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Thursday, September 05, 2013

DARK SOULS II Closed beta registration starts today!

Here's a short heads up from our friends at Namco Bandai Games. Too bad that Philippine gamers are not listed for the test. But I will update you once we get a heads up from Namco Bandai Games.
update: for pinoy gamers who are logged using HK or SG account, you can see the banner of this beta test invite.

info below:

SINGAPORE, 5th September 2013 – DARK SOULS II, the latest addition to the Action RPG DARK SOULS series by FromSoftware and Namco Bandai Games Inc, will be available on Playstation®3, XBox360® and PC. There will be a closed beta for selected registrants for gamers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

This closed beta is for selected gamers to test the game. As the game involves a large network load, the various technical aspects of the online system will be validated through this beta test. The beta will be free-to-play and data collected will be used to improve gameplay and quality of the game. The closed beta will be implemented on Playstation®3 and will be conducted twice.

Registration period for the closed beta:
5th September 2013 (Friday) 14:00 GMT+8 – 11th October 2013 (Friday) 23:00 GMT+8
*Testers will be selected from registrants.

**Registration may close earlier if response is overwhelming.

There will be 2 phrases where selected gamers are able to play Dark Souls II closed beta.
1st wave : 12th October 2013 (Saturday) 8pm to 10pm GMT+8
2nd wave: 27th October 2013 (Sunday) 3pm to 6pm GMT+8

Selected gamers will receive an invitation letter from Sony Computing Entertainment prior to the test date where a PSN code will be provided for game download.

Closed Beta Detailed Information
Verification of server load To validate server load of gameplay when there are simultaneous connections in tens of
thousands of units.

Verification of multiplayer play
To validate the possible troubleshoot when players from different network environment
access the game, and also the various issues that may arise.

Optimization of game balance
To validate the loading speed of the contents during battles or team management,
interaction between players and other balances.

Registration Criteria

▼ Qualifications
- In possession of Playstation®3 and internet access
- In possession of Sony Entertainment Network account
- 17 and above
- Agree to the terms of use of the DARK SOULS II network test version

*Minors who are 17 and above are required to get parental consent.

▼Game data for network test
- Game data for Network test usage will be distributed free of charge to selected beta
testers via Playstation®Store
- Gameplay for network test is free of charge
*Internet access fee to be borne by testers.
*Game data is about 3.5GB. Please take note of HDD storage capacity.

▼ Network test selection
- Application is complete when testers receive the entry ticket via Playstation®Store
- Selected parties will be notified via email after strict selection
- The selection results will be emailed to the email address (Sign-in ID) registered on
Sony Entertainment Network

*Please make sure the email address registered on Sony Entertainment Network is able to
receive emails beforehand.
*If no email is received, the applicant is not able to join the tests.
* Enquiries about the results of the selection will not be answered.
*Selected testers can continue to participate until the end of the test.
*Applicants who failed the first round of selection will be automatically considered for the
second round. There is no need to register multiple times.

▼ Note
- The program used in this test is still under development and is different from the retail
- Enquiries regarding basis of selection and results of selection will not be answered
- Sharing information of the test and game experience on the internet and so on is
- Multiple registrations will render all registration invalid
- Player data from the test will not be compatible with the retail version
- Selling, lending or transferring selected rights, test program is strictly prohibited
- Minors are required to get parental/guardian consent for registration
- All selected testers are required to agree to terms of use before game play
- If one or more of the terms of use are violated, the rights to participate in the beta test
will be revoked
- Internet connection and related costs required to participate in the test will be borne by
testers themselves
- This test is available on Playstation®3 ONLY.

Implementation Guide

▼Application period
5th September 2013 (Thursday) 14:00 GMT+8 –11th October 2013 (Friday) 23:00 GMT+8
*Application is complete when one receives the entry ticket on Playstation®Store.
**Registration may close earlier if response is overwhelming.

▼Announcement of selection
Selected players will be informed via email according to the following schedule:
1st round: 3rd October 2013 (Thursday) onwards (tentative)
2nd round: 17th October 2013 (Thursday) onwards (tentative)
*Winners will be notified after a strict selection.
*There will be two selections during the above mentioned period.
*Applicants who failed the first round of selection will automatically be considered for the
second round.
* The selection results will be emailed to the email address (Sign-in ID) registered on Sony
Entertainment Network.
*Selected testers can continue to participate until the end of the test.

▼ Implementation period of network test
1st round: 12th October 2013 (Saturday) 8pm ~ 10pm. Simultaneous implementation in
each region to validate the access
2nd round: 27th October 2013 (Sunday) 3pm ~ 6pm. Simultaneous worldwide
implementation to validate the access

DARK SOULS II Product Summary
Release Date:  March 2014
Platform:  Playstation®3、XBox360®、PC
Genre:  Action RPG
No. of Players:  TBC

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