’t go there alone, we have a group of experts for paranormals, the Esoteric Society of the Philippines are with us, they guided us and got some briefing about the do’s and don’ts when we enter the haunted hospital. Most important note here is that don’t challenge the elementals and spirit of the hospital.

The Esoteric team gave us this necklace as a protection for bad spirits, the pendant are made from black onyx and quartz. We did some short meditation to clear out our mind from fear and negative vibes and replace it with goodness, happiness and love, all of those positive energy will be converted to a light that will protect us and our loved ones, the light is called…the tower of light, a light from the heavens.

Entering the haunted hospital of Clark Air Base.

I did some survey in my Facebook asking those who already been here and they already warned me to be careful and not to go here at night, because it is really spooky, and they say that ghosts in the hospital won’t appear infront of you , but eerie experience will be felt.

The Esoteric group told us to stay in our area only, our viewing area is surrounded by candles, and they told us that they asked permission from the spirit there that we will just occupy a small space only. Going beyond the candles as border might get the spirit mad at us.

I really believe in ghost..that’s why I’m very cautious and good boy that night… and we didn’t expected that we will reach night time.

Q and A with the Esoteric Society of the Philippines, the viewing event is hosted by Sanya Smith. She couldn’t believe that we are in a haunted place. During this forum, I got bothered by pssstttt calling behind us and then after that I heard a group of ghost whispering behind us. Its weird because the ghost whispers occurred during the time that all of us are reacting into something and I can tell that voice is not from our group, because there’s no one seating behind us. Also one of the media member noticed it.

Jude Turcuato the Head of Fox International Channel Philippine and rep. speaker for Natgeo shared to us that if ever this episode will be successful with big ratings, there might be another episode featuring the Philippines again, my bet was Diplomat Hotel but he said that there are many haunted places here and over heard at the back that they should try Malacanang.. hahaha.. funny note. Jude said that the documentary is not meant to scare us but it will give us an educational approach about the history happening in that haunted place.

In the middle of the screening, I stood up from my chair and started to shoot some pics, its getting dark that time before 6pm. and I took some pics using a slow shutter. The venue is already in pitch black and thanks to my Olympus E-PL1 for capturing nice lighting.

I posted this photo first in my Facebook, then I received lots of comments and told me that they see something in the photo. Its hard to view the ghostly images in my laptop, but when you view this in an amoled screen display of a smart phone or tablet, you might see something.

We heard that the security guard who works here and guards the haunted hospital for 13 years, mentioned that he didn’t experienced any weird things during those years, he said that he experienced some “kaluskos” and some disturbances but it doesn’t register to him as ghost, the only companion he have here is his pet dog, he roams around the hospital every night and every hour in different location, up to the basement were the morgue room is located.

Here’s the most scary ghost photo in Clark Air Base Hospital that I took.
Look at the puddle of water at the right side of the photo, you’ll see an image of a woman standing next to a young boy. You can see the shape of the body, their heads and scary eyes. Many of my Facebook friends saw this when I posted this in my timeline, and then after a day, I just saw it too.

The hospital is very old and dangerous, it can cave in anytime and they told us to stay within the perimeter, because there are lots of holes on the floor, and if you went alone here, you might fell into those hole right straight to the basement and to the morgue.

Another photo inside the haunted Clark Air Base Hospital

media and bloggers watching the premiere eps. of “I Wouldn’t Go in There”

I’m so scared when I took this photo.. I’m glad that there’s no one behind me…or just tell me straight..if you see anything…

The elevator…. the Esoteric group told us that the main guardian of the haunted hospital lives there.
Its an elemental spirit, a big big big spirit – like a giant. This photo creates lots of illusion, and some say that the elemental spirit is capture here…. oh btw, the image of the security guard at the right is real…he is human!

time to get out of this haunted place… leaving the place is the only way to get out of your scare zone, but more creepy feeling were felt after it, during dinner we exchange our own experiences and we can confirm here that the place is haunted. I took a bath with a rock salt after we arrived in the hotel, the Esoteric group told us that we should do that after just to cleanse our body and keep away those bad spirits in following us..

musta naman ang tulog namin after. hahahaha.

Its dark there..I took this photo with slow shutter speed bec. I want to capture the fireflies..
but look at the middle of the photo..some kind of a lady figure appeared. There’s no light in the area and its funny that something lit up there.
i wouldn't go in there - natgeo new series

“The opinions of experts on history, culture and the paranormal lend “I Wouldn’t Go There” an authenticity that goes beyond that of the usual paranormal show. In this show, NGC highlights the historical value of such places of horror around Asia, as well as the rich culture of superstition that pervades throughout the Asian consciousness, allowing witnesses to see and believe the unimaginable for what they are.

Besides the Clark Air Base Hospital in the Philippines, other places that will be featured in Asia on “I Wouldn’t Go There” include Yeongdeok House in Korea, Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, Tat Tak school in Hong Kong, and Jingmei Detention Center in Taiwan. Many locations have bloody histories that have remained in the locals’ psyche and shaped their beliefs through the years.

NGC’s viewers can catch the premiere of its newest investigative series “I Wouldn’t Go There” on August 23, 2013 at 9 PM. “I Wouldn’t Go There” will show every Friday at 9 PM, only on the National Geographic Channel. “