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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baguio tour blog 18– Mount Sto. Tomas and Cabuyao, radar, Baguio dam and highest peak


For our final tour in Baguio, our friend brought us on top of the mountain to see a different view of Baguio City, we actually left the city and went to Tuba, Benguet to visit Mount Cabuyao, the radar area, the Baguio dam and catch basin and the Mount Sto. Tomas, the highest mountain here in Benguet.

The trek to these mountains are very popular to mountain climbers and hikers, If you walk from the main road, you might reach the top for a day. We rented a taxi FX to take us there and the travel time from Baguio is around 30 minutes.

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Az and Lace forevahhh!)

Food Bloggers event at Republic of Cavite restaurant, Trece Martirez, Cavite
Tomorrow, March 24th, will mark our 3rd year anniversary as husband and wife. Me and Lace became partners way back 2004 and on 2010 started our new journey as an official couple. It took us 6 years to tie the knot and now the knot becomes stronger because there's this kid named Ashton pulling us together hahahaha.  

We're going to have a nice lunch date today and maybe go shopping afterwards, there's another celebration tomorrow together with our son, I'm not sure yet what kind of celebration we will be doing, siguro I'll buy lots of lechon na lang ahahahaha.

Happy anniversary my honey Lace!


a photo walk: Some scenes in Luneta park

After a food event in SM Manila, I invited Enzo to join with me in a stroll and photo walk in Luneta Park, because we have 4 more hours to wait before proceeding to another event nearby. I brought my Olympus E-520 DSLR camera and take a long shoot walking from the LRT side up to the baywalk side of Luneta.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
Spotted this poster of FPJ hanging in all light post in Luneta. They have a free film showing at night from March 16-April 15, 2013.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
Multi Exposure effect with a help of a watery pavement

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
I'm happy that there are lots of events  for Luneta. I think the show and Easter Sunday Egg Hunt is free for everyone to join.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
You'll see a lot of people sitting on the bench in Luneta, some of them are just chilling, others are reflecting, and some are just chatting with friends.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
Nice banner!!! kudos to our Department of Tourism

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
Carnival rides are now present here in Luneta, they are temporary to stay here, its a classic to see old rides like the Octopus and Caterpillar.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520At first I thought this is for a missile test hahaha, but its a kiddie ride, I think there's a light and sound effects inside and it can simulate a real rocket ride to space.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
The other side of Luneta

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
Reflection.... I'm try to capture a person standing here, but its hard to capture it because they are avoiding the wet pavement. I'm glad that this light post stood still.
Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
Behind the Carabao statue... its one of the most important landmarks here in Luneta.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
Whoa!! a rice garden here in Luneta, this is one cool attraction, I didn't know that we can plant rice here.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
By the bay, we reached Manila Ocean Park and its the only bay view we can enter after crossing Luneta. I still miss the old bay view in Luneta.

Some scenes n Luneta park shot by my Olympus E520
One of my agenda here is to capture the Coment Pannstar, it was the last 2 days of the comet and I just took photos of this fishermen bec. it was too cloudy during sunset.

I'm so lazy in setting up my camera that day, got tired and my dial setting is broken. I need to buy a new camera and have this old DSLR get a repair.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baguio tour blog 17–Slaughter house eatery and carinderia– the best food in Baguio!

Baguio tour blog 17 - Slaughter House eatery and carinderia in Baguio

Few months ago, I asked for tips and suggestions from our Baguio blogger friends, they always suggest that we must try and visit the slaughter house compound in Baguio, because they serve and cook the food there freshly from the animal slaughter area.

PR and event organizers, pls beware of Fake blogger representative
This afternoon, everyone were alarmed after a blog post about a scam warning posted at,its about some person who acted as an official member of the blog WheninManila, they pose as a rep. and then got the luxury of gatecrashing events and being as a fake rep.

you can read the warning here

I'm also a victim of these scammers. I just received a report earlier from a friend and this is via a complain from a PR and event organizer. There's this person who "invited himself" to attend and pose as my representative to attend that PR event. I didn't attend that event because I have some other things to do. I just can't believe that this person named dropped me infront of the PR person and told them that he is my representative. But the truth is that,  he is not an official rep. or a contributor for my blog.

I do not ride with the lightning and jumping in with the same issues revealed by, but I'm also a victim here. I just want to inform everyone that I coordinate directly to the PR or event coordinator if ever I will send someone to rep. for me. I always send my sister or another blogger friend who I trusted that will deliver great content for our blogs.

To that fake blogger rep. I hope you should stop this behavior, because the blogging community, especially in Manila is very small and we know who you are already. Pls stop and don't be blinded by events and loot bags. You can blog without attending events or receiving free meals.

I've been blogging for 10 years already and this kind of incident just repeat itself in every 2-3 years, and its like a new season of a reality series. We already encountered this kind of incident before and it keeps happening over and over again, same issues with different face and gender, I usually laugh this out but I just want to inform everyone that this kind of bad activities is happening again.

For the record, this is the 5th time I got victimized by fake blogger rep.

PR and event organizers, pls beware and just contact me for verification when someone is using my NAME and title of my BLOG just to attend your event.

thanks and happy blogging!
- azrael

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Survived a food coma

Yesterday is a crazy day for me, we tour around the city and we always eat and eat on every corner. I enjoyed the company with new people i met with the same passion and love for food. Our discussions never ended and it goes on and on until we reached the burp level.

Im super stuffed last night and in glad i survived another food coma

Hello to joy,kevin, ynna, joanna, and tonipet!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The food for the blogger

Im having a nice food trip today in our tv taping with GMA News,  our first stop is in Cainta and we tried a new set of food offered by a food truck business. We're stuffed this morning and our tummy wants more food!!

 Two more food trucks to go!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday travel mania and tv shoot

Its a start of a busy week for me, hours ago I traveled from manila to palawan via skyjet airline, its a 30min flight and its the fastest travel by air. I cant believed that we used a jet plane like an ordinary bus hahhahah. 

Tomorrow il have another tv taping for a tv show, the producer of the show contacted me earlier and they are interested to have me back in one of their new episode. My tummy and teeth will be star here heheh

Im so tired and time for a day off after attending a tech event in ortigas, the activity is very inspiring il share that later in a diff blog post

Right now, im on a bus on the wah home, im excited to be with my son and play wrestle tonight with him. 

Summer is here... Its so hot and i surrendered easily and left me asleep in an air cool car. 

Tnx to Ron and Raffy for the travel company, see you guys in Virac next month. 

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Baguio tour blog 14–Strawberry picking at Strawberry farm in La Trinidad

Baguio tour blog 14–Strawberry picking at Strawberry farm in La Trinidad

The most exciting part of our tour is to visit the strawberry farm in La Trinidad and do some strawberry picking for our pasalubong. I’ve been to this farm for the 2nd time but it will be my first time to do strawberry harvesting. Vincent, our Baguio blogger and tour guide told us that the month of March is the harvesting season for strawberries. We are in the right season because the strawberry are ready to go anytime.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baguio tour blog 12–a visit in SM City Baguio and snacking at Old Spaghetti House

Baguio tour blog 12–a visit in SM City Baguio and snacking at Old Spaghetti House

We went to SM City Baguio after our day 2 coverage of the Panagbenga Festival. It’s the last street parade for the year, the only thing left for us to cover are the other attractions in Baguio. We went here to chillax and also find some time to shop around and also my time to search for pasalubong, check out the toys and also eat my merienda.

Here are some photos of the scenes I captured in SM City Baguio
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