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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SM Lifestyle Entertainment - a new lifestyle brand with 12 SM brands

Last month, I was aware already that there will be a birth of SM Lifestyle Entertainment, I got the scoop during the launch of SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall. The new company of SM Supermalls will house all the 12 major brands of SM that caters from digital, lifestyle and entertainment.

We learned more from it during their event launch and trade show yesterday in MOA Arena. I didn’t expected that they will include the cashless payment system and also I learned about that SM Lifestyle Entertainment provides cinema services for Walter Mart mall.

Here are the 12 SM brands that are now under SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc.

1. SM Cinema
2. MOA Arena
3. Walter Mart Cinema
4. SM Tickets
5. Director's Club Cinema
6. IMAX Theater
7. SM Bowling
8. SM Skating
9. SM Science Center
10. Snack Time
11. E-Plus Digital
12. E-plus Tap to Pay

Before SM Lifestyle Entertainment, we have the West Avenue Theaters Corporation (WATC) that handles the cinema operations and promotions for the entire SM malls. I learned about it from an email signature of some staff under SM Cinema when they emailed me an invite for a series of film screenings and events.
Then I witness also the birth of E-plus tap to pay card, it started first as a cashless payment system for their SM Cinema and after awhile they are now integrating the cashless payment system to other services of SM Supermals. At the event launch I learned that they will use the cards in all 12 SM brands, and it also includes transportation and parking lot payment.
Regarding the transportation, I'm not sure which and where it will be used, not sure if its about the SM MOA service bus or it will integrate to partnered buses in the metro.
In other news (source), I read it here that SM Lifestyle Entertainment is planning to put up an online store like Amazon in the future.

wow! that’s a big innovation for service from SM Lifestyle Entertainment.

There’s already the official Facebook page -
feel free to follow if you are one of the fans and users of their lifestyle and entertainment brands

In the coming months… pinoys can now learn the use of cashless payment system in groceries, buy a food in SM Food court, payment to cinemas, parking lot, and maybe next time…the MRT or the taxi.

here are some photos and scenes from the SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. in MOA Arena.

Media guests are lining up to get their personalized E-plus tap to pay card

Here’s my new and 3rd customized card
I’m glad that they allow to use nicknames hahahah
take note that I blurred out the serial numbers.

Here’s a staff doing a demo on how you can reload your E-plus tap to pay card and use it to pay for parking in SM

Inside the MOA Arena, they converted the whole stadium into a convention center type.
Lots of booths are placed for the guest to visit and use the E-tap cards to claim their gifts.

Cartoon mascots greets the guests and offers free photo op

We also witness the contract signing of SM MOA Arena’s new sponsors and partners for the entire year. These brands will occupy the lounge area of the Arena and brand names will be displayed all over the stadium. Expect also that their service and store will be present whenever there are concerts, games and expos in MOA Arena.

On photo: Mr. Hans Sy, President of SM Prime Holdings Inc / Mr. Edgar Tejerero, President of SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. / and Mr. Alfonso Supetran, President of ACS

Contract signing with City Delivery

with Golden ABC

with Lenovo

with iPay88

We’re here at the resto lounge of MOA Arena..
with me are fellow bloggers Rain and Sef

MOA Arena …. photo taken by Ferds…thanks bro!

At the viewing lounge – fellow bloggers Pepi and Kevin

spotted…the Amazing Spider-Man

I visited some booths and tried the E-plus tap to pay card, after tapping, the machine printed a receipt that states that I have a freebie.

I claimed a cool tumbler after tapping the card.

I also visited Snack Time booth and got some candies after tapping the card

I also got a free bowling game

take note: they want us to use the card and try a live simulation on how you can use the card in purchasing a service or item


I saw this XD Cinema, its like a 4D cinema, new feature is the sound vibration from the chair.

here are the rest of my photo coverage.

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