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Friday, January 10, 2014

Photowalk at Escolta st. and Binondo - Feast of the Black Nazarene 2014–part 3

Its my first time to walk in the streets of Escolta alone, usually I go here in a tour or with photo walk buddies, but this time I went here alone and its funny that I landed in Jones bridge after walking through the end of the street, my map is kinda wonky and I realized that I am in the right track for the Black Nazarene procession. I know the streets of Quiapo and Binondo but I’m not familiar with the corners of Escolta st. hahahaa. I think this photo walk will remind me to visit this place often and take awesome pics of the strain of old Manila.

Before I enter Escolta st. Let me share to you a photo of a building of Plaza Fair, I think my last time to visit here is way back late 90’s, I went there for a toy hunting, but I should visit this old mall sometime to check if they still have those vintage toys for sale.


Here’s the old building of BPI in Carriedo area, its so old and it will remind you a glimpse of the old Manila.

I’m now in Escolta st. and here’s my activity of the day..

sight seeing of old buildings!!

Each old building have its own story to tell… I will post here some info soon about these old buildings

I first saw this building during a tour with Carlos Celdran 4 years ago. We were riding in a kalesa and then we entered some of the old building and we found an old museum that hosts the remaining pieces of old Manila.

Old and mid-old buildings meet here

Burke bldg, one of the popular old building here in Escolta st.



And here are the scenes at the grounds of Escolta st.

Lots of devotees walking in and out of the street.

Police truck just arrived….

Army men are also present, they are here to put peace and order

“naka pamaweng si kuya”

replica of the Black Nazarene starts to arrive….a part of the first wave of the procession

female devotees

according to news….in the past, men usually attend the procession of the Black Nazarene, but then time changes and we saw that women also take part of the procession and risk their lives just to grab the rope and touch the Black Nazarene.

Small replica

incoming….more replicas

happy kid

awesome moment to capture this smiling kid

Now entering Binondo area..

Its like a ghost town here in Binondo.

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch here in Binondo, Manila.


End of part 3 --

I just arrived here in Umbrella alley in Carvajal st. in Binondo… I went here to re-energize myself and eat my early lunch.

watch out for my part 4 for my food trip in Carvajal st.

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