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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Kimono Ken dinner during the heavy rain, flood and traffic

Last Thursday, October 10, 2013 was the worst day of my life for this year, I’ll start to get OA with it, because I got stuck in traffic for many hours and I travel all the way from Shaw Blvd-EDSA up to my home here in Cavite for 5 freaking hours, and the normal travel time is just 1 1/2 hour. The first plan that night is to have coffee with friends at CBTL in Shangri La Plaza and then the three of us blogger will attend a fashion event in Lopez Museum for that Freeway event and launch of a design fashion clothing in tribute to Juan Luna. I really want to attend that, but the heavy rain didn’t stop for the rest of the night and we got stranded inside the mall.

After one hour and more countless hours, we decided not to go to that event anymore, and we decided to go home, but we can’t go home that night because we’re still stranded. So we decided to eat our dinner inside the mall and the good resto for us is Tokyo Tokyo, I told them about the new ramen and it’s a perfect meal to beat the cold night. But then we learned that Tokyo Tokyo is now closed and it will never re-open again! wahhhh!! Btw, I’m with Enzo of and Ryan of

We went to the food court area of the mall and there we saw the Kimono Ken restaurant, our plan B is, eat our dinner there and use some free wifi while we wait for the rain to stop. But before ordering our food, we learned that there’s no free wifi in Kimono Ken, but there’s free wifi in Wendy’s ahahahaa. I wish that Kimono Ken should have their own free wifi service, because its very useful for us diners to Instagram the food we eat and also use it to communicate with our love ones. But that’s okay, Enzo got his own Sun Cellular pocket wifi, he loads up an unlimited wifi service and then after a few minutes, the three of us Manila bloggers who are stranded inside the mall can now go online – I still did a nice blogging work that time with the two bloggers. Thanks Enzo!

So what did we order? hmmm

photo above is Ryan’s ramen.. the Negi Ramen (Php 210)
Spicy miso based soup with leeks, minced pork, chasyu and veggies

My forever favorite…… Beef Gyudon (Php 220)

Kimono Ken chopstick and napkins

Enzo’s Chicken Teridon (Php 220)

Inside Kimono Ken

Thanks to their staff for setting up an electric fan in our table. I think the mall already closed down their centralized air con after 8pm.

That’s me…nomnomnomnomnom!

Busy blogging – Enzo and Ryan

Here’s the situation outside… I’m glad that my tummy is full and it energized me for the whole evening. I hope this will never happen again, I’m having some trauma after that 5 hours traffic drama.

Thanks Kimono Ken for sheltering us

check out their menu here at
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