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Saturday, October 05, 2013

My Coverage Photos: Million People March in Ayala, Makati City

Here’s my photo coverage of the Million People March in Ayala that was held yesterday in Makati City. I received a Facebook event invite about the scheduled 2nd leg of the Million People March, the last march was held in Luneta and now the 2nd is here in Makati City. I went here because I got a scheduled event coverage in Mandarin Hotel, and it was a great timing that I’ll be covering two events happening in one venue which is in Makati. My plan is to shoot a time lapsed of the whole event but I forgot to bring my tripod and then I decided to have a photo coverage of the people and the scene. I plan it well for that day and I’m glad everything went so smooth.

The purpose of the march is to voice out more concerns of our people and hoping that our President Aquino will listen to the wish of our people that they should take actions and clear out the pork barrel, PDAF and DAP dramas. The march and program was held right infront of the statue of Ninoy Aquino, father of our president. I felt lots of anger and depression coming from the people who joined this march, some of them are not rally regulars, they are the people who work so hard to get a better life and after the pork barrel scam drama, everyone felt that we got duped by our national officials for so many years by pocketing the country’s fund, that can be useful for the country’s growth, education and health upgrades and agriculture. I wonder who will ever listen to us, or who will ever take action, I just don’t know, but I hope they hear this shout “scrap pork now!!”. The organizers of this Million People March are confident that there will be more march in the future, they will not stop until someone listened from our government.

If there will be another march… expect me again to attend and cover it ( I will attend the rally/march that are organized only by the Million People March organizers)

I took photos using my Olympus E-520 dslr camera with 40-150mm m.zuicko lens and Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42 kit lens.

My journey started here in the intersection of Makati Ave and Paseo De Roxas, I’m aware already that the road of Paseo de roxas from Sedeno st. to Ayala road is already closed for the people’s march. Here I stand infront of Pio del Pilar statue, he is a Katipunero and Hero of Makati

Statue of Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat, a Muslim Filipino leader who defeated the Spaniards in Mindanao during the 1600s.

My final stop is here at the monument statue of Ninoy Aquino, the main event was held here

That’s me…. in the middle of Ayala

The entire Ayala road is closed and everyone are taking the advantage for some bike and skate fun for hours

Its rare to have a jump shot photo in Ayala road, so here’s some people who enjoys a short jump shot photo shoot.

Ayala Land drainage cover

Old man being interviewed by a local tv crew, he went here alone ( the old man’s name is - Mario dela Cruz of Malolos, Bulacan)

Another old man, who went here by his own, together with a friend and his daughter. The old man shout out his anger and concern about what’s happening to our government and nation. Not your ordinary old man, he shouts out in good English.

Makati security boys are talking to the street vendors…bec. the sellers don’t have permit to sell and place a foldable store here in Ayala. It was business as usual, the vendors went well here til the start of the event program.

A lady in her anger words never stops in voicing her concerns and also questions. I’m sure our politicians didn’t hear her, but this photo will just show how angry the people here at the Million People March.

Snap shooters spotted.

spotted Alma Anonas-Carpio (Cyber Press group)

Snap shooters and Makati security boys

spotted in a busy phone call: Doris Bigornia of ABS CBN NEWS

spotted: Organizers of the Million People March

Angry pig mask with names of known senators

Stage crew are almost done in assembling the stage

Old man in hard fist pump in air….shows his anger vs. the corruption

this guy: ohkayyyyy ikaw na kuya lomographer ang may astig na vintage camera
I didn’t got his name,but I’m interested to see the shots taken from that camera

Small groups started to arrive one by one here in Ayala.

GMA 7 field reporter is busy texting ( what’s her name ??? )

Atom Araullo of ABS CBN NEWS…caught him staring at my lens

Bec. he thought that I’m the photographer of these kids hahahah.
photo op lang pag may time…

Pol Sci students are also here…observing and also listens to the shout outs of different groups who joined this march.

Interview time…

Selfie time….

Shooting time…

Fashioning times…

Sisterhood times…

Marching times….

at around 3:30PM, some employees who are still in their shift, remain inside their office and watch the march of people in Ayala, they shout and clapped their hands to signal some support. I’m glad no more throwing of paper confetti.

Cops are on stand by

This guy invites the working people of Makati to go out of their office and join with them here at the march.

Fire brigade are also on stand by…. Makati is always prepared

Waiting for another march in Ayala

This old man went here alone, he sat in the hot pavements of Ayala wearing this signage, then a man appeared from behind and gave him an iced cold bottled water.

A very disturbing banner…. I’m talking about the photo of our President with Hitler-like mustache

I wonder who brought this life size statue of Porky hahahah

A group shouting for a tax holiday

Business as usual.
Street vendors got the guts to sell some rally merchandise here in the middle of Ayala

UNTV radio van looks so comfy and awesome!!!
They brought the whole radio station here in Ayala.

Another petition signature campaign from

Mae Paner aka Juana Change is the star here in every Million People March, here we saw her acting as Janet Napulis

Folk artist and composers Rey and Ver singing a folk rendition about the pork barrel scam, they also sell their CD audio in CDR label for Php 100.

Rally with a fashion statement

no need to get a permit in taking this photo ahhahaa.

Reminds me of a scene in The Walking Dead tv series.

All media, reporters and photographers started to camp out before the arrival of this group of people marching down from EDSA to Ayala-Paseo de Roxas. I sat on the road and waited for the arrival of this group, we snap photos and shouted at the people who are blocking off our vantage view to get a nice shot. The man infront suddenly walks infront and we thought that he is our President wearing purontong shorts hahahaha. We told the guy to move to the side.

Here they are….

One of the first wave of anti-pork group

This guy enjoys having a selfie photo…oh c’mon…this is not the time for a selfie… the photographers behind me are shouting that no selfie!!! no selfie!!!! hahahaa…look at my shot….. a selfie photo of the guy

Here comes the march coming from different private organizations and militant groups.

Pig effigy representing the pork barrel scam and the people involved. I’m glad that they didn’t burn this here in Ayala. The pig effigy looks like a fusion of a pig and a lizard (tuko). When this effigy paraded the Ayala road, everyone threw lots of garbage to the effigy, I’m glad that the effigy makers got the initiative to clean up right after the throwing of plastic with water/softdrinks incident.

Pork barrel is dangerous to your health
just..a simple reminder to our senators and congressman

More groups coming in from different sectors

More shout outs to abolish the pork barrel.


Old man shouts “scrap pork now!!”

A lady showed to me her custom made “abolish pork” earing

Archbishop Oscar Cruz in interview mode with Channel News Asia

Program is about to start in a few minutes..
this is a go signal for me to go infront of the stage to take better pictures of the scene

The crowd are waiting for the program to start

This guy leads the prayer for everyone, we prayed first before the start of the program

Praying for change

Raising their palms and bow down and then pray

Million People March in Ayala praying…

spotted: photographer Chris Lucas
he took a photo of me while I sat on top of a big speaker near the stage hahahaha. Thanks Chris.

Forgot the name of this guy…who delivered the first speech
not sure if he is from Anakbayan or Kabataan group.

He was so quiet sitting at the back of the stage and then he releases a lot of anger on stage

Mae Paner aka Juana Change aka Napulis impersonator on stage

Start of the program…

Rock band from UP Diliman performed 1st

reminds me of Paramore…..
They performed a song titled “Brand new day”

Why so serious….. the people here are serious about their participation to this march and also the issue of that pork barrel scam

Students joins in the crowd cheer

A duo group – singer and rapper

The rapper… their performance gave some energy to the crowd of people

great spot!!!! tv crew and reporters in BPI building

Another speaker of the day

Spotted: virtual 360 degrees photographer Fung Yu

I was about to leave the area, because I got hungry and I need a CR break, then I saw that The Jerks band is next to perform. I went back to the crowd and watch Chikoy Pura of The Jerks performed two songs for us

OMG…I’m a big fan!!!! I super enjoyed this segment

Met this guy in Harbor Point yearssssss ago, I met him with a friend (unexpected short meet up) and I didn’t know he plays bass for The Jerks… during that meet up…I even proudly shared that I have their MP3 set of their music in my music player hehehe.

The Jerks performed “ALL THE LIE YOU SAID” and “RAGE”

After their last song, I went out of the crowd and stayed in Jollibee for a quick meal and CR break, then I went home…it was a long walk from Ayala to Amorsolo st. Their I tested my patience to get a taxi ride going to Coastal bus terminal.

Thanks for viewing my photo coverage of the Million People March in Ayala, Makati City.
if there will be a 3rd leg…expect me there for another coverage.

An estimate of 2,300 people participated the march here in Ayala.
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