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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Solaire Resort year ender bloggers party #solairemoment

Thanks to Solaire Resort for inviting us and organizing a year ender bloggers party, me and 20 bloggers stayed in one of the suites hotel room of Solaire Resort, the program, the party, the food fest, the chikahan, the kulitan and laugh trip was held there for around 5 hours. I like the set up and its very comfy to party with our blogger friends, no need to wear a coat and tie hahaha.

Solaire Resort invited two comedians to bring lots of laughs to us and also they showed to us the upcoming shows and attractions before the year ends, expect me to publish a separate post about those shows.

photo above: it’s our reaction reading Richard Mamuyac’s Facebook post hahah.
PBNetwork PH team : Raffy , Edel of and Ted of and also special appearance – Rodel of

ok lets put this in a photo blog manner hhahaha.

IMG_3016 IMG_3018
After the 2 hours travel time coming from SM Megamall up to SM MOA, thanks to that Buko juice for helping me hydrated in that long bus ride, and no thanks to EDSA traffic. I felt “loshang” already because of the heat and traffic, so I decided to visit a salon in SM Mall of Asia, I always get my haircut there in Headway Salon, my standard hair cut is – barber’s cut + shampoo for only Php 250.

After my hair cut, Raffy txted me and told me that he’s nearby, I txted also other PBNetwork bloggers and told me that they are on their way to Solaire. I met Raffy infront of Bonchon and rode via carpool in his Digital Spidey Mobile.

We arrived in Solaire in just minutes and went straight ahead to the reception counter and met Myk Cruz, our contact from Solaire, we went up to the 15th floor of the hotel and entered room 1525 for the year ender bloggers party. I’m so glad that the party is informal hahaha, I didn’t dressed up for this event and buti na lang simple lang ng set up but the venue is awesome! I heard it’s a Php 45,000 a night for that suite room.
IMG_3023 IMG_3042
The rest of the bloggers came one by one and I noticed that all bloggers are under lifestyle and entertainment, and during the night, we noticed a Facebook post by Richard Mamuyac hahaha.

IMG_3040 1521331_10201761436530644_229006244_n
The program started at around 7pm and after we ate dinner, the two comedians came out of the room and started their stand up comedy acts, I laughed to the max until the end of the show. The two gay comedians are so funny! I’m glad that all bloggers present that evening are so GAME with their jokes, the tall gay even told me that I’m a lesbian hahahahah.

PC170831 PC170832
Entrance hallway of the hotel room at Solaire Resort and the view of the cocktail room

PC170836 PC170837
The cocktail room with food and drinks / ohh that’s Congressman Raffy ahahahaha.

PC170838 PC170839
Dining area

PC170843 PC170841
Honey roasted shaaved turkey breast sandwich, walnut bread
Penne amatriciana

PC170846 PC170848
Wild berry cheesecake
Pistachio cheesecake

PC170850 PC170852
Fire grilled skewers
bloggers dinner time!

PC170854 PC170855
Edel and Myrns

PC170856 PC170857
Nikole and Edel with a ini burger

PC170858 PC170859
Edel’s plate… mine is messy that’s why I took a photo of her plate ahhaha
and that’s Myk Cruz hosting the program for the year ender bloggers party

PC170862 PC170864
Everyone are busy taking pics and listening to the Solaire’s awesome offerings for the end of 2013.

PC170866 PC170867
I was seated infront and then I transferred at the back because I found out that there are gay comedians to host the next program, and because I know how they pull off the show, I sat at the back with Raffy and hide fro them, just to get away from their funny and crazy jokes, and ohhh the people infront are the most victimized by their jokes hahahaa.

PC170868 PC170873
gay stand up comedians - Divine Tetay and Iyah Mina
and Solaire’s digital marketing head leading the intro of the upcoming shows of Solaire

PC170874 PC170877
John Bueno aka just came in with sparkling new blondie hair color hahaha
Also Myk explained some mechanics about how to join and score a ticket for the 2014 new year counted

PC170882 PC170883
#Solairemoments Twitter hashtag has been unveiled and there’s the TOAST! Solaire Countdown to 2014
for details, just visit their website and Facebook page

PC170885 PC170886
Rex Navarette is back again here in Manila for another stand up comedy act and the much awaited Patti Austin concert with Lea Salonga and Martin Nieverra on Dec 29th, and they also announced that all proceeds of the concert will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

PC170887 PC170890
Fro 2014 they teased us with this concert of a British band called – The Beatles The bootleg, ohh I want to watch this!!

also..Rain de Ocampo won a ticket for one of the shows at Solaire.

PC170891 PC170894
John spotted in his laughing moments hahahah
Aylin of in the hot seat!!

PC170899 PC170900
Adrian Benipayo won a Fresh Buffet passport and here’s the lead marketing guy of Solaire welcoming us again and invited us to create our memories here in Solaire….because this is where it is all happens.

PC170905 PC170909
He said that there will be more surprises and attractions for 2014
and yours truly just won a Fresh buffet passport! woohohoh… me and wife will be there maybe next week to pig out!

PC170912 PC170914
There’s also a singing contest after the raffle, we heard Ria, Michael Macalos and Kathy Kenny sang their favorite songs, then we cheered for each one of them and then Ria won as the grand winner of the singing contest. Then at the grand raffle Ria won the Canon DSLR camera and Myrns won that new iPad with retina…ohhhh they are so lucky.

IMG_3033 IMG_3049
But my take home of the day is this Fresh buffet passport for two, I texted my wife to report to her about this great news, because she’s a big fan of luxury resorts and buffet, she’s excited to try this next week.

After the event, we ate again and have a fun talk with each other about the blogging community and also about Solaire hahhaa.. juicy and not so juicy news around the net.

IMG_3052 IMG_3063
My artsy fartsy photo at Solaire hotel and our take home Gingerbread house… my son super loved this! I showed this to him after I arrived home and he is so excited to eat it, I told him that this will be for a breakfast, and then the next morning at 7:00 am, my son wokes up and ran into my room and jumped on the bed and said that he’s ready to eat his gingerbread house hahaha. I’m so damn sleepy, but I forced myself to wake up and never miss the fun and excitement of my son who wants to eat a gingerbread for the very first time.

Awesome experience delivered to us by Solaire Resort..thank you so much for 2013 adventure!
more pa ha sa 2014 hahahaha!

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