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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brew your best year with CBTL PH, Gang Badoy and Tim Tayag

The event is about celebrating your success and never give up when challenges comes in. I went with my wife to attend this event, and because our appointment got haywire for the evening, we scheduled a visit and a chance to attend CBTL PH’s forum event in their Net Lima branch.

CBTL PH launched a monthly forum and event series to be held in any branches of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf around Manila. I attended some events in the past that requires you to listen and join the discussions, there are times that we need to a listener and not a talker. I told Nella of CBTL that I super miss these kinds of events, I’m glad they have more to organize in the future.

At the event, it was a time for reflection and also a way to rediscover myself, am I doing the right way or should I listen to the two person talking infront.

My answer is hell yeahhh!!! I should listen to them because they are more successful than I am.
Gang Badoy of Rock Ed and stand up comedian Tim Tayag, really throw up a lot of laugh that afternoon. It was a whole day of laugh and reflection. I learned lots of thing from them and I just can’t believe that I am not alone thinking the same thing…. Don’t be bored and just enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t like what you are doing, then something is wrong, try something new and find if you are comfortable with it.

The forum is like a ball that hit us in the heart, there are lots of discussions, sharing and some crying moments happening inside the room. Because everyone listened to the talks, lifted their spirits up and firing up their passions, because the people in the room are dedicated to their work.

We also heard lots of stories about nation building and secrets from Gang Badoy, its all about life lesson and your purpose why you are here. Tim Tayag’s comedy notes victimizes us with lots of laughs, but then there’s a serious side of him that went out and revealed the off stage version of Tim Tayag.

I want to post more about the event…but all of it are on my paper during a short activity that occurred before the event.

Thanks to CBTL PH for inviting Lace..I lost my reach with you..because I did two indians already of your two events.. I guess.. Nella was surprised to see me again hahaha.. sorry for my no show sometimes..There are instances that I’m super busy and no time to read the messages on my phone for 3 days straight. Bawi ako sa susunod ..pramis!

here are some pics from the event

I super love that banana muffin!

Nella, opening the “Brew your best year event”

Gang Badoy of Rock Ed



Tim Tayag


The listeners

Sharing time.
Gang Badoy wants to talk more with this guy..she wants to talk to him in person and know more about his story. If you know the guy…or you are him, I suggest you send Gang Badoy a message in Facebook.

Thanks CBTL PH! It was a relaxing day for us…its fun to listen to other people and hear their story about their success.
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