A visit to the haunted hospital in Clark Air Base

I’m posting a separate blog featuring the haunted Clark Air Base Hospital, we went there last week for the a press screening of “I Wouldn’t Go in There”, a new series from National Geographic Channel Asia, this new series is available only in Asia, and it will premiere tomorrow night Aug 23, 2013 at 9pm in Natgeo channel, you can read my blog post about the series here at http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/2013/08/haunted-clark-air-base-hospital-i.html

You can also read there some of the weird experienced we had when we stayed there for almost 1 1/2 hours.

The PR for Natgeo and Fox International Channel Philippines invited me to join in a special screening of that scary new series, I didn’t think twice bec. it will be an adventure and I want to check out the eerie scenes happening from that haunted hospital in Clark Air Base located in Angeles City, Pampanga. I’ve been to Clark Freeport Zone for many times and I just heard about this haunted place and it gives me an interest to visit it and blog it.

Our time for meet up is at 11am, but the sad part here is that I arrived at 12nn and I got stuck in the middle of a massive traffic jam in Naia 3, it’s the moment that I want to cry already because the traffic there is so awful and I blame the taxi driver for taking that route. So I arrived and met everyone…and we were just a handful of media and bloggers who took a brave decision to join this adventure, many of my blogger friends declined the invitation, bec. they are afraid and some are busy.

I’m there na with the media team for Natgeo, and there’s no turning back.

We rode a special tourist bus transporting us to Pampanga, awesome bus with wifi and DVD movie, the name of the bus is Crystal Tourist Bus, if you plan to get a nice tourist bus, I suggest you rent them. Their wifi is fast, I just hope they have chargers for iPhones.

We ate our lunch in Pancake House in NLEX gas station, after the lunch , we board the bus and continue our journey, then we noticed that blogger Noy Floresca is missing and we realized that he was left behind at the gas station.

Weirdness starts here… bec. accdg to the team leader, they count heads of attendees and said that we are complete…okay okay… who’s that doppelganger walking with us inside the bus.

We took a U-turn in one of the toll gate and after 15 minutes, we are back in the gas station.
According to the Esoteric Society of the Philippines, all of the incidents happening on that day are meant to be and some kind of spiritual force are doing that to us, and even those who are not available to join us means that they are not welcomed by the spirits, and those who can make it to this trip are the ones got a permission from the guarding spirit of the haunted hospital.

we experienced technical difficulties during the press screening inside the hospital, accdg to paranormal experts, that the spirits are doing that bec. they want us to stay longer til night time.

oh crap..

So before we go to the haunted hospital, we stop over first here in Holiday Inn Clark, we drop off our stuff and also freshen up, I took the challenge to stay overnight here with the rest of the media and while some of them decided to go home after the viewing activity.

it means…I will sleep alone in the hotel room! what!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my room mate for that day is Noy Floresca, here we check out the welcome drink at the bar inside Holiday Inn

One of my tradition whenever I stay overnight in a hotel….. have a photo op inside the bathroom

We got out media kits..and a cool brand new Polaroid digital camera…all are from Fox International Channel Philippines. While browsing the stuff in our bag, we found this note sitting in one of the hotel bed.

Omg..it’s the weird invitation for the screening.

ude Turcuato the Head of Fox International Channel Philippine and rep. speaker for Natgeo left a note fo rus that hope that we won’t get any nightmares after the screening… omg!!!

Assembly at the lobby.. we spotted Laila Chikadora of TV5 joining with us.

The Esoteric Society of the Philippines gave this quartz and onyx necklace to us, this will serve as our protection

All of us will be wearing this…
just for precautions and a reminder that we are just a visitor in the area.

There’s the Clark Air Base Hospital… sitting alone and quiet in the middle of a bushy place in Clark.

The Esoteric group conducted a relaxing meditation, we followed the steps and we got a relaxing feeling full of love, happiness and tower of light coming from the heavens. This will let the spirits know that we are coming at the site as a visitor and a friend with full of love and positive energy.

Looking back to the location of the hospital is so weird… its like a horror flick from a movie

Short walks going to the hospital
The façade of the hospital welcomes us..

we took some photos for our article and blogs… I took a quick shot here and headed inside the hospital, a mixture of excitement and fear is felt during this trip.

Sanya Smith hosted the forum with the Esoteric group and Fox Intl. Channel Team.

They answered our questions all about the paranormal and the unexplained.

I took this shot during the forum, just checking if someone is watching us. But the Esoteric group told us that the unseen friends are just there around us…looking at us..

-------------------- Im going to continue blogging this when the sun is up… im having goosebumps na eh..