Bibingkinitan! Café in SM City Bacoor

July 28, 2013 – My eyes are totally locked to a view of a bibingka, I super love bibingka and it started when I tasted the yummy Bibingka sold here in the village during Christmas, I’m not a fan before of this baked bread like muffin with cheese and salted egg, but thanks to Bibingkinitan! kiosk in SM Hypermarket Pasig, were I first tasted their bibingka, my world suddenly changed and I started to love bibingka in its diffferent form and taste.

Basta ba bibingka..panalo na sa akin!

But the kiosk store style were Bibingkinitan! started before, now evolved into a small café and some of it are maybe sitting now in different kinds of malls and shopping establishments, here we saw the café version in SM City Bacoor. They just opened that day when we saw it and I’m so excited to dine in and enjoy their hot and freshly baked mini bibingka.

The best here is that they are selling the mini bibingkas for only Php 20/ piece and a box of 6 pcs is priced at Php 120 only. No longer need to wait for Christmas and from now on you’ll enjoy the bibingka anytime of the year and you can dine in there at their new café and sip hot coffee while you post a stat in your Facebook or a photo in Instagram hahaha.

When we drop by to their café, my son received a free taste from their staff, my son started to love the bibingka and grabbed some more, so we sat down and ordered some mini bibingka.

Bibingkinitan! Barako Coffee is the best!!!

Here’s the box for 6 pcs mini bibingkas.

The ordering area of Bibingkinitan! café is funny that the counter desk is so small, I kneel down while I order and here they place your order in a tray, I think they should modify their booth and make the counter table taller.

For your Barako Coffee, this how they offer the sugar and creamer… so parang fishball lang..
kanya kanya dukot na lang ng sugar and creamer, the view is not impressive, I hope that it will stay cleaned and covered when not used.

Here are the food monster Coladilla!
my son just cried when he learned that the free taste is over,I told him that I’ll buy three pieces for him.
The staff placed some more free taste bits of bibingkita at the counter, then my son walked infront and grabbed some more free taste bibingka hahaha.

I told him, I just ordered the big one!

here’s the mini bibingka… all hot and fresh baked. You have to very careful in eating this, because the steam of the hot temp coming out from the bibingka can hurt your mouth and tongue.

They now have a website and now they offer franchise business!!!
visit :

I just viewed their website and saw that they are selling Ube Bibingka, Pastillas Bibingka, Peanut Butter Bibingka and Macapuno flavored bibingkas. Maybe these are offered in some branches.. ( check: )

Bibingka are the counter part for doughnuts!! ahahaha

Here’s my Barako Coffee

I’m surprised that the staff left a note for me… awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Parang Starbucks ha!

After the 3 bibingkas… I ordered another three pcs for us.
We ate this on the spot…and still enjoyed it with my hot coffee.

Here’s my son..enjoying his Bibingkinitans

I’m going to visit their café again…but next time.. I’ll try to bring my own coffee para tipid lang hahahah.