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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Lost in Malaysia part 2–breakfast in Marrybrown resto at LCCT

Here’s my first food blog post inline with our trip to Malaysia. After our arrival at LCCT, we searched for the best resto for our breakfast, we want to try something new, there are lots of fast food joints and café located outside terminal, but when we found this Marrybrown restaurant infront of McDonalds, we decided to just eat here and try their menu.

I learned that Marybrown is Canadian in origin, and I’m not familiar yet about the specialty of this resto, and at first I thought it was a Malaysian fast food. I read some info from their website that their specialty is the Marybrown friend chicken, hmmm its like our Jollibee’s Chickenjoy.

”We changed our name to Mary Brown's soon after, in honour of the woman behind our Signature Chicken recipe. Since then Mary Brown's has become a household name, and our reputation has only grown! Renowned for big, juicy, tender chicken, today Mary Brown's has over 95 stores across Canada and a number of International locations under development that offer the Famous Chicken & Taters you've come to love.” -

But I don’t want to eat the regular food like the burgers, chicken or pasta, I want to try that is Malaysian, because we are here to explore and try the food, after scanning their menu, I ordered a curry noodles with chicken, hey! I ordered without blinking hahaha.

I like here in Malaysia because everyone speaks English, there’s no problem in communicating with the Malaysians, but you need to focus and listen if they talk because there’s a bit of accent originating from their mother tongue.

So I ordered my food, and my budget per meal should not exceed to RM10, the curry noodles that I ordered is a combo meal with drinks and priced at RM9. perfect meal for our 1st day here in KL.

Marybrown Malaysia got lots of customers here in LCCT
you can check out their Facebook page at
and official website for more info -

”Marrybrown® is one of the largest privately owned restaurant chains in the nation. The Company, founded in 1981, with more then 400 restaurants in 15 countries and territories. Marrybrown® International based in Malaysia, oversees operations and the ongoing development of the Marrybrown® brand outside of the Malaysia.”

Here’s Raffy and Enzo got their first challenge… order a food
It took them around 5 minutes to decide which food to order ahaha.

After I pay my meal, I spotted this standee beside me. ohhhhh Durian bites!!! It’s like a munchkin doughnut with durian cream fillings. My plan here is to buy one set and bring it to the Philippines.

Mi Kari Ayam Goreng
an original recipe for Marybrown Malaysia, a noodles with creamy soup with lemon grass, spicy chilli, boneless chicken breast, long beans and half cut egg

Nasi Marybrown

Enzo and Raffy's meal -- according to Marybrown Malaysia website, their Nasi Marybrown is that their rice is cooked in cocounut milk with pandan leaves, ginger and stalk of lemon grass. It comes with a piece of juicy chicken, sambal, anchovies, peanuts and freshly hand cut acar.

My Mi Kari Ayam Goreng
The noodles and spice fueled me for the entire day.

That’s Marybrown!! I hope you can build a branch here in Manila heheheh.

More food adventures in Malaysia in my next blog post!

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