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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Azalea’s pinoy comfort food: Tradisyon restaurant - Azalea Residences Baguio family vacation part 4

Rise and shine!!!!! Good morning, Good Afternoon and Good evening! just use any of the three greetings based on your timezone today. I am sharing here our dining experience in Tradisyon restaurant, the inhouse restaurant of Azalea Residences Baguio. We stayed there last March 28-31, 2014 for a 4 days family fun staycation with friends. We usually eat our breakfast in Tradisyon restaurant, taking the perks of having a breakfast meal per head when you checked in daily in their hotel here in Baguio City.

I’m happy with their service and also the food.. Basta ba marami bacons and fried rice is a sure winner in my taste buds. I don’t understand yet the roll of the food themes every weekend. I think Friday is fro Mongolian buffet theme at night, Saturday is for Pizza and Pasta night, Sunday is for pinoy food night. Tama ba? I’ll update this once I get full details from my contact in Baguio.

We usually arrive at the breakfast buffet late because our baby Ashton is sleeping to the max ahaahaha, because of the cold weather here in Baguio City, sleeping is at your ultimate comfort, especially when you are on a nice bed in a comfy hotel.

Wake up Ashton!!! rise and shine!

During our first morning here in Baguio City, Lace and Ashton were amazed to see the view of Baguio, thanks to that panoramic glass window here in Azalea.


You can see a part of the town in Baguio City in 180 degrees.

Green trees and houses on top of the mountain are one of the best view. You won’t see that anywhere around the country.

Time go down for the breakfast buffet at Tradisyon restaurant.
naniningkit na naman ang mata ko..because I know there will be lots of eggs and bacons for me.

Hellow again!! Tradisyon restaurant!

Inside Tradisyon restaurant.

You can sit and enjoy your breakfast near the glass window of the restaurant, from there you will see some parts of nature and the sun kissing the tip of the mountains and clouds.

Here we sat down with Team, my son Ashton is so excited to see the Wahpinas kids.
Here he shows off his iPod touch loaded with lots of games.

We ate our breakfast with the Team Wahpinas. I sat down with Ashton and waited for Lace to pick up his cooked sunny side up eggs.

Lace’s plate – veggies, bacon, Baguio longganisa, hotdogs and dried espada fish

most recommended are the Baguio longganisa.. its good and taste better than the Alaminos version. But the taste is a bit close to Alaminos longganisa.

My breakfast plate.. I always play with my food every breakfast meal in a hotel.

There’s mommy Lace munching non stop..

And my son Ashton…busy reading the latest news about being toddler hahaha.

My view from the table..

-- end of breakfast session --

At night, we were treated by Azalea’s pizza and pasta night. I already tried this before during my visit last November, their pasta chef is good in cooking your requested pasta, my request is always the spicy kind of pasta.

above is Lace’s carbonara zitti
Lace’s other plate… combination of pizza, pasta and some salad

The pizza buffet.. the pizza making here never stops. only during Saturday night here in Azalea Residences Baguio

My favorite – Margerita pizza

Chicago pizza

Hawaiian pizza

And here’s my customized all toppings spicy marinara

I super love the spicy mix and kick of my pasta. Thanks to the pasta chef for the good job!

-- end of dinner session ---

Our 2nd morning here in Tradisyon restaurant.. as usual..the restaurant is packed with guests and bakasyonista from Manila. The hotel is nearly fully booked because it’s a weekend, many bakasyonita climb up to Baguio during weekends for a 3D2N stay.

Another view of the mighty sun… crawling through the glass and add more vitamins to our body!

Lace in her bagong ligo format hahahah.
She ordered pancakes… yes they served freshly cooked pancakes

we love it!!!
pancakes galore…but I want to skip it because..

I’m a bacon lover!!!
that’s my food art again ahahaha.

Food monsters also called weekend warriors!!! rawr!!!
dati kami dalawa lang ni Lace ang nasa photo, ngayon tatlo na kami kasi may kasama na kaming bulinggit hahhaha.

--- end of breakfast session ---

For lunch….we went back to Tradisyon restaurant in Azalea Residence Baguio, because there’s a pinoy treat offered to their guest, lunch buffet is now open and I heard they serve a good caldereta!

Here’s my son again reading the status of Philippine Stock Exchange hahahaha.

The restaurant is packed as usual.

A new batch of beef caldereta at the buffet area.
There are lots of selections, but I stick to caldereta only.

The buffet area.

My plate…with caldereta and yummy iced tea.


-- end of lunch session ----

For dinner, our team were invited to dine again Azalea Residence Baguio. For our dinner they served their top seller pinoy comfort food.

Above is yummy chopseuy. I noticed that the veggies in Baguio (grown locally in La Trinidad, Benguet farms) are taste good..there’s a sweetness juicy flavor.I don’t know if that’s a sign that the veggies are fresh, I know its fresh because I saw the quality of their veggies and its at its best form.

Lechon Kawali
it’s the major major yummy factor….best served with Mang Tomas sauce…. grabe… I can live with Lechon Kawali forever hahahah. Its soft and not that too fatty, the cooking style of this Lechon Kawali is just right.

Dory fish
Im not a fan of Dory fish…but the the breaded Dory fish is good too, topped with chopped veggies.

For desserts, if you will dine here in Tradisyon restaurant, I like to recommend that you try their CARROT CAKE! its one of the best here in Baguio.

Its weird that cakes and pastries or even bread tastes great in Baguio… why oh why.. hhahaha.

Tradisyon Restaurat in Azalea Residences Baguio
Feel at home…with pinoy comfort food.

Im adding this resto in my list of must try food in Baguio.

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