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Monday, August 19, 2013

My RC Cola story - long travel and cola thirst

Anyone heard of RC Cola, I’m sure this brand of cola is already been encountered by many people already, whenever brand X is out then we can shift to brand Y, its not the usual 2nd choice but for other people its their first choice of cola. It’s a bit weird that I thought that RC Cola is a local brand that is surviving for many years beating brand X and other cola brands with alphanumeric initials and funny titles, but I noticed that RC Cola is still here, and everywhere. I also noticed that they printed on their label that the cola is established since 1905 in Columbus, Georgia, USA. Okay that explains that it is an imported brand bottled here in the Philippines.

I remember few years ago that I joined in a photography activity in old Manila, and after some hours, I got tired and thirsty, there’s no nearest store or any convenience store, there’s a restaurant nearby but I’m afraid that my group might left me around when I started order my cola drinks, then I spotted this street vendor near the restaurant selling some mineral water and some cola hidden in a cooler, our tour guide told us that we can buy our drinks there, I ask for brand X but they don’t have it, but when I saw RC Cola, I didn’t think twice and bought 2 bottles of it, I’m also surprised that small bottle of RC Cola is super cheap, less than 10 pesos. While we wait for the other photographers, I gulp down a bottle of RC Cola, then one of my photography mates saw me and then they started to buy RC Cola from that street vendor. We stayed there for around 15 minutes finishing our cola and re-organizing our group.

There are also times that I’m in a far away place and outside the city, located in the edge of an island, I got tired and so thirsty and wanted to have a break, I approached this sari sari store and ask for some cola, they told me that they have RC Cola and another brand, bec. my taste buds is craving for a cola sweet flavor, I bought a bottle of an iced cooled RC Cola, after sipping half of the bottle, I can say that my journey in walking around the island is just beginning. It kick start my interest and creativity – maybe my brains are a bit confused due to the heat and also long walks. I took out my camera gear started to shoot- that was last year and its funny that in the edge of civilization, with an impossible way to deliver our cola brand, we can now say that Rc Cola is there waiting for why search for others? hahahaha.

Everyone at home were surprised when I brought this RC Cola on the dining table, we enjoy our lechon kawali meal for dinner plus a nice cola drink, the good thing here in RC Cola is that it is not that sweet and the carbonated effect and fizz is less, the formulation is just right for us pinoys, but..but..but… I love more fizz in my cola drink, but this RC Cola delivers its own identity with the right blend and a less sweet cola flavor and not too sharp in our tongue – I think kids will love this compare to brand X, which they give a funny face during their early taste of it.

rc 1
RC Cola is eveywhere…and here are the bottle formats – I haven’t encountered that 500ML, but I’m sure most convenience store have it.

here's a little trivia about RC Cola
"The RC Cola brand is one with a truly unique heritage. Originally launched in 1905 by pharmacist Claud A. Hatcher of Columbus, Georgia, USA. Consumers first knew it as “Chero-Cola.

In 1934, Chero-Cola was reformulated and re-released as Royal Crown (RC), a brand that is even more admired today.

RC Cola is enjoyed by 60 countries worldwide."

rc 2
boom!!! Php 5 only for 240ml
ohhh wow!! we can still see here that we can buy a drink less than 10 pesos. where can you get that in this generation…well RC Cola offers..but some vendors sell it at around Php 8

rc 3
The bigger bottle is best for sharing…as always

rc 4
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So how about you? What's your RC Cola story ?
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