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Friday, January 10, 2014

Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene and the market side of Quiapo - Feast of the Black Nazarene 2014–part 2

Here’s my part two of my blog series about my trip and experience at the Feast of the Black Nazarene, I have tons of photos that I took yesterday, and I just selected a few that will tell a story, I like to upload everything on my Facebook photo album but uploading with photos only is just so boring, that’s why I created this blog series just to accompany the photo with a story. I hope I can finish everything before the day ends, I think this will go up to part 3 or 4.

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I arrived infront of Quiapo Church, the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in time for the start of the mass, I stayed there for an hour to listen to the mass and pray, it was hot at around 10am, but I’m glad that I applied my sunblock lotion, its kinda weird that people see me applying a lotion to my arms and face, I apply it as fast as I can.

During the mass, there lots of distractions, there are people passing infront of you, others pass by from your back, there are different vendors that will approach you and sometimes beggars. One of the most distraction that I saw is that when a news tv crew approached a family that are attending the mass, then they pulled off a short tv interview with them. I don’t know why they did that ambush interview, they didn’t even know that they are there to listen to the ongoing mass.

I saw this group of people wearing this Roman soldier costumes, it attracts many people and they invited them to have a short photo op. I think there’s a parade or they might part of a stage play for the fiesta.

Arranging the head mask

Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene
Every year, I always take a photo of this church and for this year, I can see that the building on the left is already fully constructed, I want to photo shop it to remove the building but that might destroy the credibility of this photo.

Zooming in to the belfry
Its my first time to notice that there’s a clock at the belfry of Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. I checked the time and its working!!! wow!

The Bless

Thankful blessing

”Our Father”

Pahid and Punas….. at the statue of a crucified Jesus

After the mass
I started to exit the church’s ground after the mass, this triggered me to pass directly to the wet and dry market area of Quiapo, it’s a good route if you want to go out of the crowded place and that route will bring you to Carriedo LRT station.

Then I saw this truck coming in towards the middle of the crowd

my view from behind

The market area
The atmosphere changes in this area, I can hear music of the Black Eyed Peas echoing from the big speakers. After the church…you’ll see the main fiesta here

Free water
I always take photo of this scene whenever I pass by infront of them, a local store offers free drinking water to all devotees.

Veggies for sale.

I was looking for a nice place to eat, I want to re-energize my self after that long walk, and I always view my Twitter feed just to update myself the location of the Black Nazarene.

I’m now at the other side of the market place

Lumpiang sariwa

Now at the market side area of Quiapo
its super crowded here!

Garbage disposal..arghhhh I thought that they will have a cleaner area during the fiesta, we know that street vendors threw those garbage here on the street.

I spotted more replica of the Black Nazarene just arrived after being part of the 1st wave of the procession

Excelente Ham store in Quiapo
Omg..I want to buy a set of ham here hahahaa.

She spotted me taking photo of their store

more replicas

Hello !!!! SM Quiapo!
This is the 1st ever SM aka Shoe Mart store that I visited during the 80’s.

Camera stores…I think I’m already in Hidalgo st.

SM Quiapo
The only SM building with a UFO on top hahahaa. I wonder what’s inside that UFO type structure on top of this building. I wish that there will be free tour to go up, I want to see a panoramic view of Quiapo and the rest of Manila on top of this building.

I saw this chicken float in Carriedo st. I don’t know why they have a chicken float and not a replica of the Black Nazarene

That’s the end of my part 2…and watch out for my part 3 for my photo walk in Escolta st.

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