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Friday, April 11, 2014

Mother’s Garden and Café : A secret garden restaurant in Baguio - Azalea Residences Baguio family vacation part 5

March 29, 2014 – My view for Baguio City is now changing, instead of the cold weather and its amazing nature wonders and mountain view or tourist spots, my view for Baguio changed into a food trip capital of the North. Why? because lots of restaurants and food spots are booming and the last time I went there is stuffing myself with food and having a nice dining experience. For the 2 time I visited Baguio last 2013, all I can say is that I super enjoyed the food trip and the eco tourism part.

Food hubs or restaurant offering their specialty is not just about food, but also about the uniqueness of their resto setting and also the awesome view. Its like dining in Tagaytay – take out the Taal volcano in the picture and replace it with a mountain range with lots of houses on top, and add more high altitude and thin air to breathe, don’t forget to add low prices of food, which only happens here in Baguio.

Our friend brought us here in Mother’s Garden to eat our lunch, we went here after a tiring mountain hike around an ecological sanctuary. Its my first time to be here and I’m still surprised that Baguio still amazes me because there are lots of sites to see, resto to visit and food to eat, everything is new to me whenever I visit Baguio.

Mother’s Garden is located at No. 6 Upper Fairview Road Quezon Hill.
visit their website at
and Facebook Page :

(the garden café is a bit remote, you can go here via a taxi, but I’m not sure if there are plenty of taxis passing by, contact Mother’s Garden for info na lang)

Mother’s Garden and Café sat on the side of a hill with a beautiful backdrop view of the half of Baguio City’s mountain and town. It is not just a restaurant or café, it is also a mini farm, a garden, a mini petting zoo, playground, a place for zen and meditation, Benguet culture education, arts and craft workshop, a photo op haven, view site and also a restaurant and café..oh wait,, did I mention that earlier? hahaha.

Mother’s Garden and Café is like an all in one resto café, they serve the freshest veggies that grows from their farm, dining customers can also pick their preferred veggies and they can also help the resto staff in picking it from the garden. Its one of the activity for adventure seekers and also for the family.

Kids can also enjoy the petting zoo, you can feed the rabbits, chickens and pigeons. There’s also a goat and sheep mini farm and free picking of raspberry fruits from their garden.

All foods are certified organic, they didn’t use any chemicals in growing their veggies and plants, their animals are also organic, because they feed on grass and vegetables only. But I’m sure that some of their animals like chickens, cow or pig are being breed organically in other site of Baguio.

On my cover photo above is a authentic garden salad… yeah its al veggies, leaf and flower.
yes..I ate a flower that day hahaha.

Mother’s Garden and Café wooden signage

Let’s do some close up shot of flowers and bees, I forgot to use my macro lens filter in taking this pic, but a lil’ zoom and some auto focus can do the trick hahaha thanks to my Olympus E-PL1 with 12-50mm m.zuicko lens

Caterpillar’s favorite food, we have this flower plant at home and it was ransacked by three big caterpillars, but the plant regrows again and much more fluffy today, caterpillars helped the plant go healthy. I was informed that the three big caterpillars will be a full grown Mariposa butterfly.

the guard cat here in Mother’s Café, if this is a Disney movie, the cat will greet us in French..why? because the owner of this resto is a chef that studied and works before in Paris, France.

The view from the top of a hill inside Mother’s Garden and Café. The panoramic view will amaze you when you see this, a view that is only present here in Baguio City. The set up of these houses always amazes here Manilenos. We always wonder how they build those hanging houses.

zoom out view…

the mountain in Baguio is filled with residential homes.

Secret garden arch in Mother’s Garden Café, this is one awesome part for photo op.

Then I saw the set up of the café, its like a covered garden with tables and chairs, they used some nets to protect us from falling leaves and they used a see through roof so that natural light can enter the café.

P3299990 P3299992P3299995 P3299996
Just choose your dining table, you can try the long table or the table near the garden.

Lunch time..
During our planning for this trip, our friend Vincent sent us the menu of this resto and asked what food we can order, because it will take time to prepare the food, I think the preparation is around 20-30 minutes, depends on the food, because this resto serves the freshest meal for you, all are grown form their backyard farm and garden.

When we arrived, the food was ready after 20 minutes, we tour around the garden first while they cook our lunch meal.

here’s what our team ordered for lunch

Crispy Adobo (PHP 189)

Chicken Vegetable Soup (PHP 179)

Mother’s Garden Salad (PHP 209)
Edel and her team Vivamanilena ordered this…

Their bangus is also good. We ordered few lunch food for the three of us, because our son Ashton loves soup and some chewy beef.

here are Mother’s Garden Café food menu, taken by Vincent via phone camera
10153324_612674202157048_1872178960_n 1493058_612674205490381_1958712731_n10168321_612674208823714_55297890_n 10156978_612674198823715_135236721_n
Other must try is the Baguio Longganisa, Inihaw na Liempo and tha Piccata Milanese.

here’s our “tara let’s eat!” moments

P3290043 P3290044P3290045 P3290046
Everyone are so busy and serious with their food hahaha.
cheers everyone!

Mother’s Garden Café is also an art space workshop and gallery, we found some arts and craft studio below and some hand painting corner.

P3290002 P3290003P3299987 P3290004
the resto staff showed to us their meditation area with a nice view of the mountains and then we saw that they have a wooden weaving apparatus, people can try weaving and you can take home the final product if you finished it within the day. The only person that who can weave is Isabelle, daughter of Edel of Team Vivamanilena.

P3290005P3290013 P3290016
We also went inside the mini petting zoo here in Mother’s Garden, the restaurant staff guided us and gave us some veggies to feed the rabbits, chickens and pigeons. Here we saw our son Ashton so hyper to feed the rabbits and pet them, he loves to touch the rabbit because of their smooth fur.

P3290018P3290019 P3290023
Playtime for the kiddies!! they have a playground, sand box and also toys for younglings.
Also the restaurant staff showed to us some part of their garden where they grow their organic veggies.
wow!! if they can do means we can plant it too here in our backyard.

Oh lookie…mommy Lace spotted some raspberry fruits

Raspberry fruit… all ripe and ready to eat.

P3290029 P3290030
Below the garden café, we spotted a Ifugao hut and camp site. I think this is a venue where they do those culture dance, and education for foreign tourist.

Oh…my baby is crying..because he wants to play sungka too ahahahha

Clay pottery workshop
Bianca, the niece of Team Seatsfortwo tried the clay pottery workshop, she uses her barehands to create her own clay pot, she also painted it and took it home with her for a price of PHP50.

wow! we will try this next time when Ashton is big enough and brave enough to touch some dirt.

P3290038 P3290039
here are samples of clay pottery done by kids

The awesome part for this garden café is that birds visits us!!
I just wished that I carry my 150mm lens to capture this in close up. But its great to see wild birds dropping by to say hello.

The team of bloggers from Manila with and Mother’s Garden Café staff

Thanks for the awesome luncheon and nature trip!

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