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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bird photography at home

P3162304 crop_Snapseed
I have some bird photo collection in my archives, these are birds that I took photos while they are in the wild. I didn’t got a chance to publish some photos here in my blog, but let me start a new set and show here some photos of birds that regularly visit our tree here in Cavite. Every summer these birds are very active and noisy in the morning. I discovered their bird activity when our pet cat caught a small bird youngling, I’m glad that the bird didn’t died from the bite of our pet cat, I took the bird away from my cat’s mouth and kept it in a small cage for the bird’s recovery, there are no wounds but the legs and wings are weak. I let the bird recover and release it after some days. I went online and did some search and I learned that its a fan tail bird that usually found in South East Asia.

2 months ago, I picked up my Olympus E-520 DSLR with 40-150mm lens and took some shots of the fan tail birds hovering around our garden and mango trees. Photo above is a kind of fan tail bird that hovers around with another bird, I think its their mating season.

P3162344 crop_Snapseed
Yellow-vented Bulbul bird
I just Google the kinds of birds found here in the Philippines and I just compare my photos with the archive photos from the net to identify the kind of birds.

P3232356 crop_Snapseed
I found another fan tail after a week of taking a photo of that hovering fan tail bird

Here’s a heart breaking moment… we caught three kids climbing our mango tree and when I went outside to check them out, I was figuring out that they might be harvesting some green mangoes fruit, my agenda was to tell them to go down and they can keep the mango fruits, but as I approached the tree, one of the kids told me that they are capturing some bird younglings resting in a nest inside the bark of the mango tree, I told them what kind of bird it is.. they told me that it was like a pigeon kind of bird. I got mad at them because I’m observing these birds at home and these kids are poaching it and sells the younglings to a nearby pet shop. geez.. I told them to go home and never go back again.

Witnesses told me that these kids visited our mango tree three times already, after 4 hours, I spotted them again near our tree… they ran away when I caught them again.

I think it’s a young bubul bird.

I asked the kid what kind of bird and then he showed me this…..
I told them to return it to the nest, but the other kid who holds the youngling bird said that they found this bird from another tree. I can’t do anything yet…I just can’t call the barangay to arrest these kids, I want to confiscate the bird, but I don’t have a proper cage at home. I let the three kids getaway that day…but as of now…I don’t know what should I do.
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