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Monday, January 13, 2014

Spa at Bali Village Hotel - Tagaytay holiday tripcation v.2 part 9

December 31, 2013 – It’s spa time!!! We went here in Tagaytay Bali Village Hotel Resort and Spa just to ocular the place, but when my wife saw the the spa are is nice and the price is reasonable, she decided to stop over for a while and get a full body massage. I told her that we can’t let our son join the spa area because he might disturb the other guest inside the resort, so we think of taking turns for the spa session, she goes first and then I’ll take care of our son at the playground, it’s just a one hour wait, and if Ashton got tired of playing at the playground, we can have some merienda or he can sleep in my arms.

I really want to have a body massage that day, because a day ago I injured my knee and I can feel lots of body pain after that crazy go kart stunt.

Tagaytay Bali Village Hotel Resort and Spa is located along Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway, its just a few meters away from Mushroomburger and the bulalo joint, Its easy to go here via jeepney with sign “Nasubug” or “Casino”, because they are the only jeeps that takes the route of Tagaytay-Nasugbu and not taking the Mahogany Ave, all jeeps with Mendez and Olivarez terminal takes the other road, so make sure you ask the jeep driver if they stop at the casino area.

If you go to Tagaytay City, you’ll notice this Bali, Indonesia style roof along the highway, its our landmark when we went here via public transport.

Bali Village Hotel sign.

I wonder why there are so many cow statue here in Bali Village Hotel

The hotel admin area
You go here if you want to book an overnight stay

The entrance to the resort area and pool area of Bali Village Hotel

Here’s their spa house

The counter

PHP 500 for a full body massage..with or without oil! ok game on!!
It’s a one hour massage and you know that Bali style massages are the best.

The spa area is just a big room, the other portion of the spa house is a restaurant, you can eat after the session or you can let your people stay there if they are waiting for you.

The spa area has no walls, there’s this spa bed in each cubicle covered with curtains, just make sure that your moans are not too loud, because the other person at the next cubicle can hear you hahaha.

I tried their massage and for me…it was okay and good, I told the spa personnel just to massage my right leg carefully because there’s a bandage on my knee covering a 2 day old abrasion. I requested for a massage minus the stretching.

I super recovered…

There’s a mini playground at the cottage area of Bali Village Hotel

I let my son Ashton play there for 30 minutes while waiting for her mommy, he also plays with some kids who are staying in the hotel

After our spa session, we visited the resort area and saw their nice swimming pool.
At 5pm, it was freezing cold … that’s why the pool is quiet.

In summer, I’m sure this pool will be busy again. I attempted to swim in a pool at Robinsons Summit Ridge, but the cold temp, windy and cloudy morning stopped me from taking off my shirt hahahaha.

Pool in Tagaytay….. maybe next time!!!

Tagaytay Bali Village Hotel Resort and Spa
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