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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bone and Barrel Bistro–a steak and shank redemption in City walk 2, Eastwood City

Yihaaaa!! Cowboy! there’s a new restaurant in the central plaza of Eastwood City, yeah that central plaza with a fountain at the center and around it is a strip of restaurants that offers a booze venue for you and a parking site for your taste buds, when you arrive there, its hard to choose which resto is for you, but don’t worry, here’s a new restaurant that will make you shout like a cowboy, The Bone and Barrel Bistro is here to offer you not only booze, but also mouth watering steak, bulalo, sisig and pasta with a slight twist of cowboy style.

Above is the Balot ala pobre, one of the crowd favorite food here in Bone and Barrel Bistro, I have encounter different kinds of Balot ala Pobra, but this other version from BBB just added some sizzling flavors.

The new restaurant is a new sister resto company of Seafood Island, a new addition to a group of restaurant at Red Crab Group of Companies.

Here’s the Bone and Barrel Bistro restaurant in Eastwood City, it looks so small, but when you enter inside, there’s plenty of dining room at the bar area or at the 2nd floor.

Its easy to find Bone and Barrel Bistro, after you enter the central plaza of Eastwood City, just look at the right and you’ll notice a Cowboy thing resto sitting beside with other restaurants.

P1153707 P1153649
P1153694 P1153703
Inside Bone and Barrel Bistro

here’s what they can offer ( grab photos from their press kit)

photo 1.q photo 2
Finger triplets finger food and pasta

photo 1 IMG_4342
Sizzling Sisig and Carlito’s sizzling bulalo

choco cake with ice cream

and here’s the food in our table, ordered by my friends and also recommended by Bone and Barrel Bistro (thanks to Ms. Audrey and Ms. XChosa)

Crispy Pork Knuckle

Carlito’s sizziling bulalo

Finger triplets

BBB Homemade Corned Beef

Kansi – Ilonggo style bulalo

For me…the Kansi is the best food here in BBB!
its weird di ba? it’s a steak and shank resto, instead of falling in love with their steak, I chose their kansi to be closer to my heart. Maybe because I super crave for a kansi soup that night.

cheers to BBB!
welcome and congrats!!!

P1153680 P1153681P1153682 P1153683P1153684
the menu

Meet the Chef of Bone and Barrel Bistro!

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