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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Miso-Ten set meals for your excellent cravings for tempura, gyoza and tori kaage

Aug. 13, 2013 – There are times that I crave for ramens, tempura and even the smell of a miso soup. But the cravings will never stop unless you fulfill your food desires by visiting your favorite resto. Here in Miso-Ten Ramen and Tempura restaurant, they are now offering a one of kind set meals for your excellent cravings.

Usually, when we order food in a Japanese restaurant, there are times that we still want more food and we always order for an additional food. I noticed that from my wife who orders multiple Japanese food in our table. I’m glad that Japanese food are so heavy in our stomach, that’s why it didn’t get the same joke in America like that Chinese food always makes them hungry after eating it.
Enough talkies..our food feature of the day is coming from Miso-Ten again. This time we tried their set meals here at their branch in Robinsons Magnolia. Its my 2nd time here, and I'm surprised that their resto staff recognized me.

I arrived late and spotted my foodie friends munching the part of the set meal of Miso-Ten, here’s enjoying the kani salad.

Then I saw a food photography battle with vs.
Hey guys!! wait for me!

But while they wait for the other food to arrive, I browsed the new menu of Miso-Ten and saw the set meal comes in 6 different style.

Btw, the food is freshly prepared and it will arrive in your table for a couple of minutes. The tempura are freshly prepared and new cooked  that’s why it can take more time, so order right away if you want a tempura in your table early.

The set meals
The set meals ranges from different food servings, there are many options to choose from, you can order a set meal where you want your cravings be fulfilled. If you have many food in your table, and want to place an additional meal, you can choose the Mini set meal, or if you have a ramen nearby, then you can add more food by ordering the Excellent set meal, Seafood or Veggie set meal.

Excellent Set Meal

Seafood Set Meal

Mini Set Meal

Veggie set meal

Excellent set meal with tori karaage

Excellent set meal with Gyoza

I also noticed that their ramen got their own ramen set meal.

I ordered their Excellent set meal with tori karaage, I’m just curious about that tori kaage add on, it’s a chicken ball-like food wrapped in crispy tempura coat For a price of Php 450, it’s a bit pricey, but it can satisfy your hunger because tori kaage and tempura is very heavy for your stomach.

Here’s the Tori Kaage chicken balls, it’s a fillet of chicken and not a processed chicken meat.

They delivered this in order
- kani salad
- miso soup
- tori kaage
- rice
- tempura

pop na pop!!! Excellent set meal with tori kaage is the excellent lunch meal for the foodies here in Miso-Ten Ramen and Tempura restaurant.

Sympre..if you are in Miso-Ten, you should also try their ramen specials!!
here’s a Spicy Pork Ramen

selfie muna with the ramen!

I discovered that this chili paste is not that super hot chili, its in mid level only, so don’t worry about this chili paste, you can add this to you Spicy Ramen if ever you want it so spicy and chili.

Pouring that chili powder and sesame oil in your ramen will add more flavor, that’s based in your flavor preference.

tara let’s eat!

Miso Ten: Ramen and Tempura Restaurant
Twitter: MisoTenPh | Facebook: Miso-Ten
Robinsons Magnolia – Al Fresco Area, Level 2, Tel # 4425914
Robinsons Ermita – Pedro Gil Wing, Level 1, Tel # 3531864
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