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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Efren Penaflorida Jr. leads 3rd year of Kariton Revolution 2014 in Cavite City (my coverage)

I went to Cavite City, its a 1 hour drive coming from my town here in Cavite, I was there not to have a food trip or do a photo walk, I was there because I volunteered to cover an event organized by this amazing person who uses push cart to give free education to kids.

March 5, 2014 is the birthday of 2009 CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida Jr., but he will not celebrate his birthday alone or in private, but he organized an annual city event for his home town in Cavite City. An event that will showcase different makeshift of wooden push carts or kariton, dressed up in different style created by students, the town folks, participated brands and local government. Kariton Revolution 2014 marks its third year anniversary this 2014, Efren or Kuya Ef, as his students and supporters calls him by a short name, took lead the parade of karitons and march down in an activity center that was lent to them by their Mayor.

Efren is a big news last 2009, because he took home an award and was selected by CNN as the 2009 CNN Hero of the year, his initiative in teaching kids by using a kariton were appreciated and attracted by the entire world as CNN broadcasted his own effort to give proper education to less fortunate kids who don’t have the privilege to go to school. He uses the kariton to share books and teach the street kids in Cavite City, he roams around and invites a lone street kid to join them in a street schooling conducted by Efren and by his volunteers.

According to Efren Penaflorida Jr., “Those who want change to happen must contribute his or her share for everyone must push for change for it to begin to roll.”

Efren founded his own foundation or association, called – Dynamic Teen Company, various individuals, groups and company are supporting his cause. And this March 5, 2014, its their 3rd successful year to grab and push that kariton once again and show to everyone that we need to push for change.

Kariton Revolution 2014 event also calls for donation for the benefit of the Typhoon Yolanda victims, Efren said that they collected lots of donation that was dropped in at their event venue. They also pushed a cart containing the relief donation provided by students and town people of Cavite City.

I also spotted some big brands who supported Efren’s event, food and drink booths were provided at the event site. These brands gave free food and drink items to all students and volunteers of DTC.

Here’s our short interview with Efren ( interviewed by Jeman and me)

”Today is our celebration of the Kariton Revolution here in Cavite City. We do this event to have an awareness for our youth and remind them to help our community and at the same time, this is our relief effort to help the Typhoon Yolanda victims. All relief goods that are collected in our kariton will be transported and delivered in Tacloban City, maybe next week we can get a sponsor to help us ship the donated items and give it personally to our people in Leyte.

This is our 3rd year of Kariton Revolution, our theme for this year is about our youth as the only hope to ascend to success, that's why we involved students, kids neighbor, school and barangays, and even our AFP and Navy, they helped in getting the relief goods. This celebration is for our brothers and sisters in Leyte.
For our other projects, We have an ongoing project called Kariton Revolution replication in Tacloban and we have two substation there, we are feeding 200 students everyday and we also give free medical check up, and also free education. Different organizations are now joining our advocacy and they give non stop support for our campaign to help our barangays

We're creating more replication of our advocacy in different provinces, today we are successful in Tacloban and then last year we have a sub station in Kenya and Jakarta, and next is to have in Cebu version of Kariton Revolution. Here in Cavite City, we always involved the locals in our cause so that the spirit of volunteerism will not die.

to help in our projects, you may contact us thru our official website and Facebook pages. “

visit Kariton Revolution Facebook

visit Dynamic Teen Company Facebook

visit Efren Penaflorida Jr. Facebook
Start of the parade in Cavite City

Food trucks containing brand items
Efren and his students and volunteers
Efren showed to us a kariton for their parade
Meeting Efren for the first time
Efren’s big fans are students who are supporting his campaign
More participating students for the parade
“Kuya! pa pic naman kami”
My blogger buddy of the day, Jeman of
Me and Jeman are the only blogger who volunteered to covered this event
TV5reporter and personality Laila Chikadora hosted the parade
The activity center that hosted the Kariton Revolution 2014
After the parade, food trucks opened their doors and gave away free samples of their products – Jack n Jill products and C2.
Band performance that opened the big celebration for Kariton Revolution
Handprint wall art for everyone.
Collected donations for #YolandaPH
Me and Efren Penaflorida Jr.
finally…I ‘ve met him in person…many people say that we are look a like..but after this photo, I can tell that he is more pogi than me hahahaa.

Congratulations to Kuya Ef and DTC for another successful Kariton Revolution

Let’s continue the push for change.

here’s my complete photo coverage of the parade and program of Kariton Revolution 2014

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