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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Converse punk your Chucks with Komiks artist

Converse Philippines organized an event at their flagship store in Glorietta mall in Makati City, they invited their sneaker fans to come and visit the store and get a chance to win a customized Converse Chuck Taylor, designed, drawn and customized by our top local comic book artist. Converse Philippines invited Kajo Baldisimo, artist and co-creator of Trese comics and Bow Guerrero comic creator of Dark Colony comics. The two artist started to show off their skills in drawing but not on paper, but on an original Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. They used pentel pens and some acrylic pens in drawing their comic book creations on to the canvass-like skin of a Converse sneakers.

The tie up of Converse Philippines with the two comic book artist are inline with their “Shoes Buy Art, Sneakers Create It!” campaign. This showcases how sneakers can be a natural medium to create wearable art. This time, designer shoes comes to the next level!! designed by top comic book artist.

At the event, they brought out lots of art materials in one corner, so that customers can customized their own Chucks for FREE, all they need to do is bring their original Converse sneakers at the event. Kids and teens enjoyed decorating their own Converse sneakers, I was about to draw on my own Chucks using a pentel pen, and then I heard my name was called and then I realized I won a customizable slot with Kajo Baldisimo. hahahah.whew! that was a close call.

I was the last person who got lucky and won the raffle draw to get a free customization sneakers. But I was running late for my next agenda and I decided to leave my sneakers to Kajo, and let Converse Philippines to contact me again if ever my sneakers are finish. I went to Malaysia the following day and after 3 days, I was told that my Chucks are at the store and ready for pick up.

Converse Philippines said that there will be more “Punk your Chucks” in different branches of Converse. Just log online and visit Converse Philippines Facebook Page for details and announcements

check out below of some photos taken from the Converse event

Here’s the flagship store of Converse Philippines located in Glorietta mall

Sneakers forever!

media and bloggers are here to cover the event

When I saw this, I realized that I should buy a Chucks with zipper, its easy to wear and all you need to do is zip it, just like a regular boots.

Some of the art materials of Bow Guerrero and Kajo Baldisimo

Art materials for everyone

Acrylic pens that can stay permanent in any fabric material

Acrylic color stuff – I don’t even know how to use this

Some beads to add glitter to your sneakers

Fabric paint… I’m so glad that they don’t have any Tulips here. remember those Tulips coloring liquid ?

green Converse Chuck Taylor, actually this was my 1st choice.
but I bit expensive.

Lots of chucks!!

I decided to grab this black Chucks…its affordable at around Php 1,8000.

Selfie time! hahahahahaha

The main event

Kajo and Bow

Kajo shows a newly punk up Chucks with Trese characters

Bow showed his creation with a beautifully painted comic character on a Chucks

Kajo now starts to draw on someone’s sneakers

Just a sample…

I really like the collage and doodle design of Kajo here.

Kids so busy designing their Chucks

That’s my raffle coupon hahahahaha

Bow tracing the 1st design

Kajo starts to create some line art

The whole store is in full house. Fans of Kajo and Bow are here too.

Spotted bloggers: FPJ of and Vince of

me and Earl of

Spotted some quick Punk’d Chucks.

Here are the media and bloggers crew of Converse Philippines!

hey! thanks to Ed Uy for inviting us!

Watch our for my next post about my new Punk’d up Chucks with Trese art by Kajo Baldisimo
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