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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Pop Talk Dec 2013 part 2: Grand Bazaar in Elements, Eton Centris

Me and the Pop Talk team visited the 1st bazaar near their studio, our 1st visit is in Grand Bazaar at Elements in Eton Centris near Quezon Avenue MRT. They say that the bazaar here is non stop through the year, the Grand Bazaar is a year long bazaar venue and it occupies the event center in Eton Centris.

There’s also a bazaar outside Elements, but the Grand Bazaar is the much visited venue because it is air conditioned and entrance is free!

The Grand Bazaar runs til December 23, 2013.
The sellers changes every week and most of them return after a week. If you bought something good here and want to buy from the seller again, I suggest you get their calling card and contact them for your next purchase.

Here’s Lace after the quick make over hehehehe. We rode the GMA Network Van going to different places and the only thing my wife agreed to be part of the show because we experienced a good relationship already from past tv tapings with the Pop Talk crew. We are pampered to the maxxx and in every taping, they fill up our tummy with lots of yummy food.

This is Elements in Eton Centris, people can rent this place, its like a Megatrade Hall 1 in size, but in the other side of Elements……

It is packed with sellers and awesome items for sale for this Christmas season.
I went around and the venue is just a small portion of Elements Centris. They have around 4 alleys and corners are full of sellers.

I spotted this gold Casio watch, I became curious about the price and the seller told its around Php 1.5k

The seller is Watches Manila, they sell those orig Casio watches in Groupon PH, and the good part here is that they have their own service center. Visit their page in Facebook.

I also met the seller of Chatoyer e Eticeler, she sells those neclace and bracelets made from mother of pearls and some expensive jewels, at first I thought that those are just plastic jewelries and then she talked to me and explained to me that it is made from real pearls and gems. Each necklace and bracelets are hand crafted by her.

One cool jewelry and art. Price is ranges from 10k-500k depends on the design and number of embedded gems

The Pop Talk team went around the Grand Bazaar to shoot and occur the area.

Our Pop Talk reviewer is here also…scouting and hunting for the items they want to buy.

After a few minutes, the celebrity guest – Jennica Garcia arrived in the Grand Bazaar and then the camera starts to roll.

While they are busy, I tried this sisig meal sold inside Grand Bazaar. The seller joked at me and said that it’s the best sisig in town, I took the challenge to try it and ordered one, I think this was around Php 35 – with sisig and rice.

Here’s my sisig meal..
my verdict: damn….it’s the best sisig!!!!

Pop Talk tv host Tonipet Gaba started some intro spiels with the celeb guest Jennica Garcia and their reviwers. Lace already knows what to do, I told her to be talkative and be active so that she can get more screen time hahahaha.

The camera rolls..and I disappeared…I just stay away from them and avoid the cameras.
I just don’t want the tv viewers see me walking around in three segments of the show hahahaa.

The bad timing for me is that… I don’t have cash on hand, I’m glad that the ATM machine is at the other side of the building. I was planning to withdraw so that I can shop around while they are shooting the episode.

But it was hot outside and I just decided to stay here at the air cooled venue of Grand Bazaar.



Spotted some clothing and socks – all made from the US.

Lace hoarded the toy sellers and some clothes for kids. The Pop Talk team handed them Php 1,000 each to shop around and see which is POP or FLOP in Grand Bazaar.

I noticed that majority of the clothes sold here are for womens. All tag with low low low prices.

Also the best food here is the Instaballs curry balls.
Its like that curry fish balls from Hong Kong, and now they are here in Manila. My wife Lace first bought some balls and then she gave some to Tonipet and to one of the guest reviewer, it was the most talked about food during this 1st shoot.

Lunch time here in Grand Bazaar.

After the lunch meal, we were informed to check out the over runs and clearance sale at the other side of the Grand Bazaar.

Wow!! Php 100 only, I step back because I spotted some nice polo and jacket ahahaa.

I spotted this cute kaleidoscope designed iPhone case.

Some of the sellers posted this sign to let us know that proceeds coming from this rack will be donated to Red Cross PH

Rest mode… Lace and her shopping haul

Tonipet received a taco burrito sampler.

the taco burrito tastes good ha.. the cheese is the main winner here.

Tienda Uno sells some imported food items here at the Grand Bazaar.

Elements at Centris, the home of the year long Grand Bazaar.

Tonipet interviews the reviewers again…. they shot some scenes for the intro of the show

I super enjoyed the tv taping again.. I just got my episode during the start of 2013, but I was informed that I might appear again in one of their episode for I wish for a travel and food episode hehehe.

Go jump to my next blog post for our 2nd stop!

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