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Monday, October 07, 2013

Lost in Malaysia part 3–our 4 days stay at Tune Hotels Downtown KL

After our first flight booking for Malaysia, we don’t know yet where we stay for 4 days, I started to save money for a hotel and my plan is to get a cheaper hotel for the three of us, and then Raffy mentioned that he got a free stay at Tune Hotels, but the free stay will expire in the next coming months, so he wrote to Tune Hotels if its possible to extend the gift certificate and also if they are willing to sponsor 3 bloggers for 4 days in KL. It was a worth a try to contact a hotel directly and propose that idea, but we didn’t expected that they are open to it and agree that they can give a free stay for us for 4 days. Awesome!!! thanks Tune Hotels! and thanks to Tune Hotels’ marketing person Andrew Oon for helping with us the arrangements.

I heard of Tune Hotels here in Manila, they have branches here in the Philippines and at first I thought that it is a local hotel in Manila, but it’s a hotel originated from Malaysia and also they have many branches in other countries. Their specialty is that you’ll experience a five star sleeping experience by paying a one star price accommodation. It is a pay as you use and pay as you go hotel, means that you can pay for the services you want, and you can remove some of hotel components and add only the services that you need, for example, you will just sleep here and don’t want to use the TV, internet or even airconditioner, you can pay just the room only, or either way,you can pay for an add on if you want those other services. Why they do this? because if there’s a low cost carrier price, then there should be a low cost hotel service available for budget travelers.

I’ve tried some low cost hotels here in Manila, and I got some bad experience with them, but after I tried here in Tune Hotels, I can say that they are the best low cost hotel ever, very flexible, neat and clean.

Btw, you can read Raffy's post about Tune Hotels here at

and Enzo's post at

you can also watch my video walkthrough here at

here are some info I read via Wikipedia

Tune is a limited service hotel chain operated by Tune Hotels Regional Services Sdn Bhd that provides a claimed "5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price" accommodation. Tune Hotels is part of the Tune Group, the private investment group of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, founder and group CEO of low-cost airline AirAsia. Tune Hotels states that it is aiming for 100 hotels in its global portfolio by 2015.”

“The limited service model used by Tune Hotels is similar to the no frills business model practiced by low-cost carriers such as AirAsia[1] and has been adapted to the hospitality industry.

As with 'low-cost carriers', Tune Hotels limited service and pay-as-you-use of add-ons concept omits many traditional hospitality services. Instead, services and extras are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, including toiletries, 12 or 24 hours air-conditioning, TV and internet access and also single or double occupancy.”

Here in the Philippines their branches are:
in Angeles City in Pampanga, Cebu City, Ermita in Manila, Makati City in Manila, Cagayan de oro in Mindanao, Ortigas in Manila, Davao City, Quezon City in Manila

in Malaysia, they have 12 branches of Tune Hotels, for Kuala Lumpur, we stayed here in Tune Hotels Downtown KL, its one of the busiest Tune Hotels and also near in KL tourist sites and spots.

Tune Hotel Downtown KL is connected in the intersection of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, it’s a walking distance also from the Medan Tuanku monorail station and Sultan Ismail LRT station. All train station are connected with the elevated walkway that has access to each train station and also to Tune Hotel Downtown KL


Here’s a short guide on how to go to Tune Hotels Downtown KL in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1. After arriving in LCCT take a train or bus going to KL Sentral (bus ride approx 1 hour to KL)
2. At KL Sentral, walk out of the terminal and head to KL Sentral Monorail, located outside the KL Sentral terminal
3. In KL Sentral Monorail station, buy a token going to Medan Tuanku station, price is at 2RM
4. At Medan Tuanku station, you can walk via the elevated walkway or the sidewalk street going to Tune Hotels Downtown KL

You can also ride the taxi from KL Sentral, but riding the Monorail is much more fun, convenient and affordable.

take note: some taxi drivers at KL Sentral will propose to you a 40RM ride going to Medan Tuanku area. I suggest just take the Monorail, of if you are in a hurry or traveling with your family with child, you can take the special taxis offering a ride with special price.

At Tune Hotels, single bed price is around 45RM per night (Php 700 per night)

Tune Hotel - Downtown KL

316 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Twitter: @tunehotels

And now we are home… at Tune Hotels

Proceed to the front desk and show your printed copy of your confirmed online hotel booking.
The guest relation will do some screening and check the room’s availability per floor.

The check in time is at 2pm and check out time is at 11am

P9220235 P9220236
P9220237 P9220238
Be ready to show your passport before checking in, they will just scan it and also check the names for double confirmation of your hotel booking. And you have the option here to get a package add on for RM40, that includes TV, aircon, wifi and towels.

And our booking states that we are getting the addons for 4 days, so here’s a bag of 2 towels with soap and shampoo and a remote control for the TV. take note: there’s no toothpase or toothbrush, but you can buy your hygiene supplies in a 7-11 store inside Tune Hotels and they are open 24/7


Here’s my keycard…I’ll stay in room 343

Tune hotels have three access elevators, two from the hotel lobby and the other is near the staircase

Tune Hotels color code is grey and red, and the colors are very uniformed in each hallways

There’s Enzo at the other end of the hallway

Here’s my room

Just tap your keycard and wait for the green color to light up and then open the door

Here’s the keycard slot that opens the power of the entire room, above the keycard power slot is the wall controller for the aircon, and the remote controller for the aircon, below are the power switch for the lights and the ceiling fan.

There’s a poster inside the room that reminds hotel guest to help the environment by saving energy. Just turn off the TV if you are not using it. Here in the room, I use the aircon for several minutes and then I turn it off if the room is already cooler, and then I just use the ceiling fan for the entire day, I feel comfortable with a cold breeze coming from above.

That’s me: okay its time to show my room!!!
where the snoring takes place!

Here’s the bed…
btw, we are here at the Double bed room – it can accommodate up to 2 person (and plus one child) per double room.

There’s my favorite part…the ceiling fan

There’s a small desk near the bed and below it are the vault, you can store your valuables here and your passport. Don’t bring your passport when you travel outside the hotel. You have to enter 4 numbers and press LOCK. To open the vault, just press your 4 numbers and then the vault will open automatically. Remember that you should open the vault before checking out.

On the wall is the LCD TV – with a few channels with English language, most channels are in Malaysian, Chinese or Indian.

Below the TV is the table panel, you can pull the table panel down and you can use it as your dining table or your workspace. There’s my laptop and my gadgets taking a break.

Re: their wifi connection, the speed is good but each wifi network can accommodate one device only, you have to disconnect your device if you want to use the wifi to your other device like iPhone or Laptop. The wifi add on will expire within 24 hours. You can re-activate a new wifi add on at the front desk, just bring your keycard and they will give you a new wifi password.

And here’s the bathroom!
so clean…and very comfy, I like the hair dryer posted on the wall and the videt…yeahh!!! I love bidet!! keeps me fresh every toilet rest. Bidet in toilet room in a hotel are so rare.

Bathroom sink and water knob that controls the cold and hot water

The shower is the best part… I love the rain effect shower, I took a bath two times a day here in KL hahahaa. I super love their shower, and the good part here is that the hot and cold water knob is easy to use. Unlike other hotels that hot water and cold water is hard to mix and find the right knob setting to turn it off.

And in every hotel photo shoot..I always took home a selfie infront of the mirror

Here’s the soap and shampoo… and no toothpaste.
You can buy the toothpaste in 7-11, I’m so glad that brought my own toothpaste and toothbrush whenever I travel. Their toiletries design got a cute artwork.

Watching BBC news before going to bed, its one of the channels in English available in their local cable TV.

And my world suddenly freezes when I saw an episode of Dragon Ball series hahahaa. I didn’t mind if its in Malaysian language. I still enjoy this series since when I was in a kid during the late 80s.

Tune Hotel merchandise are available at the lobby, you can buy here tumblers, plug adaptors, keychain, tshirt and caps.

The sofa at the lobby inside Tune Hotel Downtown KL.. Raffy and Enzo got a pic here, and I’m the only one who doesn’t have a photo hahahaha.

So where do we buy our food if we are inside Tune Hotels ? since it’s a low cost hotel,there are no restaurants in it and also no breakfast buffet that will wake you up in the morning, but they have three commercial stores renting a space at the ground floor of Tune Hotels, there’s San Franciso Coffee, 7-11 and one convenience store that sells microwaveable food.

Above is the microwaveable food Sri Kulai, I bought one pack for RM9 , and my first try was the Beef Rendang instant meal. The lady at the store helped me set up my meal and heated the food inside the microwave oven for 10minutes. So while its being heated, I went to 7-11 to buy my drinks.

There’s also a restaurant near the hotel, which serves great Indian-Malaysian cuisine with a price of RM5 to 7RM per food.

I bought this White Coffee King at 7-11 for 3RM, there’s a water station inside Tune Hotels where you can get FREE cold and hot water 24/7.

We also tried the San Francisco Coffee inside Tune Hotels, we have this coffee store in the Philippines, but the only branch was gone after a mall in Makati started renovating. Coffee and food are a bit pricey and not the usual price like from convenience store.

I bought this Coddled Egg with Coffee for around 11RM.
I super enjoyed this treat hahahaha. It started to miss my country after a sip of coffee and a nice spoonful of eggs.

At the ground floor of Tune Hotel Downtown KL, they have this room fit for business meetings or just a room for your internet surfing activities, hotel guest can use it anytime for FREE.

Here you can see the water station behind the glass window. There’s also a prayer room for Muslims that can be accessed anytime.

Here’s Raffy in his pajamas, so busy blogging while sipping a hot White Coffee

Lounge area is located near the meeting room. It’s a comfy living room style setting complete with couch, table and a nice reading area.

Best area also for reading your book, or an area you want to plan your next itinerary while drinking your favorite coffee and eating your sandwich.

At the convenience store area, there’s a dining area there and you can eat your food there. I’m not sure if its okay to bring your meal here at the lounge area.

This photo was taken during our last day stay in Tune Hotels. I feel at home here in Tune Hotels and it’s the most comfortable hotel for budget travelers. I see lots of foreign tourists coming in and out of Tune Hotels and that is a proof that Tune Hotels is a very reliable hotel for tourist and budget travelers. After I found out that Tunel Hotels has a branch here in the Philippines, I got the interest already to visit Mindanao – I really want to go to Davao City, according to my blogger friends, if ever I want to go to Mindanao, I should try visit Davao City first.

Btw, a new branch of Tune Hotels will be opened tomorrow here in Quezon City. The new Tune Hotels in QC is located at 100 Timog Ave., Bgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City

“Established in 2007, Tune Hotels adheres to its limited service concept which provides rooms with basic yet high quality requirements. These include choice beddings, high performance showers and clean and secure environments situated in close proximity to key shopping, sightseeing and business destinations. Developed and operated by Red Planet Hotels, the Tune Hotel chain has branches across Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Bangladesh and the Philippines.”

Thank you Tune Hotels!! see you in my next travel
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