The ramen fail visit in Tokyo Tokyo-SM City Bacoor

btw..this is Yakisoba and not a ramen!

Aug. 8, 2013 - After reading the news from the social media stream about that ramen craze in Tokyo Tokyo resto, we decided to visit Tokyo Tokyo and check out their ramen, with a price of Php 150, you can now enjoy a Japanese ramen from Tokyo Tokyo.

I’m so excited to try their ramen, because during that day I’m craving for ramen almost every day and I just started a small journey tasting some ramen near me.

But our visit in Tokyo Tokyo is quite successful, but then we learned that the ramen is not yet available there in their branch in SM Bacoor. I just understand their reason that they are starting to add the ramen food in their menu slowly in every branch, but I heard that there’s one branch in Imus that they got already the ramen, but still..I’m a bit disappointed, why they skipped their branch in a big mall with large customers are dining in.

Last Aug 16th, we visited it again and found no ramen.
Okay, will wait for it..

But for our foodie moments, we ordered their usual Tokyo Tokyo food faves.

Next time..I’ll order two bowl of their yakisoba, its good but the noodles are “bitin”

my son and wife’s fave food here in Tokyo Tokyo

California Maki
the most affordable and delicious maki in a resto in our mall.

Pork Tonkatsu meal

Oyakodon meal

Red Iced Tea
then I remember from Kris TV that singer-actress Angeline Quinto commented that red iced tea tasted like cough syrup, hahahaha, we laugh super after we heard that.. btw she’s drinking that from a different restaurant. Now the red iced tea gave more colors to me… equals Angeline Quinto.

here goes the happy food monsters!!

and mini happy food monsters + ate M.

Tokyo Tokyo!!! pls send your ramen now in SM Bacoor!!
mas marami kumakain dun!!

after some kwento to a fellow foodie about the ramen in Tokyo Tokyo, he tried it and he said that it doesn't taste good.. hmm I want to try it myself and judge the taste of their Tokyo Ramen.