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Friday, March 21, 2014

Epic Paint Adventure from Kuyi Mobile–pinoy mobile game created by pinoys

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From the makers of Street food tycoon and Elevator Joe mobile game, Kuyi Mobile released another mobile puzzle art game created by pinoy developer for pinoy gamers, the new game is called “Epic Paint Adventure”, I think I heard about this game months ago or maybe last year during its early development. I’m such a sucker for puzzle games and I already stayed away from those Candy Crush or Bejeweled games. I even hated Dr. Mario game in Gameboy because it requires a lot of thinking and a lot of common sense in playing the game. So sorry, because I grew up with those adventure, fantasy and action games.

But my interest came in to support this game that it is created by our talented indie game devs, they really need support, that’s why I kept my old gaming attitude and embraced the world of puzzle games just for fun. and ohh boy..I’m so hooked since last night.

The Epic Paint Adventure is just like those Dr. Mario game, Candy Crush and etc. But the difference is that there’s an adventure and a task that you should do… help our world renowned painters in the puzzle. The objective of the game is that you’ll merge 4 kinds of paint with the same color and shape. That way, the paint ripple will be gone and will let you advance to the next level when you complete the canvass.

The double tap action to place the paint ripple or dot is quiet tense, there’s excitement and also pressure that the canvass will be filled up with more paint ripples and you are left with few moves. Yes, there’s a limited action to complete the level, so you have to think and plan wisely your double tapping and make sure you have more “moves” left before you get into trouble.

I’m sure everyone knows the nature of the game, its objective and agenda. Because of the classic games and its predecessor, a game like Epic Paint Adventure evolves to another version of gameplay added with a nice story and cool visuals.

Here’s the description of the game

”Da Vinci needs brown paint!
Picasso needs yellow and red paint!
Monet needs Cobalt Chromite Gr--you get the idea!
Can you help these famous artists complete their masterpieces?I
Embark on a colorful and fun-filled adventure of paint matching and puzzle solving with Epic Paint Adventure! Course through 72 challenging levels and travel through different parts of the globe to unlock all the famous artists from Leonardo Da Vinci to Fernando Amorsolo.”

I’m still on Level 3… I will post back here if ever I reached that Juan Luna stage.

I invite everyone to download and try Epic Paint Adventure…. download now while its free!

Download it on IOS

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