My Shakey’s fail event landed me a visit to Kowloon House in QC

August 14, 2013 – I will never forget this date, bec. the event of Shakey’s were cancelled and I wasn’t informed about it. Imagine travelling from the South province side and going to the busy street of QC for hours, and you’ll know that no one’s coming bec. the event is cancelled. Just to take away that stress I walked out of that resto and decided to check out that Kowloon House in West Ave. QC.

My interest is to visit it and eat in their dining area. Yes..that old Kowloon House sitting for more than a decade as a drive thru dimsum store is now a restaurant with drive thru hallway.

Cool evolution! I’m happy that Kowloon House is still alive after so many People Power in EDSA and remakes or revamp of local tv series in ABS CBN, Imagine if Mara Clara can have a remake, then Kowloon House can do the same, but the same flavor and texture of Mara Clara will not change, same goes to their yummy Jumbo Siopao.

I just noticed this simple evolution after they revamped their store in Pasay Road Makati. The dining area cramped a little, but the best part here is that they installed air condition. I ate there months ago with some fellow Manila Bloggers, and it’s a fun place to hang out especially if its midnight while other stores and resto are closed.

yes…. Kowloon House operates 24 hours a day.

So here’s their dining area, its like a restaurant, a waiter will approach you for your order, but for my case, I just went to the counter and asked the staff about my order and if its okay to eat it there..
Just letting them know I’m a newbie to their place, that’s why I asked if its okay to eat the siopao there and instead of buying it to the drive thru store. The staff lady told me its okay, so she took my order, I pay the bill and sat here and waited for my dimsum.

She told me that the jumbo bola bola siopao will be on my table after 15 min. , I learned that the jumbo siopao is freshly steamed from the drive thru store.

To kill my thirst, I ordered a Black Gulaman, I expect that it will arrive in my table in a big glass with lots of shredded ice and then sweet liquid + gulaman. Their Black Gulaman contained in a plastic bottle format. That’s one cool drink and I love it! I didn’t need to finish everything, so I just need to cover the bottle with a cap and bring this with me.

Here’s my date!!
jumbo bola bola siopao of Kowloon House….my hands are dirty and I don’t have any wipes with me, the dining area’s comfort room is not good., I suggest don’t use it for the sake of your humanity.

I requested for a fork and knife and then I ate this... slicing it like a cake… yummy!!!!!!!!!

here’s a close up

The bola bola of Kowloon House never fails….

I just wish that there’s an event organized by Kowloon House hahaha!

I did some google-fu and I learned that they now have a big restaurant and a videoke center inside Kowloon House… wow!!

check it out --