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Monday, March 17, 2014

My review - National Geographic Channel’s Live From Space 1st live tv global broadcast

That’ the view of a small size of our Earth taken by a video camera that was broadcasted globally in live TV for the very first time in history and the broadcast is hosted by National Geographic Channel for their live TV show “Live from Space!”. When I saw the commercial of this show 2 weeks ago, I gave myself another chance to watch it live, I was disappointed at first when the live broadcast of the Jet Man stunt was postponed and cancelled for live tv airing, I waited for it and I didn’t know what happened, but after some Google-fu search, I learned that the live tv was rescheduled and was successful in Natgeo UK.

But that’s okay, anything can happen on live tv broadcast, according to news that they postponed the live tv airing due to bad weather and wind, I’m glad that they didn’t pushed through because it will be dangerous to pull up a stunt if there are aggressive winds flowing to the Jet Man’s flight jetpack. For their live tv show – Live from Space, I gave them another chance..but this is a monumental broadcast because we will view our Earth on live tv and as they say…anything can happen, maybe we can see UFO, or astronomical events that can be captured on live tv, all of the live footage are taken inside the International Space Station (ISS) and we have 3 of their crew helping to shoot and host the Live from Space, they have 1 American, 1 Japanese as host for the show and 1 Russian astronauts as their camera man, all are taken amateur format because they are our brave astronauts and not really a tv host or a camera crew. Back here on Earth, we have two panel host and the venue is in Mission control in Houston, Texas

During the start of the show, there’s some kind of delay, I think Natgeo is syncing through all of their live broadcast or could be there’s some kind of 20 seconds delay, because Mission control and the ISS are establishing communication via live tv broadcast, we can see them on TV here on Earth,but the astronauts can’t see us there in Space, but they can hear our message via radio communication. I now wonder that there might be no cable tv in space..but I’m sure they have internet (or do they really have it there? ) – (okay, I did some research and they got their 1st internet last 2010 )

The live broadcast of space and the footage airing live by the ISS in our TV is a gateway for us to see what’s the view of the astronaut up from space, sometimes they are looking above us and sometimes they look on Earth below and it happened in just minutes, as they revolved in orbit around the Earth, the ISS traveled in orbit so fast and according to one astronaut, he said that he went around the world 25,000 times already.

Live from Space broadcast is a fun and educational show for everyone, my 3 year old son really loves how the astronaut float in zero gravity, we also learned about their life on space

- they take a bath uses wet wipes only
- only a handful of clothes that can be wear for weeks or month
- their food is well preserved and processed to be air dry
- they evacuate whenever there’s a space debris (created by man due to rocket launches)
- they have a suction or vacuum to urinate
- the toilet bowl is a bit weird haahah, it’s a suction too
- astronauts do workouts everyday, they have a treadmill and weightlift – they strapped themselves in order not to float in zero gravity
- astronauts stays in space for 6 months and another team of astronauts will be sent as replacements
- food are delivered via rocket every 3 months, some goodies came from their families and launching a rocket is cost a billion of dollars, I think astronaut food are the most expensive ever!

I was hoping that the ISS will flyby over our country, but they just missed us and they flew over Japan, there are times that the ISS flyby in the Philippines, I think the most memorable that I saw the ISS is on March 2005, the ISS zooms around so fast over the sky and zig zagging star.

But I’m glad that the Philippines were mentioned by the Tv host that we are also trending on Twitter with hashtag #LivefromSpace – this shows that our country is interested in science and in space. I’m sure most of the viewers are students, astronomers and astro enthusiast.

National Geographic Channel’s show really want us to embrace science again, after the successful premiere of COSMOS: A Space Odyssey series, many people are now interested to learn more about space and the cosmos. There are many things that we can learn beyond Earth’s orbit, and thanks to Natgeo for being the first to air a live show from Space.


I read this news last night

"There is intense speculation among cosmologists that a US team is on the verge of confirming they have detected "primordial gravitational waves" – an echo of the big bang in which the universe came into existence 14bn years ago."

It’s a ground breaking news..I suggest you check it out the news at

here are some screen caps of Live from Space (taken from my dslr camera)

Live view of the surface of the Earth – live footage from the ISS

US astronaut Rick Mastracchio showed up first on TV floating in zero gravity

He showed to us how they are weightless in space

Live from Space show explains how the ISS is being built and its miles from Earth

Astronauts in space walk fixing their space station

First photo of Earth taken from space during the moon landing mission

Soledad O’ Brien main host for Live from Space and together with veteran astronaut Mike Massimino

Interview with Mission Control’s director

A view on how they work in Mission Control, in the middle part of the show, there’s a communication disconnection with the ISS and Earth, but its just a slight glitch and broadcast went back to normal.

Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, is hosting live too, he is the first Japanese astronaut to command the ISS

Astronaut Koichi Wakata showed to us that they are upside down and showing the Earth viewing above

Live view of Hawaii
too bad its cloudy

Russian astronaut Mikhail Tyurin, the camera guy of the show

That’s my son watching Live from space.. ahahahah
we’re eating our breakfast that morning, I’m glad that he woke up on time before the start of the show

The two astronauts just pass the mic by letting it float in zero gravity

Spine chilling explanation about space debris created by man, according to experts that the Earth will have more space debris that can engulf the entire space orbit of the Earth, these space debris poses a threat to our ISS and satellites.

The movie Gravity is one good visuals on how space debris can damage the entire space station and put lives at risk to our astronauts in space. Sandra Bullock was left alone in space when space debris tore apart their ship and the satellite they are repairing.

A completed view of the ISS

Earth’s view with lots of space junk orbiting the atmosphere

Live view of Mt. Etna

and Italy

Vickie Kloeris, manager for Space Food Systems Laboratory in NASA showed to us how they prepared the food for astronauts. They use a machine to air dry the food that is good for months.

Amazing sunset view over Kazakhstan

The two astronauts are so jolly during the tv show global broadcast

Here’s a live view of New York

Astronauts got worried during the 911 attack, here’s their view during the World Trade Center tragedy. Mission Control radio them about the incident.

More view from space

Robonaut in experiment, named R2.

They brought the R2 in space for some test and experimentation.

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