A 2nd visit to Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine restaurant (for a food photo shoot and another review)

Last year 2012, me and a bunch of Manila Bloggers were invited to check out this new restaurant in Ortigas ext. San Juan, MM. It’s a restaurant that serves authentic Hunan cuisine. we first featured this in our post last Oct 2012 -http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/2012/10/manila-bloggers-meet-up-in-mao-jia.html and you’ll see some blog post links of food features and review by our food blogger friends.

Last week, I got another chance to visit this restaurant and its for a new project, this time it will be for Big Dish Foodie Card. They conducted a food photo shoot that night and then I tagged Enzo of www.juantraveler.com to come with me there to visit the resto again and help me devour all those spicy food at Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine. There at the resto, I met our friend Fred, the owner of the resto, he gave us great news that the resto is doing better and now they are preparing for a new branch in Bagtikan, Makati City, I think it will be opened soon in November 2013. He also brought us some new food and new recipe at our table. Man, they are so spicy, but the fish head is always the best…and I heard that it’s the best seller there in Mao Jia Hunan.

Manila Bloggers Meet Up in Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine

Okay, this is just a teaser, I will post the complete review and feature soon…also using better photos from Big Dish Foodie Card.

Century Egg

Fish Head
steamed chili Imelda fish head

Spicy cucumber salad

Spicy chicken

Beancurd with kutchay --- the best!!!!

Boiled pig’s blood spicy soup with intestines
Its heavenly yummy…spicy but deadly…the contents of this soup is internal organs of a pig
its like dinuguan but in different flavor.

Boiled chili dalag fish

Their menu

The real post and review coming soon!
thanks Fred of Mao Jia Hunan and Roman of Big Dish Foodie Card
Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine
Ground Floor Ronac Art Center Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan, Manila. Philippines.
Tel: t +63917-6306196 , 02-5860700

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