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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

photo coverage: Fun Fest 2014: a Super 8 grocery warehouse event

I accompanied my wife to cover and attend that Super 8 grocery warehouse event in World Trade Center, and because she went back in blogging in her fashion and mommy blog, Lace is very motivated to write again and also attend some event coverage for her blog, she now accepts invitations from Pr agencies to blog some topics, products, and give away some sponsored items. When Lace started to blog again, I’m more excited than her hahha.

This her comeback year in blogging…and now we visited the Super 8 grocery warehouse, I know many mommies are excited for this event, because its not just a grocery event, its also a place where you can start buy your items for sale in your own sari sari store, or start up grocery business. Because the event will help you understand how much you can sell and the discounts you can grab when buying items from Super 8. I’m not part of the blogging circle for Super 8, but this event opened my eyes and makes me want to put up my own sari sari store, just like Jeman.. oh ha!! galeng noh?

The event runs in two days, 1st day is for their club members and sari sari store owners and then day 2 are for people who wants to be a member of Super 8 and want to buy some discounted products.

Entrance is free, its up to you if you want to buy something, we learned that there are lots of giveaways and freebies inside the event, some participated brands are giving away some free samples of their products, our shopping cart are over flowing with lots of product samples and giveaways. We are not expecting also that we will shell out our own money in buying some products, but hey! the prices are so low and super discounted, so we take the advantage and bought some products that we use everyday, and also for new products, we got a chance to try and taste their new labeled food products. Some of them got lucky that they got our attention, so we bought some of it and took it home.

the only problem in this event is the loud noise of speakers of every booth. Its like a Eat Bulaga convention of some more… Imagine, 10 big booths, each of them have their own set up, game show, emcee or host, contestant, dancers and playing music and talking on the mic at the same time in one big venue.. my ears already surrendered I felt that my ear drums will pop already.

I can take loud noises if the music or noise is coming from one source. But in this event, the loud noise are every where.. I think they can do better next time and drop off the plans of having loud noises. Its hard to talk and listen to the deals of the promodizers.

we’re glad that we wore our earphones.

At the entrance gate of Super 8 event

Circle K convenience store..
I swear that I saw this store in KL, Malaysia, and now they are here in Manila!

Free catalogs are given for free.

Cute infographics of customer step by step guide.

URC Masskara theme booth

Colgate products booth in fiesta theme

Coca Cola booth

the booths of each brands here in Super 8 are colorful and very impressive!

Mascots are anywhere, I noticed this Energizer mascot did a photo bomb, so I told Lace to stand near the battery guy and have a proper photo op with me hahahaa.

I’m glad that we have our earphones with us.

here’s Lace wearing her Nokia earphones
She holds a free napkin given by that roaming promodizer.

Here’s the problem..we can’t hear each other because of the loud noise.
Sometimes, me and Lace communicates via nods and hand signs.

Lining up at the Lactum booth.

NutriAsia booth
they’re cooking spaghetti that will be given later to event guest.

Check out the price deal!!!
PHP 3.90 for a vinegar and PHP 5.80 for a soy sauce..
oh wow!!!

Mang Tomas stash…. hahhaha.

Lace bought some NutriAsia products


Flappy Bird contest at the booth of Century Pacific Food.
Beat a score and win some Century Tuna canned goods.

Suysing…I don’t know what product that sell.

Food samples!!!
here’s a 555 spanish style sardines….. super yummy promise!

UFC Cheese Hotdog sauce!
I super approve this!!!


Oishi Sundays juice Melon drink

Game booth of Nestle

More deals at Super 8.
check out the price comparison

Lace playing some color games at the Magnolia booth.

The game that I hate….the electric metal and wire game.
btw…Lace won a set of coffee after playing a complete run of the game.

Also, they award us a discount tickets of Star City!

More food samples…. here’s San Mig coffee

Pocari Sweat drinks

Lace with her loot of the day.

Maling Lite
oks sana..kaso expensive. I still prefer the original Maling.

Super discounted Philips sausage in can
is that an okay deal for a PHP 131.85 for 10 cans ?

Purefoods spread product sample..

another juice drink sampler.

at the Pepsi booth…free Pepsi or Miranda drinks

the venue….

Perfume from Penshoppe mini booth.

Argentina corned beef samples

Sari Sari store mock up at the Del Monte booth

Jackpot Jam game booth at the Del Monte booth

My free loot of Alaska Krem-Top after spinning a wheel and throwing a ball in a game.

Jack n Jill fries!!!

Lace with the Bear Brand mascot

Super 8 store

Magnolia fruit drink mascot.

Ahahahah! Ginebra mascot
The mascots are cute talaga!

We bought a set of Liberty luncheon meat.
we want to try this at home.

radio DJ hosting the event on stage

My last food sampler…..from Maggi
Sinigang na baka!!!! awesome!!

Here's our purchased product items at Super 8

and here's the awesome freebies! yeahhhh!

here/s my photo coverage

P3229377 P3229378 P3229379 P3229380 P3229381 P3229383 P3229384 P3229388 P3229389 P3229390 P3229391 P3229393 P3229394 P3229395 P3229396 P3229398 P3229399 P3229402 P3229403 P3229405 P3229406 P3229407 P3229409 P3229412 P3229413 P3229414 P3229415 P3229416 P3229417 P3229418 P3229419 P3229420 P3229421 P3229423 P3229424 P3229425 P3229427 P3229428 P3229429 P3229431 P3229432 P3229434 P3229435 P3229437 P3229439 P3229440 P3229442 P3229443 P3229444 P3229447 P3229448 P3229449 P3229450 P3229451 P3229452 P3229455 P3229456 P3229457 P3229460 P3229461 P3229462 P3229463 P3229465 P3229466 P3229467 P3229468 P3229469 P3229471 P3229472 P3229473 P3229474 P3229475 P3229476 P3229477 P3229478 P3229481 P3229482 P3229486 P3229487 P3229488 P3229491 P3229492 P3229493 P3229495 P3229497 P3229498 P3229499 P3229500 P3229502 P3229504 P3229505 P3229506 P3229507 P3229508 P3229509 P3229512 P3229513 P3229514 P3229519 P3229520 P3229521
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