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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be part of “An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour” in Tuscany Mckinley Hills for only Php1,000 good for 8 restaurants

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There’s a new food venue here in the metro, and its located just a walking distance from Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hills, if you are there, just walk straight to Upper Mckinley Hills and you’ll see the new food and resto strip at Tuscany Mckinley Hills. The new resto strip stands on the sides of the Tuscany Private Estates and along the street there’s some call center buildings, Mckinley Hills Village, Korean International School, Korean and British Embassy. The place is new and was launched 5 months ago,and now they have new restos that are already considered as one of the best kept foodie secret here in the metro.

When I joined this food tour called “An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour” in Tuscany Mckinley Hills, it was my first time there and I got amazed already how lovely is the place and got curious more on these new restaurants. Thanks to the mighty team up of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, The Mercato Centrale partners Anton Diaz and RJ Ledesma, for coming up another food adventure to promote not only the place but also the new restaurants.

I’m familiar with this kind of food tour organized by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, in the past they are active in organizing a series of food fest and tour at Eastwood City, Burgos Circle and in Venice Piazza. And now, Tuscany Mckinley is the new food station, so I want to invite you to check out the place while its hot.

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The Awesome Secret Foodies Tour is priced at Php 1,000 only. The food tour event will run 4 Saturdays, that on Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14 and Dec 21 (also extended to Dec 28th!!) . The food tour starts at 2pm-5pm.

You can buy your tickets at Php1,000 only, just visit the redemption booth near the Tuscany Grand Villas Gate (that's in front of a fountain), One ticket will entitle one person to enjoy the 8 participating restaurants and enjoy up to 20 dishes in one day.
here are the list of the participating restaurants
1. Sauceria
2. Planet Grapes
3. L.E.S. Bagels
4. Main Street
5. Sophie's Mom
6. B&T Mexican Kitchen
7. Marciano's
8. Trattoria Poggio Antico

Here are some mechanics, I just copy paste it here na lang
For the full mechanics of An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour, kindly read below:
1. An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour will run on Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14 and Dec 21, 2013 from 2PM – 5PM in Tuscany at McKinley Hill.
2. Tickets for the tour are priced at P1, 000. One ticket admits one (1) person.
3. Tickets are sold at the Redemption Booth near the Tuscany Grand Villas Gate on November 26 & 27, 2013, 11AM - 6PM.
4. Participants may choose their preferred date for the tour on a first come first served basis.
5. No rebooking of tours.
6. No ticket reservations will be entertained over the phone.
7. Tickets must be claimed in person on a first come, first served basis.
8. Each participant will be given a tour kit including the tour ticket, tour pin, degustation menu and the McKinley Hill Gourmet Guide.
For ticket inquiries, please call 709-0888, 709-9888, 0917 838-0111
full details:


From the food tour, I also met my online friends, we usually talk online but it’s a rare event that we see each other offline, and we’re here with Chuckie Dreyfus enjoying some beer and Italian food at Trattoria Poggio Antico
with Jaja Ramirez of , I told her to have a pic with the bagel or that hunky chef, hahahahah, but that’s okay.

We also met Dr. Eric Tan of B & T Mexican Kitchen, he found out that I’m part of the 1st wave of foodies who joined this food tour, he saw my status message and then sent a PM if this is the same with the tour at Tuscany. I told him yes, and then oppsss. its no longer a secret hahaha.

At the food tour, I also met these ladies, they call themselves – the happy eaters. They are walk in customers of B & T Mexican Kitchen.

You see that, I enjoyed not only the food, but also I met new people, new friends, get to know more about the restaurants offering and also got a cheek to cheek discussion with the restaurant owners and discover how passionate they are in opening up a one of a kind restaurant.

so let me start here food adventure story trying the Awesome Secret Food Tour at Tuscany Mckinley Hills.

Planet Grapes
We started here first and we tried their wine pairing session, that’s drinking wine and eat some good street food… in street food. That’s the concept of Planet Grapes.

PB278621 PB278659
So we tried pairing a white or red wine in Planet Grapes with the regular pika pika food and then they told us to try pair it with BALUT or PENOY. I ordered a white wine L’escargot and ate the balut with a small spoon. Its kinda cool to try that in a restaurant and not outside the street. The wine makes me to eat more and the waitress said that I can order another set if I want for only Php40 per balut.

Here’s the owner of Planet Grapes and he explained to us the street food pairing with wines.
Photo Above is the ever loved chicharon.

Wine + Kikiam + Siomai is the best!!! believe me!!! the siomai and kikiam tastes so better!

You can choose if you want the regular food, but the street food is a must try partner to your wine.

PB278655 PB278650
The best here in Planet Grapes is that their wine are inside this vending machine, they showed to us that Planet Grapes prepaid card and after you insert or scan your card, you can choose the glass serving for your wine.

PB278668 PB278672
After one restaurant, we proceeded to transfer to the 2nd food venue, along the way, we encountered this Mexican and Italian mimes hhahah. Also posters of the food tour is displayed all over Tuscany.

Trattoria Poggio Artico
An Italian resto that offers pasta, pizza, beer, wine and some live classical guitar performance.

PB278675 PB278685
I like the style and table design here, it feels like I’m in Italy. Here we tried their appetizer.
- Prosciutto con Melone – a ham and melon pizza crust
- Crespella del Poggio – Crepe stuffed with ham and cheese, mushroom in truffle oil
- Oyster Sur Pate di Fegato – Oyster on Liver pate

among the three, I super love the Crespella del Poggio… could be the magic of truffle oil and mushroom.

PB278695 PB278691
I surrendered for another wine pairing here in Trattoria ( kinda weird it sounded like Tattoine haha)
here’s one guy playing a live classical guitar, but the tune is kinda Mexican

After the 2nd resto, we crossed at the middle of Tuscany and also infront of the gate of Tuscany Private Estate, here we saw the fountain and also the booth for the selling of tickets to this food tour. You’ll see a mini tent there.

B & T Mexican Kitchen
ohhhhh, I already tried this before in San Juan, and I’m super excited to try it again, I’m glad they have a 2nd branch here, so it means, no longer need to go to San Juan just to each at B & T. Their burritos are the best and this resto is the most talked about by foodies few months ago.

PB278709 PB278718
Nachos as appetizers and a platter of B & T goodies!!!

PB278719 PB278723
The platter contains
- Chipotle Chicken Pizza
- Mango glazed habanero chicken
-Taquitos especial with barbacoa

The food is so heavy…I poured my heart and soul here in B & T and it’s a wrong moved that I ate so carelessly.. I got full after finishing my Mexican meal.

PB278731 PB278733
That’s me now..the happy foodie of this secret foodie tour hahaha
Above is a new addition to B & T’s menu, ribs!!!!!

PB278734 PB278735
They also showed to us what are the other food here in B & T
burgers and margaritas

PB278736 PB278740
there’s the taquitos and pizza

PB278743 PB278745
ohhhh the gigantic burrito here in B & T Mexican Kitchen.
If you want to have some food adventure, I suggest you try their Ghost Chili sauce.

L.E.S. Bagels
This was listed as our starters but it turns out that this will be our immediate merienda and it was just 8pm that night ahhahaha.

PB278751 PB278754
our female blogger friends got crazy when they met the hunky Chef here in LES Bagels, he owns it and he is a certified Bagel sandwich lover. That’s good ha, i f you have passion on something, you can create a business out from it. At least you’ll enjoy what you love.

PB278755 PB278761
At the counter, they showed to us the different dressing and fillings for your bagel sandwich.

PB278764 PB278767
I super love bagel, and I’m glad that the price is really right…. and also they served good coffee for your bagel.

Not only bagels, but they also have some sinful and rich choco brownies.. you will forget your name if you have try it.

It’s a restaurant put up by people who are real FOOD SCIENTIST… Imagine… there’s science to create a rich and tasty flavor for you food by using natural ingredients and a big NO NO to artificial flavorings. I super enjoyed eating here and the owner of Sauceria explained to us how special is there food. This is their 2nd branch and they opened up the resto just to join the food tour event. Thank you sir!!!

PB278773 PB278775
the food scientist.. I forgot to get his name, but I’m so amazed on how he explained how to get that awesome taste in their food naturally.

above is the Artisanal all beef burger = artisanal beef with tuyo blue cheese spread in Furikari bun

PB278776 PB278778
Spanish style flat bread pizza aka Fete Cilantro Tomato Cocas.

PB278779 PB278780
Their menu..

and their original iced tea…their drinks are also good!

Tuna Tataki is also the best!!! it’s a tuna sushi that is likely grilled with sesame seeds, all burned up and this gives a very unique and new flavor to you.. the tuna sushi tastes so smokey…fresh…and juicy.

best dipped in their home made sour cream dip with wasabi.

The heavy meal is in here…at Marciano’s Pizza, my tummy got its nice phasing and I was ready to eat again aaahahaha.

PB278790 PB278792
I tried Marciano’s pasta and pizza before, and its good too, so I let the first timers try it and they gave a thumbs up and they love the food here.

above is the Woody Allen Linguine pizza and Dow Jones – US T-bone with prawns and veggies.

PB278795 PB278796
West side four season pizza – a four cheese pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, seafood

Also we received a Panacota treat after the meall..yey!!!

Main Street
it’s a resto that serves the best of Canadian cuisine, well according to the owner, their cuisine is not that popular because it’s a common food, but for us, everything new is awesome!

PB278802 PB278803
menu and the beer below zero temptation hahahah

PB278806 PB278813
RJ Ledesma is touring us in every resto, here he introduces to us the owner of the resto… a young guy that came from Canada.

aboveL the Wagyu burger, I know its common, but expect the awesome food below.

PB278817 PB278829
Poutine – a thick cut fries serve with beef gray and cheese
ohhh this is the specialty here in Main Street… a must try food with lots of unhealthy goodies ahaaha.
it tastes good!

also the ice cream and gelatos here are good! – try the maple gelato, after a spoonful, you’ll remember the last pancake you have eaten hahaha.

The food and resto strip here in Tuscany
the place glows at night and it’s a lovely dating place for couples and also for the family who want to create their own food adventure in one day.

Sophie’s Mom
Our last stop… we ate desserts here…the Red Velvet cup cake is yummy!! I have tried lots of red velvet cake or cup cake and I just can’t explain why their version is so good!

PB278836 PB278837PB278839 PB278840
every corners here in Sophie’s Mom cup cake store is so cute!!
kids and girly tweens will love to hang out here.

PB278844 PB278845
its just a small sampler of red velvet cup cake, but after two bites, I cheesy after taste coming from the toppings just made my day complete.

PB278847 PB278849PB278850 PB278853
I’ll be back!!! I will eat here soon! thanks Sophie’s Mom

PB278855 PB278856PB278857 PB278859PB278860 PB278861
everything is so cute here….

Okay..sorry for the photo dump…but Sophie’s Mom is a must try.
I’m not a fan of cup cakes…but when I tried their red velvet… it’s the only cup cake that I will eat in my life..seriously.

Ohh lookie…I got to buy some take outs

I joined my PBNetwork team to go back to Sauceria, because they missed the food session there and they skipped it to advance to the next resto, our session with the food scientist slash owner of Sauceria gave us a nice chat – all about scientific findings of the umami taste using natural food items.

Above is the Kryptonite drinks…it’s like a lime juice with a kick
normally its called margarita

PB278912 PB278914
He served to us again the Tuna Tataki, we super enjoyed this without the noodles and its better with out the soba noodles.

Also he served to us another margarita pitcher and this time with little kick.
but we got’s a silent drink that can get you drunk after gulping one pitcher hahahah.

PB278917 PB278923
They mentioned to us that their coffee is better, me as the coffee addict and drinker, took a challenge to try their coffee..ohhh its quite okay and tastes good…

Above is that potato garlic spicy – I forgot what it is called, but it’s the unique flavor is the one we talked about here, the effect of the potato’s spice let us want to drink more of that Kryptonite hahaha.

Ohhh our food tour here in Tuscany ended at around 12am
ahhahaha..yeah…more resto to stop…more food to eat and enjoy..and lots of chats to share to fellow foodies and resto owners.

I hope you can try their food tour this Saturday.

If you have tried it..I invite you here to come and post your insights below about the food tour activity.

happy eating!!

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