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Friday, April 11, 2014

Family photo op at The Mansion and Wright Park in Baguio - Azalea Residences Baguio family vacation part 6

March 29, 2014 – We went to The Mansion and Wright Park after our lunch activity in Mother’s Garden, I know that these two sites are a nice attraction to see and visit here in Baguio City, it’s the old sites that we usually visit during the times we are in our teens when mom and dad stop by infront to park their car and do some photo ops. In this generation its still a photo op site in Baguio, a site for selfies, photo bombs and groupie pics errr and jump shots too, its also a nice site for family photo op. I want this photo to be special, because its our son’s 1st time in Baguio and we as a family of weekend warriors and food monsters. lol.

In the past, we got lucky to go infront of the mansion door and tour around the backyard, we’re lucky that a security guard on duty back in the 90’s is a family friend. I just wish that we can get that same tour in the future.

the gate of the mansion

The Manila blogger teams – wahpinas, merryland, vivamanilena, seatsfortwo and lifestylebucket

Ashton said…. I am IRON MAN!!! phissshiwww!

Villagonzalo boys and the lone Coladilla hahaha.

Now at Wright Park
Its weird that I noticed this park during my come back visit in 2013. hahahahaa.
Now consider this as my 2nd time to visit infront of the pond of Wright Park.

Sometimes the pond is color green…but is color brown.

Time for a strawberry taho treat!!
Price of this special taho with strawberry fruit is PHP 20.

Its better than that PHP 40 regular taho in Boracay.

“ito po ang bayad!”

Picnic time with a taho here in the tree forest area at Wright Park

It’s a nice picnic site..if you will visit Wright Park, I suggest you bring some picnic mat and some food.

Blogger teams now hoarding the strawberry taho hahha.

Spotted: Edel and family sharing their strawberry taho

time for a little walk..and enjoy the forest scene here in Wright Park.

PHP 20 picture taking of you in costume…. unlimited pics!!!

We took the challenge and here’s our son Ashton now an Igorot warrior!
I wonder if this will be a good story for a comic book – a young igorot warrior – an early superhero in the Philippines. He battles monsters, evill demigods and aliens in the Cordilleras.

crap..sounds like Avatar: The airbender.

Photo op now with mommy Lace. our sponsor of the day for the PHP20 fee. haahah.

Little Team Wahpinas joins the costume challenge

And now they are in a battle!!!

Oh wait..this could be the early version or pinoy version of the Avengers!!!

Below the Wright Park is the site for the famous (and only) horse back riding in Baguio.
They have a big signage here and it say that each horse ride is priced at PHP300.

We didn’t tried the horse back riding, because we’re scared to ride a horse.

But we tried this photo op with a horse…

While the others are trying the horse back riding, we went to the bazaar side of Wright Park,
mommy Lace shop some Baguio souvenir shirts and some items for her kitchen at home.

Pasalubong treats!

I forgot the name of this brownish monster character

wooden keychains..priced at PHP10 each

The famous wooden barrel man and that ashtray hahhahaha.

Bazaar galore…

Ashton trying the wooden chair sculpted into a hand.
I want to own that!!!

Lace just finished buying some strawberries from a street vendor

its PHP50 per half kilo

next blog post.. our trip inside the haunted Laperal house in Baguio City.
are you ready ????

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