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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Lunch at Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers in Kamuning, QC

Its my 2nd time here i n Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers, my 1st time here was years ago during the early stage of their restaurant, and flash back to 2013, I saw that this resto is surviving on its own and now has a position in the food belt of QC as a venue for good burgers, steaks, beer and wine. When we went here at around 11:30am, we were the only customer that arrived and we’re so lucky that they are still open. And during our lunch meal, we noticed that there’s a company who ordered a big set of burgers and drinks, I think its for their company’s Christmas party and then later on some foreigners in big bikes stepped in and bought some beers, and lastly some couples entered the resto and ordered the same food that we have on the table.

I’m happy to know that Goodfellas is having a good standing, even that it sat on the corners of Kamuning road, finding them is very easy if you have the right plot in Google Maps and you are using Foursquare.

I used Foursquare map right away when we reached Kamuning road area, just to pin point our location and also the destination. Just to make sure we don’t get lost in QC.

It’s a long drive coming from Cavite up to QC… you have to schedule yourself a morning trip in order to avoid the traffic in EDSA. We’re lucky that day when we passed by Ortigas and it seems that we’re going to arrive in Goodfellas so early.

I don’t have a photo of the restaurant taken from outside, but you can visit their Facebook page and you’ll see western style house. But the good part is that they added more seats from outside and they added also a beer bar outside the entrance. I think they put that in place there just to accommodate more guest who are a beer drinkers. The biker dude that arrived that day drank his SMB at the al fresco style dining.

Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers
36 Teodoro Gener St (at K-1st St), Quezon City, Metro Manila

here’s what we ordered that day
btw..I used a Php2k GC that was awarded to me by Big Dish Foodie Card, you can get a free discount from them via

Caesar Salad (Php 150)

My wife ordered this salad…and yes..that’s her lunch for the day

Goodfellas House Steak (PHP 495)

our Kuya B also ordered this… I told him that we can share some meat because their serving is good for two people. We requested for a medium rare cooking for this steak.

Bambino Rib (PHP 585)

and here’s my baby back ribs!!! yeahh… I super enjoyed the food trip here in Goodfellas, going here for lunch is a great idea for our QC trip, but it is not recommended for us to go here at night because you know that QC and EDSA are a traffic zone during rush hour and at night. Goodfellas brings good food to a person who is a pop culture fanatic of The God Father, Good Fellas and other gangster movies.

we also ordered this chocolate cake… sorry I don’t have a pic, nag take out kasi kami nun cake

here’s my view… working while we wait for our food. I’m in the middle of a tight deadline and I did some revisions for our event poster that was needed for that day for printing.

If you have a Big Dish Foodie Card,,,just show it to the waiter before ordering and you’ll get a discount or a freebie from the restaurant.

For details visit and read the mechanics at

See you next time Goodfellas!
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