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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Pop Talk Dec 2013 part 4: Villa Formatura Grand Christmas Bazaar

Our last bazaar to review is Commonwealth area in Brgy Holy Spirit. We arrived here at around 7pm and we were welcomed with lots of colorful lights from Christmas parols hanging above their venue. The Pop Talk team didn’t wasted time and went inside to occur again the best item to buy and to be featured on TV.

I’m already tired at this hour and forgive me for posting few photos of Villa Formatura’s Grand Christmas Bazaar, for me this is my Pop na Pop bazaar among the three bazaars that we visited. why ? because there are lots of gadgets and items for men hahhahaa. The bazaar here don’t have air condition but I’m very impressed that the ventilation of air is great, its cold here in Commonwealth, and thanks also to the hanging chandelier with electric fan, they have those fan in every pillars and corner of the venue.

I roamed around and here I spotted some collectibles and I’m happy that I finally saw that Hot Toys imitation figure of Thor and Wolverine. They are priced at around Php 2k here, I told them if the figure is poseable, I might buy one, but I just realized it that the figure will act like a statue only. But Php 2k is already a good deal if you want to take home Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman.

I hope they can make some Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow figure hehehe.

Mark Carandang, one of the Pop talk reviewer , with his wife, started to ocular the bazaar, my wife Lace was nowhere to be found and she was so quick to roam around the bazaar.

She’s the organizer of the bazaar here in Commonwealth, she’s a former TV reporter, can you guess who is she ?

The venue is not air conditioned but that’s okay, I’m glad that the ceiling is high and the lighting and air ventilation is good. At first I thought that I’ll drip with lots of sweat here, but the air was cool and we’re fine.

We started to enjoy our hang out here at the dining area and for my estimate they have around 50 stalls.

Through out the taping, I forgot to have a snapshot of us aaaahaha, here’s a selfie with my wife Lace

According to Mark Carandang, one of the reviewers, the prices here are much lower compare to the two bazaars that we visited.

Here’s one of the stalls that sells imported items, my wife here bought that cup cake stand and holder.

I also spotted this scooter for adults..I don’t have cash with me that time..this is only Php 2.5k
I want to own this so that I can stride myself in the streets of Makati or BGC.

I’m wishing for a GO Pro camera, but this one acts like a Go Pro, minus the high quality video hahaha, but it’s a cheapo version of it and the price is around Php 3k. I did some research and the video quality is quite okay.

the organizer of the bazaar also sells some lunch meals and some pastries, Sweet Stuff provided us with some take home cookies and that yummy caldereta.

Also at the other side of the stall, we saw celeb Melissa Mendez selling some cookies and cup cakes.
I didn’t recognize her hahahaha. sayang photo op sana.

Here’s the yummy caldereta from Sweet Stuff!!!! pop na pop ito!

Okay, next blog post is the final verdict! woohohoh.

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