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Saturday, March 09, 2013

contest: Upload your graduation photo and get a chance to win WD My Passport 500 GB

Check out this contest from Western Digital



There will be five (5) Winners of WD My Passport 500GB and ten (10) winners of Starbucks Gift Certificate worth 200 pesos each

The contest is open to all college and university graduating students’ age eighteen (18) to twenty seven (27) years old or above with supporting documents that he/she is a graduate (i.e Identification Card, Form 138, Transcript of Records, or Certificate of Diploma).

Relevance to the theme (20%) – The participants’ entry must be in relation to the Contests’ theme “Graduation”.
Message or Write – up (50%) – The words used should not exceed 20 words with impact to the reader and has an emotional appeal that would please the readers on why he/she should win the prize.
Creativeness in techniques used (30%) – The concept of the entry must be original and should inspire the reader.

The contest will start on Friday, March 8, 2013 12:00 AM (PH time) and will end on Monday, March 25, 2013 11:59 PM (PH time). Winners will be announced on Friday, March 29, 2013 through Western Digital PH’s Facebook Page.

1. Like If you are already a member, please proceed to the contest tab
2. Fill up the personal information form needed before uploading your entry. The application form consists of your personal information: full name, gender, email address, home address, phone number or mobile number, date of birth and your write – up for the photo not more than 20 words expressing why you should win the WD My Passport 500GB.
3. Upload a photo of you not exceeding 800kb if you are a college or university graduating student.
4. Click submit then share it to your friends.
5. Each participant is entitled to one (1) entry only.
6. Approved entry will be posted to Western Digital Facebook PH Facebook page for the public to be viewed and commented.

  1. The Sponsor has selected a set of jury that will judge the entries.
  2. The jury will select five (5) grand winners of the WD My Passport 500GB and ten (10) Consolation Prizes of Starbucks Gift Certificate worth 200 pesos each.
  3. Winners will be announced on March 29, 2013 through Western Digital PH Facebook Page and will be notified via email or phone.
  4. Non-cash prizes may not be exchanged, transferred, or redeemed for cash.
  1. Upon claiming the prize, the winner must be able to present any 2 of the following documents:
    • School ID
    • Transcript of Records
    • Certificate of Diploma
    • Form 138
  1. Winner must be willing to pick up their prize at the Think Big Events Office located Unit 1404 Goldhill Tower #5 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Manila. In case the winner came from outside Mega Manila the sponsor will be responsible to send it via a courier and will be the one to shoulder the expenses

for inquiry about this contest, just email :


I'm trying my best to blog...I'm now flooded with back logs and those bloggable content are dying already.
I promise that I'll finish them all this weekend.

btw, here's a floor layout design of Penny, Sheldon and Leonard's apartment in Big Bang Theory

more here at
via 1 Design Per Day

Friday, March 08, 2013

Azrael Coladilla shared an Instagram photo with you

Hi there, Azrael Coladilla just shared an Instagram photo with you. Visit the following link to see it:

Okay.. I posted this using Instagram post to Email. Its so weird that the photo didn't even load and no hyperlink. Also the title of this post is so generic

Tumblr is way more better in cross posting from Instagram

How to Qualify for the CPA Exam

Accountants who work directly with the public or for businesses must be licensed and certified to be able to practice their profession legally. The initiation of the certification and licensing process began in part, to protect both the accountant as well as the individuals or companies they worked for. Being licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, brings credibility to the profession. It also assures clients the accountants are adequately trained and prepared to handle any financial situation presented to them. Once an accounting student graduates with their specific degree, they must prepare for the licensing exam that will certify their qualifications and license them to work in their respective state.

Check your state's requirements needed to qualify to sit for the CPA exam. Each state has similar requirements that accounting students must meet before they can take the CPA exam. For the most part, states are relatively uniform in what they require in terms of semester hours, number of hours in business and accounting classes and the student's grade point average.

You must know the number of semester hours of education needed to qualify to sit for the CPA exam. All states require a minimum of 150 semester hours of education. 30 hours of graduate classes in accounting and 24 graduate hours business courses are required to be able take the CPA exam. Another 3 hours dedicated to ethics is also a mandatory requirement.

A person must have the grades needed to prove they have a working understanding of accounting practices and protocols. In most cases, state's require at least a 3.0 grade point average to be able to sit for the CPA exam. They also mandate at least 3.0 GPA must be carried in each accounting class to ensure the student's understand the concepts and protocols they are taught.

The uniform CPA examination must also be taken before a student can sit for the state required certification and licensing tests. The uniform CPA examination is just what its name implies. It is a generalized form of the CPA test that allows reviewers to determine if an applicant has the skills and knowledge needed to take the final licensing and certification test.

While this seems like a lengthy process to reach your goals of becoming a licensed accountant, it is one that thoroughly prepares you for the exacting profession you are dedicating your life to. Meeting the requirements needed to qualify to sit for the CPA exam proves you are adequately prepared and are able to advance into the licensing aspect of the process. You are ready to take on the world and assume the duties you have chosen to assume.

Today: Kiri Dalena Sheds Light on Gender Equality in "You Have Every Right" @ Ateneo de Manila University


The Philippines Leads Asia When it Comes to Gender Equality

Learn how a developing country like the Philippines has become one of the foremost hubs for gender equality, as visual artist Kiri Dalena sheds light on the topic during the exhibition YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT, featuring the works of international contemporary female artists working with video, painting, photography, media and technology to spark discussion about real life situations. Kiri’s talk will be held at 2:00PM on March 8, 2013 at the Ateneo Library for Women’s Writings.

DATE: March 8, Friday
TIME: 1:30PM
VENUE: Ateneo Library for Women’s Writings, Ground Fl., Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Php3,000 discounts today in Lazada

Got this news via email today c /o Lazada team
visit now at and take the advantage of the super discount offer that will occur only at 3pm today.


Save up to Php 3,000 with Fireworks of Vouchers today at 3PM

If you missed Lazada Philippines’ February Fireworks of Vouchers promo last February, then ready your mouse and fingers again because the country’s online shopping mall will be holding another Fireworks of Vouchers promo.
On March 6-7, 2013, a limited number of customers will get to avail up to Php 3,000 worth of discount on any Lazada purchase worth Php 4,000. The voucher codes will be released at exactly 3pm; the first five customers who checks out get to avail the Php 3,000 of discount voucher. Customers number 6-20 get to avail Php 2,000 discount; customers number 21-50 get Php 1,500; customers 51-90 get Php 1,000, and customers 91-140 get Php 500.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Discount may be availed for a minimum Php 4,000 worth of purchase from March 6-7, 2013 only.
  2. Voucher codes should be used before checkout to avail the discount.
  3. The voucher codes are limited and can only be applied for the first one hundred forty (140) customers.
  4. Lazada employees up to the second level of consanguinity are not allowed to participate in this activity.

How to use the voucher code
  1. Choose among the wide range of products.
  2. Click “Buy Now”
  3. Enter your voucher code in the “Apply your voucher code here:” section at the bottom of the page and click “Use”.
  4. Fill in your personal details if you are a new customer, “Log-in” if you are a returning customer.
  5. Click “Checkout”.

Tuna pasta in Le Coeur de France


My food last night in Le Coeur de France in Robinsons Galeria, I crave for pasta that day and I got disappointed when this fast food in Glorietta don't serve pasta on that day, so on my last destination, I got the idea to eat my dinner here in Le Coeur de France, I was with my sis and Raffy of, we enjoyed some good bread, coffee, pasta and some chats about ghosts hahaha.

I was about to order that Mediterranean pasta, they don't have a stock that night.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Baguio tour blog 7: Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto


Everyone knows this iconic stairs of the grotto here in Baguio. Almost everyone who’ve been to Baguio dropped by here to try the hundred steps of stairs and offer a prayer above to the Lady of Lourdes. I remember back in the 80’s I went here with my family and climbed the stairs non stop, me and my cousin race to the finish and its funny that we feel that we’re going to die after tiring ourselves, I promised that I will never do that again hahha.

The missing video blog


I remember that I took 2 videos last Feb 26 and its the aftermath of my travel in Baguio, and then when I was about to edit those 2 videos into one video blog, the files for Feb 26-28 is still here in one folder but the two videos are missing. hmmm

I think I accidentally deleted the two videos, because I see two scrap videos still present here in my folder. That's weird...I know I clicked carefully on a file that needs to be deleted. But then the scrap file is still here after the file transfer from iPhone4s to my laptop.

weird.. I think my brain think too much.

Oh welll. here's night shot and a full moon I took last Feb 26th

Baguio tour blog 6: lunch at Oh My Gulay art gallery and restaurant

Oh My Gulay restaurant - photo by Azrael Coladilla of Azraels Merryland blog
For the veggie eaters or people who want to skip eating meat for a day, you can eat an all greeny veggie food and meal here in Oh My Gulay restaurant, located at the top floor of La Azotea building in Session Road. Our Baguio blogger and guide Vincent selected this resto for our taste and try food session and also for us to eat our lunch. This resto is one of the gems of Baguio City because they serve a good veggie meal and also the entire restaurant is an art gallery made by Cordillera artist.

Baguio tour blog 5: Panagbenga landscape contest at Burnham Park

Panagbenga flower landscape contest at Burnham Park photos by Azrael Coladilla of Azraels Merryland Blog
After watching the the people of Benguet in full colorful costumes and dancing to different music, our next tour is to check out the Panagbenga 2013 landscaping competition. It’s a competition of flower and garden arrangement. The entries were exhibited at the Burnham Park and around the entries of the landscaping competition are some stores selling different kinds of plants, flowers and also wooden furniture.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Baguio tour blog part 3: Panagbenga 2013 grand street parade coverage

Panagbenga 2013 photos by Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland Blog
The agenda of our tour is not about staying in the hotel, enjoying the food and view of Baguio, one of the primary mission is to watch, attend and cover the Panagbenga 2013 in Baguio City with the theme for this year is “A Blooming Odyssey”. The Panagbenga aka Flower Festival was created back in the 90’s in order to bring back Baguio’s shape after the city was damaged badly by the earthquake. The business in Baguio City like hotels, restaurants, entertainment, stores and etc got a little help from the festival to move on and rebuild its beautiful city of the pines.

Azrael Coladilla is the blogger and founder of Azrael's Merryland Blog. This blog started as a personal blog in 2003, and then converted the blog into a lifeblog about his interest and reporting about pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, food, travel, toys, outdoor adventure, internet and social media. Awarded as the 2009 Most Influential Blogger for Luzon, Philippines, awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards. He is the founder of several online communities - Manila Bloggers Network, Philippine Bloggers Network, Oh My Food! community, Cavite Bloggers, Travel and Blog Community, and Philippine ToyCon. Azrael's Merryland Blog is included in a list of top 50 Blogs in the Philippines , ranked 65th in Top 100 Blogs that Matter , 49 must read lifestyle blog in the Philippines. and rank 40th in 100 Top Philippine Blogs by Feedspot.
He loves to travel, explore, discover, eat new food, document and record his life, meet new people, do photography and collect Transformers toys.
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